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Lifetime access to summit materials

  • VIP access to all presentations May 17th - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 30+ presentations ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)
  • Annotated Transcriptions for each session (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)

$147 $97



Online Summit Promotion BundleVALUE $97

Get your virtual summit promotion material ready to roll within hours, NOT weeks.

With this bundle, you’ll get a marketing calendar, promotion strategy training, 7 email scripts, 7 pieces of social media swipe copy, a Facebook ad strategy overview, Facebook ad swipe copy, and Facebook ad graphic templates.

Contributed by Krista Miller

online course

Webinar mania: How to sell your digital product with a webinar - Value $97

You've seen webinars done before, and you know how valuable they can be to help you sell your digital products, but how do you run one yourself? Learn from Eden Fried (Rebel Boss Summit host) how to setup and host your webinar (for free) with the Webinar Mania course. You'll learn about the emails to send, the format of the webinar, how to setup the free technology, how to promote your webinar so you actually get signups, and more. This is insane value included for free in the Product Power Pack.

Contributed by Eden Fried

online course

The Savvy Sales system - VALUE $149

⏰Learn my EXACT funnel system (and save 2 years trying to figure it out!) ⏰

In this program, I help you:
✅ Refine your target audience and map out your take-my-money! Offer
✅ Choose your own funnelventure with a 3-in-1 system for defining your growth plan
✅ Write a sales page that works with time-saving templates and examples (buh-bye blank page syndrome!)
✅ Build your sales funnel pages with GORG ClickFunnels templates you can customize to your brand
✅ Provide documentation of industry-specific marketing opportunities and obstacles using evidence-based data and analytics
✅ Design and schedule your launch campaign using the content you’ve already created for your sales page
✅ Create your supporting social media graphics
✅ Show up as an awesome, non-douchey human for sales calls
✅ Develop a maintenance plan for your funnel to keep it in money-making shape
✅ Set up a metrics tracking system, so you can keep tweaking and optimizing your funnel

🚀Clicky clicky to learn more: www.savvysalessystem.com 🚀

Contributed by Ashley Gadd


Brave Messaging Toolkit - Value $297

Create brand messaging that builds connection & attracts the right clients instantly with the Brave Messaging Toolkit created by Scaling Deep. Use this proven 3-step system to stop using bland & boring messaging so you can start writing directly to your ideal client! When you develop your core messages you'll use start using them in all your copy. It also includes a step-by-step system to write highly converting homepage copy.

Contributed by Lisa Princic

eBook and templates

pin title traffic hacks & 10 canva pin templates - Value $27

Here's 7 crazy easy tricks to increase your traffic from Pinterest... just by changing how you write headlines. I don't care if you manually pin, use tailwind, use the native scheduler, or pay your 12 year old 5$ / day to do your pinning at lunch time, these PIN TITLE TRAFFIC HACKS can help you get better Pinterest traffic no matter what your "pinning strategy" is. PLUS, get 10 gorgeous custom pin templates for Canva!

Contributed by Carly Campbell


30 days of branding challenge - Value $37

Get instant access to this self paced challenge that features my best tips and tricks for building your brand online. This challenge features tips & tricks for showcasing your expertise online, content creation strategy for generating leads and attracting your dream opportunities and more!

Contributed by Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA

online course

simple systems setup - Value $197

Learn how to create your first (or next) simple system to generate content on autopilot, automate your client experience, or repurpose content in 4 easy steps!

Contributed by Kari Roberts


Evergreen Funnel Tech Checklist - Value $27

The Evergreen Funnel Tech Checklist guides you through a 4 part funnel building and testing process, allowing you to launch your funnel with certainty that you’ve covered all your tech bases!

Contributed by Angela Tan


Beginner to Profitable: An Entrepreneur's Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Profitable Chatbot with Confidence - Value $27

Equal parts education and simplicity, Beginner to Profitable combines step-by-step video guidance with the confidence you need to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot that gives you big results. Let’s jump into the future of digital marketing and take your business to new, incredible heights as you go from beginner to profitable.

Contributed by Sarah Elizabeth


SEO Playbook - Value $39

Being found on Google is easy, right? Just write a blog post and Google will link to it….?
 Nope. This isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” situation. The internet is NOISY.
To be selected by Google, you have to set up your blog posts in a very specific way that is appealing to both people and robots. so I’m breaking down my 7-step process for you in this 36-page SEO Playbook!

Contributed by Meg Casebolt

online course

Creating your perfect customer profile course - Value $49

If you don't know exactly who your customer is, then trying to market to them will be incredibly hard. In this mini course you will get 2 lessons that will cover:

  • Lesson 1 - I share with you the 4 key areas you need to focus on when profiling your customer and take you though a real example.
  • Lesson 2 - I share with you the three different ways I use in my business in order to profile the perfect customer.

Contributed by Teresa Heath-Wareing


the ultimate biz kit - Value $75

These 3 resources inside of the Ultimate Biz Kit will help you grow your online business by teaching you my signature framework and help you to find ideal clients in your business, build a brand that makes you stand out from the millions of other service-based businesses doing exactly what you do, write engaging content using the tried and tested brand building content ideas.

Contributed by Leeon George

online course

the one with the trello course - Value $397

THE ONE WITH THE TRELLO COURSE will really help you DIVE deep into using Trello for your business. PLUS, you not only get this BUSINESS BINDER but you will receive NOT ONE but TWO Trello boards for planning out your INSTAGRAM content.

Contributed by Khloé George

email templates and swipe copy

Launch Email Sequence Strategy Template - Value $150

Promote your seasonal or evergreen offer with this action-packed, email copywriting strategy template. NOW FEATURING 2 INCREDIBLE BONUSES: my Gathering Strong Testimonials Swipe Copy resource and my exclusive Launch Sequence Subject Line Idea Bank with over 200 subject line templates designed to boost your open rates!

Contributed by Kristen Achziger


Rock the Site Masterclass - Value $37

In Rock the Site, I talk about the elements you need to have in place to rock your website. We talk about what platforms are best and for whom, what's the journey you should take your visitors on and how to determine the conversion goals of your site.

Contributed by Hafsa Rana

templates and swipe copy

Digital Product Launchpad - Value $97

Your one-stop-shop for creating and selling your first (or next!) digital product! The Digital Product Launchpad provides you with easy-to-use Canva templates, a sales page template, and instructions for setting up your first digital product sales funnel to make selling your expertise a breeze. Getting started has never been easier!

Contributed by Monica Froese


The Email closer - Value $37

Written by Launch Copywriter, Dani Paige, this email marketing hub has everything from CTA's, headlines, and story-selling to live and evergreen launch swipes. 

Contributed by Dani Page


Sell in the DMs playbook - Value $27

A 20-Page PDF filled with Swipe-Copy and training that teaches you how to nurture your audience and how to make money in your Direct Messages.

Contributed by Victoria H. Boyd

online dashboard

traffic insights dashboard - Value $47

See exactly where your traffic is coming from, without having to stumble your way through Google Analytics. The easiest, most cost-effective way to transform paralyzing confusion into a laser-focused strategy for effective marketing that actually works!

Contributed by Jennifer Grayeb


The DIY Bookkeeper Masterclass - Value $97

A one-hour (ish) training that simplifies and demystifies the monthly routine that shouldn't be so darn stressful. (No accounting experience necessary, for once.) This masterclass includes an Accounting Basics Crash Course to teach you the fundamentals, plus a tech walkthrough of the popular, free, accounting software Wave to show it all in action.

Contributed by Katie Scott

online course

Plan Your Profitable Freedom Year - Value $97

Reclaim control of this crazy time by creating your 12 month vision, profitable business plan, and content and marketing calendar in just 2 hours! When is the time to become unstoppable, make more money, have more fun...whatever you desire? Right now. Let's do this!

Contributed by Natalie Sisson

online course

The 5 Key Elements of an Outstanding Online Course That’s Guaranteed to Sell- Value $127

This mini-course will teach you how to solve your target audiences’ problem, give them a reason to buy your course, provide the right content, develop a solid marketing plan and improve your course with feedback, which will get you started on your path to design, develop and run an engaging online course.

Contributed by Shafonne Myers

legal guidebook

Cover Your Assets: Guidebook on Legal Side to Running an Online Business - Value $27

Written by an attorney, this ebook helps you better understand what you need to be doing to legally protect yourself and your business.

Contributed by Elizabeth Stapleton

mini course

The Digital Customer Journey mini-course
Value $37

Want to learn what it takes to build a sales funnel that you actually love? Get access to the Digital Customer Journey mini-course and learn how to build a strategic product suite that turns strangers into fans. 

Contributed by Desola Davis

online course

Sales Page Superstar - Value $37

Sales Page Superstar is a digital course that teaches conversion design principles, how to write your copy, and design your sales page using our pre-designed template.

Contributed by Melissa Burkheimer


Canva accElerator lab workshop - Value $79

Look and feel like a DESIGN PRO when you learn how to use all of Canva’s built-in features and the design hacks that I’m going to show you in this 2-hour workshop! It's going to cover everything from beginner-friendly essentials to advanced design tricks that will make you feel like a design rock star. Whether you're brand new to Canva, or have been using it for years, you'll learn new design techniques and essential features that will blow your mind and save you tons of time. This also includes fully customizable bonus templates that you can start using right away!

Contributed by Sarah Masci

membership site

styled stock society one month membership - Value $35

Styled Stock Society's stock images membership is a visual marketing library – created by and for women entrepreneurs – and designed specifically to help you make your business look ah-may-zing and cut down on the time and money you spend trying to make your brand look and feel like you want.

Contributed by Elle Drouin

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$5,000+ worth of content to help you get your digital product off the ground and running!



PANEL #1 - "Launch Events: Which one is right for you?"

Monday, May 17th at 12pm Eastern Time

You could host a 5-day challenge, a virtual summit, a webinar (or several), a video launch. You could even launch with a combination of multiple events. Come tune into this panel to hear from experts share their experiences so you can make an informed decision in your own strategy.

PANEL #2 - Scaling Your Product Sales with Evergreen Sales Systems Post-Launch

Wednesday, May 19th at 12pm Eastern Time

This specialty panel will focus on the strategies that you can use post-launch to turn your launch efforts evergreen in an effort to make more passive-sales. We'll cover email strategies, technology, ads, and more.


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Jump into one of our two live co-working sessions that take place in zoom! We'll start off the session by asking you to set goals for the hour and we'll check in with you at the end to make sure you've achieved those goals #accountability. 


Tuesday, May 18th at 12pm Eastern Time


Thursday, May 20th at 12pm Eastern Time


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I don't follow a lot of people out there and I consider myself hard to impress, but y'all have been blowing me away!

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How long do I have access to the trainings?

What's the difference between the free ticket and the VIP All access Pass?

Where does the summit take place?

Is there a refund policy? What if I don't like it?

Do you donate a portion of your sales?

How long do I have to access the trainings? 

With a VIP All Access Pass, you have access to the trainings for life! Access them whenever, wherever, however many times you wish!

What's the difference between the free ticket and the VIP All Access Pass?

The free ticket will give you access to the trainings for 24 hours each. After the 24 hours expires, you'll lose access. If you'd like to watch on your own schedule, as many times as you want, whenever you want (for life), the VIP All Access Pass is for you.

As a VIP All Access Pass holder, you'll enjoy forever access to all of the trainings, plus you'll unlock over $5,000+ worth of bonuses JUST for you!

Where does the summit take place?

The Rebel Boss Summit is a virtual event, totally COVID-19 and social distancing friendly. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

Is there a refund policy? What if I don't like it?

There is a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy. If you're not happy with your purchase, you have up until 30 days after the first day of the summit to request a 100% refund. But we're very sure you won't want a refund after you see what the summit entails! 



Lifetime access to summit materials

  • VIP access to all presentations May 17th - no waiting for you!
  • Lifetime access to all 30+ presentations ($1400+ Value)
  • Downloadable MP3 files of every training so you can listen on the go ($97 value)
  • Slide decks to each presentation (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)
  • Annotated Transcriptions for each session (each session has been annotated for you - skim and read when you can)

$147 $97