2024 is YOUR year to make more sales!

Your best year yet - get ready to scale up your digital product sales in 2024

You're invited to the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit - the premier digital product launch summit back for our 10th round!

Dec. 2-6, 2023

4 totally free days!


All recorded & virtual!

Let's be totally real...

Launching is HARD... selling digital products is a challenge.

But 2024 is your year to make it happen!

Yes, yes it's hard, stressful and you've bitten your nail beds straight down to nothing just stressing about it... but it's YOUR year to finally get your product idea out there. You owe it to your audience and to yourself. 

Get your free Rebel Boss Summit ticket to make 2024 your most profitable year in business yet.

  • 2024 focused launch strategies
  • Product messaging and marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Sales page copywriting & design

Digital products are the present & the future...  You create it once and you get to sell it over and over and over again

Summit experts will be teaching all of the best launch strategies with none of the fluff...

The Rebel Boss Summit features some of the industry's BEST and they're going to teach you a whole heck of a lot of shtufff.... 

How to find your people

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if you can't find your people, who's going to buy it? 

How to Scale UP!

You'll learn how to take your business to the next level with digital products.

How to Market, Design & Promote

We've invited top-notch email marketers, copywriters and designers to make sure your product marketing is top of the line.

How to gain expert status

Let's get this show on the road, right? You'll learn strategies to get your name and brand out their so you can get the expert status in your nice that you deserve!

And in case you didn't know... the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit is the premier digital product launch summit of the year!

Over 26,000 people have attended the Rebel Boss Summit... and counting!
Expert Speakers
Over 300 experts have taught at the Rebel Boss Summit!
Over 4,800 minutes of training sessions... which means countless impact!

Help us help you make 2024 your year of growth. The Rebel Boss Summit is where you need to be!

Here's how this thing works works... 

Step 1.

Grab your free ticket to the Rebel Boss Summit

Simply enter your name and email address and BAM, you're registered!

Step 2.

Mark your calendar!

Save the dates (December 2-6, 2023) so you don't miss the event! 

Step 3.

Plan for unlimited impact!

Spend 4 days streaming all 30+ free sessions. We will send you access to each day's sessions in the morning and you can stream them all day long!

Step 4.


Take everything you've learned and put it into action for some AMAZING results!

Let's end this year on a high note and get organized for 2024!

Don't miss out on your opportunity to level up your business with digital products! Learn from the best of the best totally for free!

Wondering if this event is for you? 

Psssst... if you're interested in digital products, it probably is!

01 You have a product but you're scared to launch

You've tackled half the battle already my friend, and we're here to lead you to the finish line. Let's help you get your product out there and selling!

02 You've launched before but you want better results

Not every launch is a home run. We're going to be covering some expert launch strategies to help you refine your approach and hit it out of the park next time around.

03 You're looking to scale your product based business

The cool thing about digital products is the limitless scaling opportunities. The Rebel Boss Summit will help you elevate your business to the next level.

04 You like the idea of digital products but you haven't quite done anything yet

Alright, you and me... let's do this thing. This is YOUR year to take action. Digital products are powerful, and the only thing stopping you from having amazing results is yourself. Join the summit and let's start making moves.

Meet your 30+ Expert Speakers

Angela henderson

How to get MORE leads, MORE sales and MORE money in your pocket with my simple 3S framework

Angela Tan

The three simple strategies to sales recovery magic

Ash chow

POWER Up Your Pre-Launch

Chelsea Clarke

How To Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage, Tapping Into Pinterest SEO For Free Organic Traffic

Chelsea Wallace

Sustainable Success: The Fresh, Recycled Launch Method

Christina Bizzell

Selling Digital Products Through Podcast Guesting

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood

The Anticipation Sales Method

Dama Jue

The Ultimate Power Couple: Thrivecart + Digital Products

Deidre Johnson

How to Create and Sell Your First Digital Product Without Being Stressed and Overwhelmed

Faith Mariah

Believe to Achieve: Crafting a Profitable Digital Business by Using the Sell Yourself First Method

kate doster

Adding 1000's to your list (& bottom line) hosting bundles

Kelly Morrison

How to Increase Your Product Sales by Working with Affiliate Partners

Krista Frahm

Finding Funnel Flaws: How to "Assess and Treat" Your Sales Funnel to Improve Your Sales and Avoid Lost Leads

Krista Miller

Reach Your Biggest Launch Yet with a feel-Good Virtual Summit

Kristina Bartold

Using Instagram to Promote Your Digital Products

Lauren Keating

Unlock Etsy's digital product passive income profits

Liz Wilcox

Why Email? Why Now? 3 Reasons You Should be Emailing Now More Than Ever

Meagan Williamson

Maximizing Digital Sales - a Guide to Building Your Pinterest Sales Funnel

Melissa Esmeralda

Creating Conversions: How to Leverage Social Proof to Speak to Your Ideal Client AND Help You Stand Out in the Crowded Online World

Melody DiCroce

The Smooth Launch Blueprint: Work Smart, Breathe Easy, Make Bank!

Michelle Wilson Murphy

Digital Products & Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Nicole Batey

Sell your Digital Products at Virtual Events and Kiss Boring Launches Goodbye!!

Rebekah Lara

Master Your Content Organization Using Airtable

Richelle Shaw

Million Dollar Partnerships for Digital Creators

Samantha Burmeister

How to Plan Your Flash Sale

Sarah Jansel

Scale your Sales With a Signature Digital Product

Sarah Masci

The Simple Waitlist Strategy for an Epic Beta Launch

Sarah Weiss

Using the Power of TikTok to Grow your Business

alex carmeli

Fill Your Waiting List with Eager Buyers for Your Courses + Digital Products Using Live Video

Alison Reeves

Abundance Money Mindset: WealthWounds, Antidotes and Action

Amanda Olson

9 ways to leverage digital products in your service-based business for more profitability and time freedom

Shalah Turner

High Ticket Ebook Sales!

Eden Fried

How To Turn Your New Leads Into Instant Customers With A Tripwire Offer & Favorite Tech tools For rebels launching products

Plus, your free ticket grants you access to some spectacular gifts right off the bat...

Check out these amazing goodies included in our Summit Goodie Bag, free for ALL Rebel Boss Summit attendees!

30 days free of the email marketing membership

Your free month in the Email Marketing Membership with Liz Wilcox will unlock access to massive library of email templates pre-written and ready for you to send each week. Never worry about what to write to your subscribers ever again. These templates will turn your email list from strangers into fans who want to buy from you... and soon!

free access to the Summit in a box starter kit

Learn what hosting a summit entails, map out the important details, choose a profitable topic, and create a realistic timeline to look and feel like the pro you are throughout the whole process. The Starter Kit by Summit in a Box is going to get the ball rolling with your virtual summit that'll lead to your best product launch yet.

Access the live Video crash course

Master the 7-step live video formula to sell your digital products & courses with ease [even if you're terrified of being on camera + have a small audience]. This FREE 2-hour crash course (usually $47) goes through scripting, tech, finding your ideal video viewers, planning your video content & so much more!

You have questions?

We've got answers.

How is this free?

Our incredible speakers donate their time to educate you with 15-20 minute presentations. Be sure to thank them for their time!

How long do i Have access to the trainings for free?

Each day's presentations will be available for 24 hours for free. For example, all day 1 presentations will be available from 9am EST that morning until 9am EST the following morning. To unlock lifetime access, upgrade your free ticket to VIP.

Where does the summit take place?

Everything takes place online. Enjoy tuning in from the comfort of your own home. 

Are the presentations accessible?

Yes, we will have closed captions for each presentation and transcriptions for each presentation are available, as well. Live panels will not be captioned but transcriptions will be provided after the fact.

How can I gain lifetime access?

Upgraded VIP tickets can be purchased at anytime at RebelBosses.com/pass

Why are only women speaking?

The Rebel Boss Summit has historically only featured women speakers to counteract the fact that the marketing world is typically overflowing with men. Women empower women. 

Past attendees have loved every minute of the rebel boss summit!

The origin story of rebel boss...

Hi, I'm Eden, self-named Rebel Boss®. "Rebel" because I believe life is too short to spend working for someone else on things you don't really care about and "Boss" because I like to make my own rules. Back in 2019, I accidentally discovered the power of digital products. I turned something I already knew into a product people could buy and use. I quickly made my first $500, which turned into $1,000, and then $2,000 and so on. I've been hooked ever since and realized if I could do it, so many other people could do it, too. I created the Rebel Boss® Summit to bring together the industry's best digital marketers who can teach you how to simply and effectively turn your passion into a product you can sell and make money from online, no big audience required. 

are you in, rebel boss, or are you in? I hope you're in...