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What is the rebel boss summit?

The Rebel Boss summit is a free, 4-day online event from October 19 - 22, 2020 featuring 30+ of the Internet's smartest online marketers and digital product creators. Throughout the event, these experts will share their best kept secrets and strategies to creating, launching and selling top-notch digital products (like online courses, workshops, ebooks, printables). Eager creatives sign up for this FREE virtual event to learn from the absolute best!

Even though the event is free, All Access Passes are sold to registrants who want to enjoy LIFETIME access to every presentation plus thousands of dollars in bonuses. Our All Access Pass is valued at over $3,000 but we're selling it for less than $70 - see how it sells so easily?! Historically, about 8% of our registrants will upgrade to an All Access Pass.

Promoting the Rebel Boss Summit is Easy Money!

Promoting the Rebel Boss Summit is EASY. Why? Because it's not salesy AT ALL. All you do is share your affiliate link to the FREE virtual summit and from there, we handle the rest! Over 8% of our summit registrants upgrade to a paid All Access Pass!

The Rebel Boss Summit was a massive hit the first time we ran it! With over 3,000 attendees, over 80% came from affiliates promoting the summit with their affiliate links! 

We paid out thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions and LOVED doing so! Some of our affiliates sent out 1-2 pre-written emails and made over $500 from sales! So easy!

Do the math - your earning potential is limitless!

commission possibilities $77 ticket 

The All Access Pass is sold for $47 (one time offer for just 20 minutes after registrants enroll for free in the summit). The following projections are based on the $47 ticket sale!
  • 1 sale = $18.80
  • 5 sales = $94. 
  • 10 sales = $188
  • 15 sales = $352! (Your commission goes up to 50% at 15 sales!)

commission possibilities $97 ticket 

The Product Power Pack is sold for $97 (one time offer for just 20 minutes after registering). The following projections are based on the $97 ticket sale!
  • 1 sale = $38.80
  • 5 sales = $194. 
  • 10 sales = $388
  • 15 sales = $727.5! (Your commission goes up to 50% at 15 sales!)

Numbers from our May 2020 Summit

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Benefits of Promoting the Rebel Boss Summit

Insanely High Value

It's obviously important to you that you love what you promote and that it will be high value for your audience. With over 25 speakers and dozens of hours of educational material, this summit surely won't disappoint!

everything is done for you!

We create all of the emails, the images, the swipe copy - everything! All you need to do is share that pre-created stuff with your people! It's that easy!

High conversion rate!

Industry standard conversion rates are between 1% - 7%. The Rebel Boss Summit converts over 8% of all registrants into paid customers! That means your chances of earning are really solid!

The summit itself is free - so you're not salesy!

It's extra easy for affiliates to make money by promoting the summit, because the summit itself is free - this means no one is going to be annoyed that you're "being salesy" by sharing it! They'll just be grateful you shared such an amazing free resource with them! 

Meet your 30+ Expert Speakers

Reesy Floyd-Thompson

Reesy floyd-thompson

3 Ways to Turn Life Experiences into Profitable Brand Stories

Meagan Williamson

meagan williamson

How To Scale Up Your Digital Product Sales And Audience With Pinterest

Natasha Samuel


How to Promote Your Digital Product on Instagram

eden fried

How To Turn Your New Leads Into Instant Customers With A Tripwire Offer

Tasha Booth

tasha booth

How to Prepare and Plan for a Stress-Free & Successful Launch


How to Create "Wow!" Worthy Promo Graphics for Your Product Launch that Will Make Your Offer Unforgettable

amanda olson

7 Essentials to Make Sure Your Sales Funnel is Profitable

Jenny Suneson


How to Book Out Your Programs with Your Podcast

Lindsey Aleson

lindsey aleson

How to Use the Power Trio (ClickUp, AirTable + Google Drive) to Make Your Launch a Breeze

Kalina Harrison


Effective Content, Exploding Launches

Holly Gillen

holly gillen

How to Use Video to Promote Your Next Launch

Desola Davis


Transformational Testimonials

Meg Brunson

meg brunson

Closing the Sale with Remarketing Ads


How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales for Your Online Course


How Public Speaking Can Scale Your Impact and Income


How to Use Live-streaming to Build Interest in Your Product & Earn More

jenna dancy

Boost Leads and Sales for Your Digital Product with Facebook Messenger

Sarah E Masci

sarah e masci

The Simple Waitlist Strategy for an Epic Beta Launch

mariah magazine

SEO Bootcamp: Avoid Mistakes & Increase Your Traffic from Search Engines

Kymberly Smith Tiller


Building an Affiliate Team for a Launch

Ashley Mason

ashley mason

How to Use Facebook Groups to Get Customers

Obi Ikeme

obi ikeme

Protecting Your Brand with Trademarks

Kayleigh Hannon


Your Launch Week Timeline (+ 4 Urgency Factors to Include to Boost Sales)

sara frandina

How to Think + Talk Like Your Customers to Create + Market Products that Sell

Bevin Farrand


The Power of a Plan: Why a Launch Plan is your most critical tool for success


How Using Inclusive Design Will Improve Your Customers' Relationship with these 3 Little-Known Tactics

shafonne myers

Video + Challenge Launch Strategy

jessica santise

Turn Up the Tangibility Of Your Sales Page with Attention-Grabbing GIFs

mariana ruiz

Sell Out Your Programs With Challenge Launches

shannon mattern

Preparing Your Website for a Launch

alyssa moorhead

The #1 Launch Secret for High-Sales Launches = DM STRATEGY

High conversion rates, easy sales by promoting the Rebel Boss Summit!

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You'll unlock access to all of our affiliate resources - email swipe copy, social media copy, graphics galore, any videos we create - everything. This is all intended to make your experience promoting the summit as easy-peasy as possible!

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Any commissions you earn throughout the summit will be paid on September 1, 2019! This helps us account for any refunds during the 30-day refund period. Payments to you will be made via PayPal.

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High conversion rates, easy sales by promoting the Rebel Boss Summit!

Spots are limited! Apply now!