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  • VIP access to all presentations May 18th - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation
  • 80+ Pages of Notes (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)

$127 $97



Summit in a Box Starter Kit - VALUE $297

Ditch the doubt and start planning your first profitable online summit.

Learn exactly what hosting a summit entails, map out the important details, make sure you have a profitable topic, and create a realistic timeline to look and feel like the pro you are throughout the whole process.

Contributed by Krista Miller

online course

Webinar mania: How to sell your digital product with a webinar - Value $97

You've seen webinars done before, and you know how valuable they can be to help you sell your digital products, but how do you run one yourself? Learn from Eden Fried (Rebel Boss Summit host) how to setup and host your webinar (for free) with the Webinar Mania course. You'll learn about the emails to send, the format of the webinar, how to setup the free technology, how to promote your webinar so you actually get signups, and more. This is insane value included for free in your VIP All Access Pass. 

Contributed by Eden Fried



Personal Stories That Sell Is A Video Workshop Series That Teaches You How To Discover, Shape And Share Your Story In Less Than An Hour (Even If No One Knows You, You Think Your Story Is Boring Or You Don’t Know Where To Start).

Contributed by Reesy Floyd-Thompson


Purpose Profit Hacking Formula - Value $27

The Purpose Profit Hacking Formula is the guide to identify, create and execute three streams of income. Kymberly walks you through the tools necessary to not only get started, but to create income.

Contributed by Kymberly Smith Tiller

resource guide


In this resource you’ll learn all about hashtags, one of the most important aspects of Instagram. Along with getting access to 60+ hashtag categories with 866 hashtags (and growing) that have been researched using proven techniques, you’ll also learn how to use them effectively to grow your Instagram account.

Contributed by Natasha Samuel

digital planner and online workshop

The Fearless Creator Plan-Digital Planner and Workshop pass - Value $179

This productivity tool, proven system and content creation templates will take out the overwhelm and streamline the process to fearlessly create and promote consistently. This also includes a pass to the upcoming Fearless Creator Workshop.

Contributed by Stacy Zant


Biz Template Dream Kit - Value $27

The Biz Template Dream Kit will help you create a beautiful, professionally-designed biz resources on a DIY budget. It includes customizable, drag-and-drop Canva templates and swipe files to help you create lead magnets, workbooks, digital products, social media graphics, and more in minutes.

Contributed by Amanda Olson


Podcast Launch Toolkit- Value $97

The Podcast Launch Toolkit is a program designed to help you go from brilliant podcast idea to launch in just 60 days.

Contributed by Jenny Suneson

promo pack

Digital Product Promo Pack - Value $97

75 Canva Templates Bundle to help you promote your digital product offer

Contributed by Nihaad Gamieldien

membership site access

one month membership to video made easy - Value $99

Video Made Easy is a monthly subscription service that offers actionable and strategic video plans. Get exclusive and direct access to Holly G for guidance, feedback and support, video planners, checklists, formulas, tools, resources and more. Includes bonus training and bonus courses. 

Contributed by Holly Gillen

resource guide

The Digital Product Blueprint - Value $97

Create a clear customer journey with a strategic product suite. Map out your digital product blueprint to make sure you're presenting the right products to the right customers at the right time!

Contributed by Desola Davis

online course and toolkit

Facebook Live Video Broadcast Kit - Value $27

Go Live with confidence and convert viewers to leads & clients with the Facebook Live Video Broadcasting Kit.

Within the kit you'll receive nine simple video lessons, over 1,000 prompts (so you never run out of things to talk about on camera), and a Video Ad Guide to expand the reach of your videos!

Test repurposing a live video as a part of the remarketing strategy you'll learn in my session!

Contributed by Meg Brunson

Downloadable ebook

The $10K Online Course Planning Blueprint eBook - Value $47

Learn how to plan your first (or next) profitable online course with the $10K Online Course Planning Blueprint eBook. This eBook will help you get clear on what it takes to create an online course that makes you 5-figures or more. It covers everything from what course buyers are looking for when they buy your online course, how to find online course buyers, and online course pricing.

Contributed by Ronisha Shead

online course

How to Deliver Virtual Presentations (mini course) - Value $47

Master the art of delivering a virtual presentation so that you can keep serving your audience and growing your businesses (even when we can’t leave our homes).

Contributed by Jessica Rasdall

resource guide

Pinterest Keyword Planner + Resource - Value $27

Looking to grow your visibility and reach on Pinterest? Pinterest keywords are key to optimizing your digital products.

Contributed by Meagan Williamson

online training

Simple Beta Launch Training - Value $97

Simple Beta Launch Training - Start making sales and validate your course idea within the next 1-2 weeks with a beta launch. Includes online training and workbook.

Contributed by Kayleigh Hannon

online training

Launch Secrets Roadmap - Value $297

A plug and play launch plan where all you have to do is enter your cart open date and you'll know exactly what you need to create, what you need to send, and when.

You'll also get an organized system that keeps your copy and design assets at your fingertips so you can use the best performing material again...and again...and again.

Contributed by Bevin Farrand

online course

GIF Yourself - Value $27

GIF Yourself is a four-part video-workshop that teaches you how to stand out in a sea of static images. If you’re a content creator, virtual assistant, or social media manager this is for you! With this course, you will create content that is fun, binge-able, and PROFITABLE.

Contributed by Jessica Santise

resource guide

just presell it! - Value $99

Just Presell It! is an outline of how to presell your course or digital product to your email list.

Contributed by Liz Wilcox

online course

The 5 Key Elements of an Outstanding Online Course That’s Guaranteed to Sell- Value $127

This mini-course will teach you how to solve your target audiences’ problem, give them a reason to buy your course, provide the right content, develop a solid marketing plan and improve your course with feedback, which will get you started on your path to design, develop and run an engaging online course.

Contributed by Shafonne Myers

online course

Websites That Make Money Workshop - Value $197

This mini-course walks you through how to build an email list from scratch and monetize from your very first subscriber (even if you don't have a product to sell yet).

Contributed by Shannon Mattern

membership site access

2 months access to Impact Driven Entreprenuer's Mindset Mastery Program - Value $99

Access to the Impact Driven Entrepreneur's Mindset Mastery Program will provide:
4x group coaching mindset calls
2 months access to the Mindset Mastery training library
2 months access to the Mindset Mastery private group

Contributed by Mariana Ruiz

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$5,000+ worth of content to help you get your digital product off the ground and running!



  1. Coworking Session #1 - Tuesday, October 20th at 12pm Eastern Time
  2. Coworking Session #2 Thursday, October 22nd at 12pm Eastern Time

"Creative ways to increase sales conversion rates during launch week"

Monday, October 19th at 12pm Eastern Time


Wednesday October 21st AT 12pm Eastern Time


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LISA DAVOLT  //  Attendee

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I don't follow a lot of people out there and I consider myself hard to impress, but y'all have been blowing me away!

So glad I got the upgrade because I am going to need it as I ramp up to my launch in a few weeks.

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"The summit has not even started and I'm already getting something out of it! The buyers remorse is gone... just like that!" Jackie Miles

JACKIE MILES  //  Attendee

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"Glad I can watch and digest the information more slowly... especially after seeing all the great sessions for today!" Christine Wilson Goodner


30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Worried what will happen if you don't like the All Access Pass? There's no risk with our 30-day guarantee! Get 100% of your money back within 30 days after the first day of the summit! Rest assured that you won't want your money back... it's just that good!

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How long do I have access to the trainings?

What's the difference between the free ticket and the VIP All access Pass?

Where does the summit take place?

Is there a refund policy? What if I don't like it?

Do you donate a portion of your sales?

How long do I have to access the trainings? 

With a VIP All Access Pass, you have access to the trainings for life! Access them whenever, wherever, however many times you wish!

What's the difference between the free ticket and the VIP All Access Pass?

The free ticket will give you access to the trainings for 24 hours each. After the 24 hours expires, you'll lose access. If you'd like to watch on your own schedule, as many times as you want, whenever you want (for life), the VIP All Access Pass is for you.

As a VIP All Access Pass holder, you'll enjoy forever access to all of the trainings, plus you'll unlock over $5,000+ worth of bonuses JUST for you!

Where does the summit take place?

The Rebel Boss Summit is a virtual event, totally COVID-19 and social distancing friendly. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

Is there a refund policy? What if I don't like it?

There is a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have up until 30 days after the first day of the summit to request a 100% refund. But we're very sure you won't want a refund after you see what the summit entails! 



Lifetime access to summit materials

  • VIP access to all presentations May 18th - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 25+ presentations ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation
  • 80+ Pages of Notes (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)

$127 $97