Hi, summit speaker - it's time to promote!

Promo begins September 5th, 2022


Here's How the Summit Works For You As a Speaker


Step 1 - We all Promote!! 

All speakers and organizers do their part to promote the summit using their affiliate link during the promotional window of September 5 - September 22nd. This includes sending emails and sharing widely on social media. Promo resources are found on this web page. People sign up for the summit through your link and they may choose to upgrade their ticket to a paid ticket (this is how you earn commission).


Step 2 - The Summit Kicks Off! 

It's go time! We kick off on September 18th at night and the summit runs for 4 days of free content. When it's your day/time to present, click on your presentation URL and engage in the chat box (chat roll is the software). While attendees watch their session, they may decide to opt in to your freebie. This is how your email list grows.


Step 3 - You Get Paid!

Since you promote the summit with your affiliate link, chances are a portion of your referrals upgraded to a paid ticket. About 45 days after the summit is over, we'll pay your owed commissions via PayPal. Additionally, now that your email list has grown, you have a new list of subscribers who you can nurture into buyers through email funnels!

Past Speakers Got Insane Value out of Speaking! This is why we PROMO!

You get out of the summit what you put in. Check out some past results from speakers! These are NOT made up, pinky promise. This is why promoting brings so much value. If no one promotes, no one gets these results. If we all promote, well the possibilities are endless :) 

Liz Wilcox

500 new subscribers!

My subscribers grew by nearly 500! I also made over $500 from my tripwire!

Liz Wilcox

Elizabeth Goddard

250 new subscribers, and $170 from tripwire

Grew my list by over 250 people, with minimal unsbuscribers so far.

I've had a couple of people join courses/programs I've launched since that told me they initially found me through Rebel Boss Summit (so that's worth $100s to me).

And I made $170 from my tripwire.

Overall I was very pleased! 

Elizabeth Goddard 

My email list grew by several hundred!

My email list grew by several hundred. I got quite a bit of new followers from people who reached out saying they really enjoyed my presentation. I earned a little money from commissions which was just a nice bonus. And I made some wonderful new connections who I'll get to collaborate with and have as podcast guests, and one of whom I may be working with as a new client soon. All in all, SO much value from being a speaker here, and hope to get to be a part of the event for the years to come!

Hayley Luckadoo

Sarah Morgan

Commissions were well worth my time!

Commissions were well worth my time - I generally like to earn $500 - $1000 on an event like this. My list grew and I had lots of people DM/comment and say they followed from the summit.

Sarah Morgan  //  XOsarah

I grew my email list by 182 people and made $1100+ from the summit!

I grew my email list by 182 people, I made over $600 in sales from my shop on the day of my summit (I usually only make about $150/day). At least a dozen peopled asked me when my course would launch! Plus, I sold 20 All Access Passes, which earned me an additional $500+ - just by emailing my list twice with template emails that Eden provided me with!

Alysha DeMarsh  //  Designer

My list nearly tripled in size!

Through taking part in the summit I increased my email list by 2.5x and have already had sales coming in as a result of those new subscribers!

Krista Miller  //  Summit In a Box Founder

My list increased by 90 subscribers, which is amazing for me!

I really enjoyed the summit experience and thought it went really well! I received a lot of positive feedback on my presentation from attendees and my email list increased by 90 subscribers (which is AMAZING for me in my little corner of the world). I really appreciate all the information you organized for us and the reminder emails as well. You made the experience easy for me.

Christi Cooper  //  Designer

I got 137 new subscribers from the summit and they're STILL on my list!

Not only do I have 137 new subscribers (perfect timing for my course launch), but I also generated $522 from product sales during the summit and that's not including the money I made through affiliate sales promoting the summit (an additional $244)! I generated nearly $800 as a result of the Rebel Boss Summit!

Kate Doster  //  Email Marketer

My list grew by 200+ people - earned over $700 from promo!

My list grew by at least 200 people if not more, I earned awesome affiliate commissions, I developed relationships with speakers that have led to other collaborations, and it was overall an amazing experience.

Shannon Mattern  //  WP BFF

200 new subscribers!!

The increase in my list was sizable (200!), and it speaks to my preaching of quality over quantity, because the people who've joined have been great to have here so far!

Sara Frandina //  Copywriter

Here are some things you can do each week

Before summit begins > add a banner to your website embedded with your affiliate link and add the summit link to your instagram bio. 


Week 1 Promo (September 5, 2022 - September 9, 2022)

Week 2 Promo (September 12, 2022 - September 16, 2022)

Week 3 Promo (Week of Summit - starting September 19, 2022)

It's time to NETWORK!

One of the best parts about speaking at the Rebel Boss Summit is the connection that you can develop with other speakers. If you're interested in collaborating with others, fill out the networking form below. You'll be able to see other people's responses filter directly onto this page. We can't wait to see all the friendships that come from this event!

Your future friends are right here.... :)

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We are here for you every step of the way. 

Reach out at hello [at] rebelbosses [dot] com 

Alana Christopher is your point person for the summit!

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