Meet Your Host

Welcome to the rebel boss summit! I'm Eden!

Eden Fried is the "digital product lady!" After bailing on her plan to attend law school back in 2016 (despite paying her seat deposit, securing an apartment, dropping thousands on textbooks), Eden decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship instead. Since then, Eden mastered the art of making a full time income with digital products (things like ebooks, courses, workshops, etc.)

Eden is a rebel - she believes that you shouldn't need to work for someone else in order to pay the bills - so she's dedicated her life to inspiring and teaching other rebel women how to turn their passion into a digital product they can sell and make an income from online.

She's the host of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast and the founder of Rebel Boss University, a membership community where she teaches rebels how to create and launch a digital product within 90 days. When Eden's not at work, she can be found at the gym throwing around some moderately heavy weights (emphasis on the word moderately) or rewatching an episode of Friends or How I Met your Mother for the millionth time. 

Meet Your Speakers!


Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 4pm EST

​Sarah Morgan is an Emmy Award-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging and building websites since age 13. After escaping her corporate design job, she made it her mission to help business owners grow their online presence without overwhelm + indecision slowing them down. Through coaching and courses, Sarah strives to help you simplify your strategies, show up with confidence, and find YOUR best way to grow and earn online.

Presentation: How to Show Up + Sell on Instagram Stories


Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 2pm EST

Jordan Gill is an operations consultant and founder of Systems Saved Me who helps overworked one woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs.

Presentation: How to Run a Streamlined Business Without a Team


Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 2pm EST

Ashley Burnside, the creator of The Punk Project, is an email marketing & funnel strategist for six and seven-figure digital CEOs who are ready to break the mold and quit "hustle mode marketing" to implement tailored, simple marketing strategies that pave the way for more sales.

Presentation: PsycheSpeak: Know Exactly What to Make by Understanding What Your Buyers Actually Want

Trena little

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 9am EST

As a Youtube strategist, Trena, who has a Master’s Degree in Business, helps online business owners develop a YouTube strategy that allows them to scale their business, by driving more leads with the right videos! Being a busy business owner herself, she understands the importance of making video simple and effortless but effective and lasting. Her Youtube videos are her sales team and they do the heavy lifting for free, they are working for her 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Presentation: Maximizing Your Video Strategy: How to Create a Month's Worth of Content in 8 Hours

abby herman

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 10am EST

Abby Herman is a content strategist and consultant for service-based business owners who want to gain visibility for their businesses. She specializes in idea generation and content strategy and delivery so her clients can keep on doing what they love in their businesses, making the marketing piece feel easy. She also hosts a growing membership program to help newer business owners DIY their content marketing, because she knows from experience that there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to start.

Presentation: How to Create Strategic Content to Market Your Digital Product

liz wilcox

Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 1pm EST

Liz Wilcox is a copy expert who helps freelancers and bloggers alike turn followers into friends that buy.

Presentation: I'm Building My Audience, Now What? How to Turn Your Followers into Customers

mandie kelleher

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 5pm EST

Mandie escaped her 9-5 to freelance at the start of 2020 and is never looking back. She now teaches people like you how to kickstart their freelancing careers, and how to make the most of the journey.

Presentation: How to Use Freelancing as a Foundation for Digital Product Success

Krista miller

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 3pm EST

At Summit In A Box, Krista teaches online business owners to skyrocket their revenue, grow their email lists, become leaders, and make mutually beneficial connections through online summits. Her method is focused on collaboration and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved. The best part? She makes it easy! With every strategy, website and copy template, script, tech tutorial, and resources you'd ever need, your summit prep just got a whole lot easier!

Presentation: Using an Online Summit to Sell Your Digital Product

kyla roma

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 4pm EST

Kyla Roma helps online business owners make marketing uncomplicated

Presentation: Swipe My 5 No-Tech Social Media Micro-Funnels

Krista dickson

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 3pm EST

Krista Dickson helps entrepreneurs create content, copy, and courses that sell.

Presentation: Don't Write Your Sales Page Without These 5 Sections

Andrea jones

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 1pm EST

Andrea Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable communities online through simple social media solutions.

Presentation: The Social Media Sales Funnel for Products or Services

HayLey Luckadoo

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 11am EST

Hayley is a serial entrepreneur in the digital marketing space, a motivational speaker, and the host of the Females on Fire podcast.

Presentation: Why Your Failed Attempt is Your Biggest Motivator (Even as a Digital Creator)

tracie fobes

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 1pm EST

Hi, I'm Tracie! I have been blogging since 2009. I sold my first site for 6 figures and now teach others how to start and run a profitable blog.

Presentation: Increase Your Product Sales: Making More Money from the Products You Create

kara fidd

Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 5pm EST

Kara is the owner of Simplifying DIY Design and has been certified in graphic design for over 10 years. She is a full time blogger that specializes in combining her knowledge of graphic design with online marketing to create better social media graphics, lead magnets, and digital products that are currently helping over 10k bloggers grow their online businesses. Templates are her JAM and her passion is to create design tools and systems that can be used to implement your way to success in your digital business!

Presentation: How to Use Canva to Create Digital Product Promotion Graphics

emily walker

Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 11am EST

Emily Walker is the foundress of the Modern Leaders Collective, where she helps heart-centred coaches & creatives design transformation-driven programs so they can overcome the creation overwhelm, step into confidence and scale their business while delivering incredible results. Working with a diverse range of clients, from groundbreaking coaches, to best-selling authors, to seven figure mindset queens, Emily combines her signature framework for designing transformation with the tools for the necessary inner work so that you can say goodbye to low completion rates and hello to life-changing learning experiences. When she’s not leading workshops or creating new content for her community, Emily can be found hanging out in yoga pants with her two kitties and her partner, dreaming of their next trip to France.

Presentation: How to Create an Online Course that People Actually Finish

carly campbell

Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 1pm EST

Carly is a full time stay-at-home mom, full time blogger who believes she can change the world by helping other moms to earn income online, and stay at home with their kids.

Presentation: How to Create Pins that Get Clicks on Pinterest


Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 11am EST

​Elli Runkles is a sales copywriter and content strategist. She helps online business owners write copy and create conversion-focused content that leads to real business results like consistent sales and clients. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs master their messaging, build a solid sales system, and use content marketing to consistently attract and convert ideal clients, you’ll find her out in the mountains near her home in Spain, or planning her next adventure.

Presentation: Write a Launch Email Sequence that Sells

morgan nield

Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 3pm EST

Morgan Nield is the Etsy marketing strategist behind MorganNield.com and the creator of the Etsy shop, Little Highbury. What started as a simple way of coping as a new stay-at-home-momma, quickly morphed into a multiple six figure handmade business, earning her over 23,000 sales and $600K in revenue in just a few short years.   Nowadays, you can find Morgan coaching and mentoring go-getter Etsy shop owners looking to implement and automate a profitable marketing system for their shop. When she’s not busy teaching killer strategy inside her signature Etsy marketing program, Mastermind Your Marketing, Morgan can be found spending time in rural Utah with her husband, daughter, and baby boy.

Presentation: How to (Easily!) Add a Digital Product Line to Your Etsy Shop


Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 11am EST

Elizabeth Goddard is an online business strategist and is probably best known for being personally invited to become one of the first four ConvertKit Certified Experts. When she’s not supporting online business owners to have more fun, make things easier for themselves and implement faster, you can probably find her watching trashy TV and answering ConvertKit questions on Facebook.

Presentation: Money-Making Flash Sales

AMANDA Genther

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 9am EST

Amanda Genther is a sales page designer and online marketing strategist that helps female entrepreneurs get more leads and sales for their services by harnessing the power of social media and email marketing to create a booked-out business.

Presentation: The Beauty of Beta: Make Sure Your Idea is a Winner Before You Spend Any Time Creating It

lanie Lamarre

Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 10am EST

I treat your Done List like it owes you money... because it does! Fave topics: Airtable, your conversion rates, happy hour

Presentation: How to Visualize (Literally!) and Optimize Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rates

monica Louie

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 10am EST

​Monica Louie is a Facebook and Instagram ads strategist who helps her clients reach their ideal audience with high-converting campaigns.

Presentation: Facebook Ads that Convert: How to Craft Ads that Connect


Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 3pm EST

Keina Newell works with hardworking and passionate single women who need help creating clear financial goals so they can save more, pay off debt, and stress less about money. She is passionate about her work and finds no greater satisfaction than helping her clients start approaching the way they manage their money with joy because they've learned to feel possibility where they once felt shame, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety. When she is not coaching, Keina is spending quality time with friends and family and encouraging herself to go to CrossFit! To learn more about Keina head over to Wealth Over Now and explore her tips to manage your money well.

Presentation: How to Manage Your Finances Intentionally so You Can Move Beyond Feast or Famine

kelly morrison

Presenting: Tuesday, May 19th at 5pm EST

Kelly Morrison, Founder of Create Your Affiliate Program, shows digital product and course creators how to create a profitable affiliate program that helps them make more income and more impact by leveraging the power of affiliates.

Presentation: Create Your Affiliate Program: The 5 Steps to Selling More Digital Products with an Affiliate Program

mariam tsaturyan

Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 9am EST

Mariam Tsaturyan is a licensed and practicing attorney in the United States. After closing her office to become a stay-at-home mom for her little one, she started blogging to keep busy and it soon turned into an actual career. Now Mariam uses her skills and knowledge as an attorney to help other bloggers and online entrepreneurs to become and stay legally compliant, have all the necessary policies and contracts in place, and scale their businesses the legal way. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have used Mariam's services, either by buying legal policies or booking a 1-on-1 session. Either way, Mariam's purpose is to help others thrive in their businesses, all the while knowing that they are legally protected.

Presentation: Legal 101 for Digital Product Sellers

Camille attell

Presenting: Monday, May 18th at 10am EST

After a 20+ year in corporate America as a corporate trainer, I walked away from a good paying job to travel the country full-time in an RV. I started a blog, picked up remote freelance gigs, and eventually build Remote Work School, where I teach mid-life professionals how to find remote work or create a remote business.

Presentation: Launch-It-Lean: How to Make Money and Test Your Digital Course without Spending a Load of Money or Wasting Any Time

caroline vencil

Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 2pm EST

Caroline is a full-time blogger, mom of 4, wife, and pro at multitasking. She built a six-figure blog in less than 3 years while being a full-time mom and wife. Her passion is to teach other women how to make money from their passion through blogging and focusing on the right tasks.

Presentation: No Time? No Problem. How to Master Time Management So You Can Get Your Product Launched

vanessa ryan

Presenting: Wednesday, May 20th at 4pm EST

Vanessa Ryan

Presentation: How to Create a High Converting Opt-in That Makes Sales Automagically

doreen vanderhart

Presenting: Thursday, May 21st at 4pm EST

Hi, I'm Doreen from Knap Creative. I go heart eyes & party emojis for creating big goals, taking intentional actions, and building brand strategies that fit into your life... not the other way around. My superpowers: graphic design & content creation.

Presentation: How to Build a Brand That'll Make Your Piggy Bank Happy



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