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September 19 - 22, 2022

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Enough procrastinating, it's TIME to get your product out there in front of your customers

I invited 30+ of the best digital marketing experts to help you learn how to launch a profitable digital product (ebook, online course, printable, anything digital) that will bring you passive income and skyrocket your business.  

Each day of the summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible online entrepreneurs who will teach you how to craft, launch and promote your digital product so you can get in front of your ideal target customers and make more sales. This is one of those "can't miss" online events of the year.

Wondering if this is for you?

You don't have a digital product yet but WANT one

You're looking to scale your service based business with digital products

You're interested in taking your offline business online

You have a digital product, but want to GROW AND SCALE 

The Rebel Boss Summit is all Action with none of the fluff 

You'll Learn: 

How to get in front of your target audience

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if you can't figure out how to get in front of your ideal customers, no one is ever going to buy from you! We have tons of PR and brand specialists on hand to help solve this problem before it becomes an issue!

scale your business

Digital products are a great way to scale your business. Our speakers will share with you a variety of ways to ensure you're implementing a digital product sales strategy that will take your business to new heights.

How to spend more time with family

Yes, that's right. What you learn at the Rebel Boss Summit is going to help you make more time for things in your life that are MOST important: your loved ones. Digital products have the potential to add passive income to your life. Once you create the product once and set up a successful sales system, you'll be able to enjoy auto-pilot sales!

position Yourself as an expert

Our brand marketing speakers are going to show you how to land speaking gigs, guest posts, and other opportunities that are going to not only convert more people into customers, but will also help you position yourself as the expert that you know you already are!

The Rebel Boss Summit covers the 3 most important aspects of digital product sales:  

1. crafting the perfect product

Your digital product (whether it's an online course, a printable of some sort, a graphic template, copy swipe files, worksheets, an ebook, etc.) is the most pivotal element to your success. That's why you're going to learn how to craft and create a high power digital product that targets the right customers, that solves a problem, and that looks good, too. You are going to learn from those who know how to create, style and design highly profitable digital products right here during the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit.

2. Learning how to talk about your product so that it sells

You could have the best product in the world, but it won't sell if your marketing and messaging is off. The ability to communicate your product's value and the transformational experience it provides your audience members is crucial to gaining sales. That's why I've asked some of the best digital marketers, who are experts in copywriting, email marketing, and all things marketing, to not only help you create the perfect message surrounding your product but also to get it out there into the world and in front of your ideal customers. 

3. Mapping out your launch & sales strategy With Effective Promotional Strategies

The third most important element to creating a profitable digital product has to do with actually getting your product out there and into the world. You know, things like developing a sales funnel, writing a sales email sequence, using technology to setup your sales pages, creating an auto-webinar series to sell your product on auto-pilot, and more. We have an insane lineup of experts who are going to teach you highly valuable strategies to ensure your product doesn't just sit there collecting dust. These experts are going to teach you how to SELL.

You are one idea away from making and launching an incredible digital product that could change your life.

this is YOUR year. Let's get your product out there.

Pinky Promise, you won't want to miss this...

Save time by learning from professionals

There's no need to reinvent the wheel - it already exists! People before you have already done what you're trying to accomplish, so why not learn from them? You'll end up saving yourself incredible amounts of time when you take advice from those who have been there before, rather than trying to go it alone.

Everything you need in one place

Why prowl the internet for answers when you can get everything you need in one place? Need design tips? You got those here. Not sure how to design and write a sales page? No worries, you'll find that information right here. Unsure how to approach PR pitches? Yeah, you've come to the right place. All your questions, answered right here at the Rebel Boss Summit. 

It's free... for now

You can sign up FOR FREE to gain access to all of the trainings, from all 30+ of our expert speakers, just by signing up here and tuning in live. That's about 25 hours of training content (#nofluff) all for free! On January 27th, the last day of the summit, we will start charging for access! Be sure to sign up before then!

Your audience needs you and your expertise

You've been sitting on the idea of launching a digital product for a while now, so get going! Your audience needs you to deliver. Use the Rebel Boss Summit to propel you and your business forward - use it as the kickstarter to your digital product creation journey. Remember, a digital product is an asset. You'll never regret creating an asset for your business.

Meet your 30+ Expert Speakers

Camille Attell

How to Easily Create Multiple Revenue Streams from One Digital Product

Cara Chace

5 best tips for digital product marketing without to-do list overwhelm

Chellaine Stockness Hayes

Chellaine Shockness Haye

9 Simple Steps to go from No Idea to Finished Product, Published, Packaged and Ready to Sell

Chika Obih

Tax Strategy for Digital Entrepreneurs: Pay less taxes, keep more profits!

Christi Cooper

"No 3rd Party Required" — Build Your Sales Page on Your WordPress Website

Dama Jue

How to Make Sales Even if You Get Tab-Parked: 3 Checkout Page Must-Haves

Dhomonique Murphy

Tell Your Story

Doreen Vanderhart

Creating a Digital Product: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hayley Luckadoo

How to Land Speaking Engagements that Massively Grow Your Business (even if it isn't on stages!)

Jackie Sunga

Copywriting Mistakes That Lower Conversions on Sales Pages and What to Do Instead

Jillian Leslie

How by Tapping into Our Basic Human Needs, You Can Explode Your Digital Product Sales!

Kelly Benton

7 Digital Products to Create and Sell on Kajabi

Krista Miller

Krista Miller

4 Keys to Skyrocket Your Course Sales with a Virtual Summit

Lucy Reyes

How To Map Out Your Digital Product & Bring It To Life Using Trello

Meg Brunson

JUST Social Media Marketing

Melissa Harstine

Find Out What Your Customers *Really* Want (Why Customer Research Matters for Your Business & How to Get Started)

Michelle Pontvert

Harnessing the Power of User Experience for Better Converting Sales Pages and More Compelling Content



Monica Froese

The Difference Between Sales Funnels and a Storefront and Why You Are Missing Out if You Don't Have Both

Nicola Moors

Fuel Your Digital Products Sales (By Debriefing Your Launch Metrics)

Nihaad Gamieldien

5 Graphic Ideas Hidden in Your Sales Page for Your Product Launch Content Plans

Peachi Williams

Build Your Brand From the CORE

Prerna Malik

4X your Conversions from Your eCourse Waitlist without Fakery or Trickery!

Roberta West

Evergreen Launch Explained: the 60-Day Schedule to Automate Your Program

Sarah Weiss

Using the Power of TikTok and Short-Form Videos to Launch and Sell Your Digital Product!

Seema K Bharwani

Your Money Making Masterclass Blueprint

Shelly Criswell

How to Use Video Message Marketing in Your Launch

Toni Semanskee, M.S.

How to Dominate Your Niche on Social Media with Instagram

Victoria Boyd

How to Sell Digital Products in the DMs

Yael Bendahan

How to Productize Your Service for Scaling

Eden fried

How to turn your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer

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Learn to launch a product better, faster, and easier at the Rebel Boss Summit. And learn it all for free.

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Schedule Of Events

Day One Sessions - Monday, September 19th, 2022

How To Turn Your New Leads Into Instant Customers With A Tripwire Offer

Monday, January 24th at 9am EDT

Making money from a digital product doesn't need to be hard or involved. In fact, you can start TOMORROW if you really wanted to. In this session, I'm going to show you how you can turn brand new subscribers into instantaneous buyers with a small "tripwire" product. No massive audience necessary. This is a method you can implement in the next hour (seriously, not kidding). Will you join me?

Eden Fried

How To Get Massive Amounts Of Warm Leads For Your Course Launch With A Virtual Summit

Monday, January 24th At , 10am EDT

Virtual summits sound intimidating and like a lot of work right? Yeah, sure... but when you realize how insanely powerful they can be to generate WARM leads for your upcoming course launch, you won't be so averse to the idea, trust me! Tune into this exclusive interview with Krista Miller, virtual summit expert, who is going to show you how you can leverage a summit to bring in the right audience just in time for your upcoming course launch.

Krista Miller

Krista Miller

5 must-have elements digital product creators need for a profitable customer journey funnel

Monday, January 24th at 11am EDT

Learn how to design a smart customer journey funnel, one that empowers your audience to open their wallets and throw money at you! Plus, you'll uncover the sales funnel biggest mistakes digital product creators make when selling, so you can avoid it!

chelsea clarke

Sales Funnels For Digital Products

Monday, January 24th at 12pm EDT

This session led by expert Salma Sheriff is going to walk you through some incredibly instrumental information that will get your sales process for your digital product off to a strong start! You'll learn how to setup a basic funnel system, and how to launch each step of that system, and even some ideas to help you generate quick cash injection into your business.

Salma Sheriff

Making Money Online With Low Content Products

Monday, January 24th, 11:30am EDT

In this training, you will learn how to quickly and easily create a simple digital product that you can use as a lead magnet and also sell to make money online. I will also show you Canva tips and tricks to present your product in a professional and attractive manner as well as start selling your products even without having an online shop!

Faith Lee

Hot Lead Express - How to leverage your leads to get better customers and a more engaged audience

Monday, January 24th, 1:00pm EDT

Desola Davis' presentations are NOT-TO-MISS! This talk will center around the most under-reviewed part of the customer journey - the Prospect. Desola will teach how you can get vital information from your prospects that will help you market better and get better customers for your products.

Desola Davis

Desola Davis

How to craft pre-launch messaging that exceeds launch goals on your first day of open cart

Monday January 24th, 2pm EDT

You’ll learn the sales psychology concepts which have helped Jackie write emails that helped her clients achieve their highest number of enrollments yet for their course launches, see the greatest amount of sales for their launch on Day 1, exceed their launch goals on Day 1 of open cart, triple their launch goals, and accomplish a $25,000 launch for a brand new offer

jackie sunga

How to Create An Irresistible Offer That Has People Saying "Heck Yes, Take My Money!"

Monday, January 24th, 2:30pm EDT

In this training, you will learn what exactly makes an offer irresistible, the eight different types of offers you can include in your offer stack, and my 2-point irresistible offer test. Having an irresistible offer is CRUCIAL for any and all digital product creators. You want to make sure that your offer is a no-brainer and have your audience begging you to take their money and coming back for more!

Lindsey Aleson

lindsey Aleson

How to Sell Printables on Etsy and Shopify for Big $$$

Monday, January 24th, 3:00pm EDT

Earn 5 figures per month of mostly passive income selling printables on Etsy and Shopify? Sign me up! In this talk, Julie Berninger of Gold City Ventures walks you through the secret sauce of running a profitable printables business from day 1 including keyword research tools to ensure that what you make people will buy, her famous seasonal product strategy, and more.

Julie Berninger

How to grow your audience & increase revenue with a membership

Monday, January 24th, 3:30pm EDT

Feeling overwhelmed about starting a membership? But know it’s a smart move for you in 2022. Lisa Princic is going to help you figure out how you can start a program that adds value to your existing business by extending the lifetime value of your clients, without competing with your other offers. Lisa will also also share how a membership can grow your audience & your brand. 

Lisa Princic

Day Two Sessions - Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

Big Bonus Strategy: How to leverage bonus content for more digital product sales

Tuesday, January 25th, 9am EDT

Learn how to determine what type of bonus content to create for your digital offers that will boost conversions, help your customers move the needle on their goals, and create raving fans for your business. We will dive into how to get started with strategic bonus content and explore creative ways to deliver them to increase digital product consumption and customer satisfaction in this session together!

Megan Martin

List Building...a dozen plus ideas that don't involve paid ads

Tuesday, January 25th, 9:30am EDT

Come for the content, stay for the content + flare. Liz Wilcox never disappoints. This presentation will give you some out of the box, creative ideas you can implement to organically grow your email list overflowing with qualified, ready-to-buy-from-you leads. Rest assured, you'll both learn a lot and fall in love with Liz's spunky teaching style, too. 

Liz Wilcox

3 Nurture Marketing Secrets That Pre-Sell Online Courses

Tuesday, January 25th, 10am EDT

In this masterclass Nurture Marketing Expert, Tamika Auwai, will reveal:
1. The big reason your lead nurture efforts deserve as much strategic thinking as lead generation and conversion
2. Why LESS content, NOT more is the key to turning new leads into new clients in your course-driven business.
3. A secret strategy you can use right now to turn more new leads into new course enrollments without cranking out endless emails and social posts.

Tamika Auwai

The super SIMPLE waitlist strategy for an epic beta launch

Tuesday, January 25th, 11am EDT

In this presentation, Sarah will be sharing how she created a tiny wait list of raving fans for a course that hadn't even been created. Sarah will dive into how she converted 20% of that list into buyers for her $800 course, generating over 5-figures in (profit) in just 4 days. Lastly, Sarah will share how she used momentum and social proof to go on and create multiple six-figures in sales from the same course over the next 12 months. This is great for those who hate the thought of a traditional launch, and don't want to go live or do any big showy launch strategies. Also great for those who have a tiny list!

Sarah Masci

How to Increase Your Visibility and Revenue With a Signature Event

Tuesday, January 25th, 11:30am EDT

Did you know that events are a great way to leverage your skills, grow your visibility, and gain new clients and customers? Learn how to plan and execute your own signature event that will have prospective clients wanting to do business with you. As a result of creating your signature event, you can replicate it and grow your brand consistently and effortlessly. 

Tiffany English

Free Bundles To Add Thousands To Your List

Tuesday, January 25th, 12:00pm EDT

If you're in search of out of the box ideas to grow your audience, especially leading up to a launch, be sure to mark your calendar for this session led by email marketing expert Kate Doster. Not only does Kate have an extremely intriguing teaching style, but her content is absolute gold. Kate's hosted a number of free bundles in the past couple of years and she's going to teach you exactly why the strategy works and how you can try it out yourself, too. 

Kate Doster

How to Get Other People to Sell For You Through the Power of Social Proof

Tuesday, January 25th, 1pm EDT

In order to sell your digital products you need to get customer to "Know, Like, and Trust" you, right? All kinds of people will teach you the "Know" and "Like" parts of the equation but how do you get customers to trust you? Social proof! This presentation will cover one of the most effective forms of social proof: Video Testimonials.

Jordan Aspen

Understanding Your Audience to Unlock Your Digital Product Sales

Tuesday, January 25th, 1:30pm EDT

If you want to improve your digital product sales, you need to understand one core piece of your brand identity - your audience! Knowing your audience unlocks more ideas for digital products that will actually serve your audience and get them excited to buy. We'll discuss the key to understanding your audience and map out what you already know and what you need to learn about your audience to impact your digital product sales! 

Madison Wetherill

5 graphics you need to make your products pop & the sales roll in

Tuesday, January 25th, 2:00pm EDT

Feeling like you're not an expert at graphic design? No worries. Tune into Caroline's presentation to learn some tips and tricks to make your product graphics absolutely WOW your audience, stop their scroll, and encourage them to click over to your sales page to buy. 

Caroline Vencil

Day Three Sessions - Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

3 step Framework to Generating Consistent leads (& sales) on autopilot.

Wednesday, January 26th, 9am EDT

This session will uncover how Done-For-You service providers and coaches can use an automated digital product funnel to generate consistent income and sell out their high ticket offers on autopilot.

Margarida Kanu

How to Guide Your Subscribers to Customers through a Sales Email Sequence

Wednesday, January 26th, 10am EDT

Kim will be covering how to outline and write a sales email sequence for digital product creators so you can turn your subscribers into customers. She'll use the analogy of walking subscribers through a journey and the power of storytelling to outline their sales email sequence (the number of emails and specific email themes will depend on if their product is available year-round or for a limited time). Plus, Kim will provide you will email copywriting tips you can use to write your sales email sequence.

Kim DeGracia

The Money-Making Email Sequence Missing From Your Launch

Wednesday, January 26th, 11am EDT

The success is in the launch, right? Actually... *not* so right! The success of your launch is heavily impacted by what you do BEFORE you launch. In this presentation, Eman will walk you through the one email sequence that most digital product creators forget about because it comes in the pre-launch stage. But when you get this sequence right, it makes your launch easier and up to 320% more profitable. You don't want to miss this.

Eman Ismail

Writing Sales Pages That People *Actually* Enjoy Reading

Wednesday, January 26th, 1pm EDT

There are SO many moving pieces to any given launch - (opt-in, webinar, email, social posts, IG lives, etc.) << which are all necessary, but regardless of which one it is… all roads lead to your sales page.

And the thing is - nobody’s gonna land on a sub-par page and still believe the offer behind it is good.

That’s why this precious piece of the puzzle needs to be entertaining, value-driven, and personality-packed! In this presentation, we’ll cover how you can do just that. 

Dani Paige

Top 5 Design Techniques for a Beautiful Sales Page that Sells

Wednesday, January 26th, 2pm EDT

Learn Christi's go-to design techniques—with visual examples—that she uses on every sales page she designs to help my clients increase their conversions (including those with multiple 6-figure launches!).

Christi Cooper

Multiply Your Impact And Income With Pinterest Marketing 

Wednesday, January 26th, 3pm EDT

Wondering why those collages of images on Pinterest are so powerful? Can't believe the hype? Shaunda will show you why Pinterest is one of the best and most powerful drivers of traffic, income, and opportunity for your business.

Shaunda Necole

Secrets to a Sold Out Launch on Instagram

Wednesday, January 26th,  4pm EDT

Tune into this presentation to learn highly effective strategies to sell out your digital product launch using Instagram. You will learn: 1) What to post on your reels, Stories, and feed so you aren't staring at your screen all day! 2) How to create an Insta Launch framework for a sold out launch. 3) the only six feed posts you need for your next launch and 4) Least-known secrets to 3-10x your engagement

Hafsa Taher

3 Ways to use YouTube videos to sell more of your digital products in 2022

Wednesday, January 26th, 5pm EDT

If content is queen, video is the crown. Video content seems to be getting favored by many social outlets these days - but how do you leverage it to make profit in your online business? In this presentation, you'll discover how you can leverage evergreen video content inside YouTube, the world's second largest search engine, to sell more of your digital products in 2022 (and beyond) with fun and ease while increasing your profit.

Gulce Onganer

Day Four Sessions - Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Legal Essentials For Launching A Digital Product

Thursday, January 27th, 9am EDT

In this presentation, we will cover all the legal essentials you need to have in place to confidently launch your digital product knowing you’re legally protected. We will go through legal must-haves such as terms and conditions, refund policy, and disclaimer of liability but also less known legal issues that may still get you in trouble such as earning disclaimers, testimonial disclaimers, influencer campaigns, and Facebook or other third parties waiver and disclaimers when running ads. We will share some strategic and actionable tips to legally protect yourself and your business during your launch and beyond.

Lucrezia Iapichino

How To Choose A Protected Name For Your Business, Brand Or Product

Thursday, January 27th, 10am EDT

When you name your business, brand and product it is extremely important to ensure you are not infringing on anyone's trademark rights. It's often a step that gets overlooked in the process. In this presentation, trademark and copyright attorney Mariam Tsaturyan will go over the steps you should take when selecting a name for your business, for your brand and/or for your digital product to make sure its both legally protected and to ensure you're not infringing on anyone else's rights.

Mariam Tsaturyan

How to Use Live Video to Sell Your Digital Product or Course

Thursday, January 27th, 10:30am EDT

During this training, you'll learn, the proven 7-Step Blueprint to selling your next digital product online using simple live video strategies! You will also leave with an understanding of the best & worst ways to start utilizing live video to gain traction selling your digital products!

Alex Carmeli

Become the Go-To Expert In Your Niche by Pitching Podcast Appearances 

Thursday, January 27th, 11am EDT

Christina will be presenting on how to become the "go-to expert" in a niche through podcast pitching and publicity for creators. She will discuss the strategy and tactics behind cold pitching for podcast appearances from research to pitch development, Christina will break down all the magic that secures quality bookings. 

Christina Lenkowski

How to promote your digital product using only one piece of core content

Thursday, January 27th, 11:30am EDT

In this presentation I’ll walk you through how you can easily promote your digital product using only ONE piece of core content. Promoting your offer doesn’t need to include hours of content creation and I’ll share the exact formula you need to create once and repurpose multiple times. Content repurposing is a crucial tool for digital product creators to use as it will help you save time, energy, and effort when it comes to promoting your offer to your audience.

Sandy Norman

The Profit Is In The Partnerships: How to Build Lasting, Collaborative Connections and Friendships

Thursday, January 27th, 1pm EDT

Finding leads is hard right now. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, the rules are changing and social media and ads aren’t as easy as they used to be. But you know what is working? What always works? Having the right relationships in your life so you’re always surrounded by friends and colleagues who are ready to refer you, have you on their podcasts and collaborate with you and share your work. That’s never going out of style. This workshop will teach you an easy-to-implement, daily system that’ll help you build exactly these relationships. No awkwardness involved. And introverts? It’ll work for you too.

Michelle Warner

How To Use Chat Marketing To Get More Registrants for your Webinar

Thursday, January 27th, 2pm EDT

Karlene's session will cover how you can leverage Chat Marketing In Your Business to engage and convert more leads, get more registrations, and ultimately make more sales for your digital product.

Karlene Hibbert

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1. How long do I have access to the trainings?

From the time each video goes live, you'll have 24 hours to watch the training! If you'd like to have access to the videos for life, you can purchase an All Access VIP pass to the event.

2. How do I know this is for me?

Are you looking to create a digital product? Do you currently have a digital product that isn't selling well and you want to learn how to make it finally sell? Do you want to figure out how to develop selling strategies? Do you want to learn how to market your digital product, how to grow your audience, how to leverage social media? Curious about sales pages, sales emails  and other sales tactics? If you answered yes to any of those questions, THIS IS FOR YOU, MY FRIEND!

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The summit is 100% free! Yes, you read that correctly. You will have free access to each of the trainings after they publish for 24 hours. You don't need to drop a dime on this event!!!

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The Rebel Boss Summit is a virtual event. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

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If you want to watch the summit interviews and trainings on your own schedule, you can purchase a VIP All Access Pass to the summit. 

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Hot take: Life is too short to waste time making money for someone else

Hi, I'm Eden! I'm a self-named Rebel Boss. "Rebel" because I believe life is too short to spend working for someone else on things you don't really care about and "Boss" because I like to make my own rules. Back in 2019, I accidentally discovered the power of digital products. I turned something I already knew into a product people could buy and use. I quickly made my first $500, which turned into $1,000, and then $2,000 and so on. From then on, I was hooked and realized if I could do it, so many other people could do it, too.
One problem: so many people have no idea that this even exists and that it's entirely possible to achieve. That's where this summit comes into play. 

The Rebel Boss Summit brings together the industry's best digital marketers to teach you how to simply and effectively turn your passion into a product you can sell and make money from online, no big audience required. 

If you're ready to rebel against society and make some money launching a digital product (or several), you're in the right place, my friend. Welcome, Rebel Boss. 

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