Welcome "Go Digital on Etsy" Summit Speaker

Thank you for agreeing to share your Etsy wisdom and expertise with the Rebel Boss Community! On this page, you'll find relevant information to make this process an easy and exciting one!

Summit dates: November 1st - 4th, 2022


What is the "GO DIGITAL ON ETSY" Summit?

A few years ago, I launched the Rebel Boss Summit, which features 30+ marketing experts who share the best tips/tricks to launching digital products online. Each summit, I featured at least one Etsy expert to talk about how to sell digital products on Etsy. Without fail, that session was always one of our most impactful and well attended sessions.

It's been a long time goal of mine to lean into that demand, and create a summit that focuses exclusively on Etsy and how creative women can take an idea and sell it digitally on Etsy. This summit is intended to help current shop owners add digital elements to their handmade shops and it's also intended to help people without any Etsy experience get started creating a shop and selling digital products.

We are Committed to Ensuring our Summit speaker lineup is diverse!

The Rebel Boss Summit brand acknowledges that summits are often whitewashed. There are many summits out there with all-white lineups. We also acknowledge that our past lineups have not been as diverse as they certainly should have been. We are committed to doing better and ensuring that we showcase people from all backgrounds, especially BIPOC. Our recent summit lineups had 40% of our speakers were non white individuals and/or BIPOC. We are excited to be part of a much needed change in our industry and continuing to do better.

Why You'll LOVE Participating


Spending 15-25 minutes talking at a very popular summit will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


Speaking at a summit like this, to an audience of this size, will help you build brand awareness faster than you normally would in a 6 month - 12 month period of time. Think about it - you're on a virtual stage in front of a huge virtual audience. That's priceless!


Yes, it IS possible to make a significant chunk of change from participating in this summit. By promoting the All Access Pass, and setting up your own marketing funnel, you can take home a great paycheck just by speaking for 15-25 minutes! How cool is that?


Even though we don't share the attendee list with speakers, you have the opportunity to promote a lead magnet at the end of your presentation. Our past speakers have gotten hundreds of new leads from this approach, and they've made a great amount of money from their new, highly targeted subscribers who purchase things within their funnels.


Our speaker lineup is always stacked with incredible people who are reading and willing to network! Our past speakers have made new friends, landed podcast opportunities, and been asked to speak at other events as a result of their participation.

Past Speakers Got Insane Value out of Speaking at a Rebel Boss Summit Event!

You get out of the summit what you put in. Check out some past results from speakers!

Liz Wilcox

500 new subscribers!

My subscribers grew by nearly 500! I also made over $500 from my tripwire!

Liz Wilcox

Elizabeth Goddard

250 new subscribers, and $170 from tripwire

Grew my list by over 250 people, with minimal unsbuscribers so far.

I've had a couple of people join courses/programs I've launched since that told me they initially found me through Rebel Boss Summit (so that's worth $100s to me).

And I made $170 from my tripwire.

Overall I was very pleased! 

Elizabeth Goddard 

My email list grew by several hundred!

My email list grew by several hundred. I got quite a bit of new followers from people who reached out saying they really enjoyed my presentation. I earned a little money from commissions which was just a nice bonus. And I made some wonderful new connections who I'll get to collaborate with and have as podcast guests, and one of whom I may be working with as a new client soon. All in all, SO much value from being a speaker here, and hope to get to be a part of the event for the years to come!

Hayley Luckadoo

Sarah Morgan

Commissions were well worth my time!

Commissions were well worth my time - I generally like to earn $500 - $1000 on an event like this. My list grew and I had lots of people DM/comment and say they followed from the summit.

Sarah Morgan  //  XOsarah

I grew my email list by 182 people and made $1100+ from the summit!

I grew my email list by 182 people, I made over $600 in sales from my shop on the day of my summit (I usually only make about $150/day). At least a dozen peopled asked me when my course would launch! Plus, I sold 20 All Access Passes, which earned me an additional $500+ - just by emailing my list twice with template emails that Eden provided me with!

Alysha DeMarsh  //  Designer

My list nearly tripled in size!

Through taking part in the summit I increased my email list by 2.5x and have already had sales coming in as a result of those new subscribers!

Krista Miller  //  Summit In a Box Founder

My list increased by 90 subscribers, which is amazing for me!

I really enjoyed the summit experience and thought it went really well! I received a lot of positive feedback on my presentation from attendees and my email list increased by 90 subscribers (which is AMAZING for me in my little corner of the world). I really appreciate all the information you organized for us and the reminder emails as well. You made the experience easy for me.

Christi Cooper  //  Designer

I got 137 new subscribers from the summit and they're STILL on my list!

Not only do I have 137 new subscribers (perfect timing for my course launch), but I also generated $522 from product sales during the summit and that's not including the money I made through affiliate sales promoting the summit (an additional $244)! I generated nearly $800 as a result of the Rebel Boss Summit!

Kate Doster  //  Email Marketer

My list grew by 200+ people - earned over $700 from promo!

My list grew by at least 200 people if not more, I earned awesome affiliate commissions, I developed relationships with speakers that have led to other collaborations, and it was overall an amazing experience.

Shannon Mattern  //  WP BFF

200 new subscribers!!

The increase in my list was sizable (200!), and it speaks to my preaching of quality over quantity, because the people who've joined have been great to have here so far!

Sara Frandina //  Copywriter

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations should be between 15-25 minutes max (we value quality over quantity - short presentations are a-ok with us as long as it's value filled - long presentations with fluff will be asked to be resubmitted)
  • Presentations should be pre-recorded using a reliable recording application with quality audio and visual
  • Presentations are encouraged to be slide deck style or presentation style - viewers can get bored just watching you talk - so some visual aspect, whatever that may be (most typically slide decks) are encouraged 
  • Please do not spend more than a minute or two introducing yourself - your expertise will speak for itself through your teaching. We want the majority of the presentation to be education focused.
  • Your content should be action oriented. Attendees should leave your session with a clear understanding of the steps they should take to reach the desired action. This is where your expert teaching comes into play! 
  • Please make your presentation VALUE FOCUSED and shy away from the webinar approach to presentations (which tend to leave viewers understanding they need to change something, but lacking the resources to make that change).
  • You may share a free offer (freebie/lead magnet) at the end of your presentation - please spend no more than 2-3 minutes talking about this offer. Mention of paid offers will be cut from presentations.
  • Template timeline (1-2 minutes introducing yourself, 20 minutes teaching actionable steps to achieve desired result, 1-2 minute talking about your free offer).
  • Please leave space for a rebel boss summit watermark to appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen


dON'T - Promote a paid product at the end of your presentation
Imagine how you'd feel if every summit presentation you tuned into include a pitch for a paid product at the end of it. Yuck, right? We really want our attendees to enjoy all the free value that our summit provides. So this means we'd like you to avoid pitching any paid product. Instead, promote something valuable that is available for free. The good news is this will make for a better experience for our attendees, while also increasing the chance that people sign up to your email list (and buy your tripwires if you set that up!). 
dON'T - Spend a long time introducing yourself and setting up the presentation
Please don't spend more than 1-2 minutes introducing yourself and setting up the presentation. Long introductions (I've seen some that last 15 minutes or longer) always bother viewers and leave them feeling like they've wasted time and haven't learned much. Instead, skip right to the good stuff - your amazing content! Don't worry, your viewers will love learning from you so much that they'll be dying to learn more about you and your story after the fact (which will increase the chance that they sign up for your free lead magnet). 
dON'T - Make Your presentation Webinar Style
Webinar style presentations are created to identify gaps in knowledge and setup the viewer to make a decision to purchase something - they include long winded introductions and only a few minutes of content. They don't really teach much of anything at all. Instead, make your presentation workshop style. 99% of your presentation should be teaching something actionable. 

Promo Schedule for Speakers!

Before summit begins > add a banner to your website embedded with your affiliate link and add the summit link to your instagram bio. 


Week 1 Promo (October 17 - October 21)

Week 2 Promo (October 24 - October 28)

Week 3 Promo (Week of Summit - starting November 1)

You can get more exposure out of this event by sponsoring!

Sponsorship spots are limited!

Have Questions? I have answers!

Is the summit free for attendees?

What's the incentive to buy an upgrade?

How much does an upgrade cost?

How do I record my presentation?

How do I send you my presentation?

When is my presentation due?

How do I join my presentation chat room during my time slot?

Will I be "Live" at all during the summit?

Where is my speaker agreement?

How long should my presentation be?

How much do I have to promote?

What should I use to create my presentation?

Is there an affiliate program?

When is the promo period for the summit?

Why You'll Benefit From Contributing a Paid Product to Our "Grow Your Shop" Bundle

When you contribute a paid product to our Grow Your Shop Bundle, you drastically increase the value. Imagine you contribute a $67 product. The All Access Pass ticket with speaker bonuses (the Grow Your Shop Bundle) is sold for $97. Your product by itself has now nearly justified the value of the ticket - and that's not including all of the other insane benefits of purchasing!

Adding in your paid product will make it insanely easy for you to promote the Summit and the Bundle. Your audience will see your product and they'll just know that it's a worthwhile investment. 

Contributing your product also gets you extra exposure! Your contribution will be featured to all of our attendees (we usually have several thousand sign ups). This is great visibility for you!

Plus, the commission that you'll make on selling these Grow Your Shop Bundles will more than make up for your contribution.

Speaker To-Do List

1. Fill out the speaker questionnaire - ASAP

You were sent a questionnaire when you agreed to be a speaker. This will take you just a few minutes to fill out. It is do as soon as possible. 

2. Record Your Presentation & Introduction

Remember, there are a few different ways that you can record your presentation. Choose the one that feels best for you and go for it! 

3. Submit Your Final Presentation - October 4th, 2022

I strongly encourage you to get this done as soon as possible! Save a 'just in case' copy of your presentation on your computer. Submit your presentation here

4. Plan Your Promo & Enroll In Affiliate Program

When you join the affiliate program, you'll gain access to all kinds of resources that you can use to promote the event. The promo period is October 17 - November 4. Click here to access your Promotional Resources.

5. Decide If You Want To Sponsor

Sponsors get extra exposure before, during and after the event. There are lots of different ways for you to contribute, but spots are limited.

6. Plan to Be Available During Your Presentation Time Slot

I will send you your presentation time slot a few weeks prior to the summit. Please mark your calendar so you can plan to be available in the chat.

Presentations are due October 4th, 2022

Meet Your Host!

Hi, I'm Eden!
I'm strange in that my story starts when I decided to ditch my plans to attend law school (after paying a seat deposit, finding an apartment in the thick of NYC, the works) all to start a blog online. After a while toying around with a slew of different blog monetization strategies, I tried my hand at selling an online course. I had nothing to lose but my pride and lucky for me (and my bank account) it worked!

Quick success selling that online course lended itself to my next online course, which followed by a membership site. The entirety of my income now comes from digital product sales (workbooks, membership access and other one-off course access). I've developed several high performing (30% conversion rate funnels) that allow me to live life on my own terms and - the best part - now I have the distinct pleasure of teaching others how to do the same.  I love creating spaces for creatives to learn all of the different ways to make money from products online, and that includes Etsy!

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