Thanks for promoting the rebel boss summit!

Promo begins November 13th!

The summit kicks off on December 2nd, 2023 and you can earn 30% off of every sale!

Here's How the Summit Works For You As an Affiliate


Step 1 - We all Promote!! 

All speakers, affiliates and organizers do their part to promote the summit using their affiliate link during the promotional window of November 13 - December 2nd, 2023 This includes sending emails and sharing widely on social media. Promo resources are found on this web page. People sign up for the summit through your link and they may choose to upgrade their ticket to a paid ticket (this is how you earn commission).


Step 2 - The Summit Kicks Off! 

It's go time! We kick off on Dec 1 at night and the summit runs for 4 days of free content. We release a day's worth of presentations over the course of those four days. While attendees watch their session, they may decide to opt in to your freebie. This is how your email list grows.


Step 3 - You Get Paid!

Since you promote the summit with your affiliate link, chances are a portion of your referrals upgraded to a paid ticket. About 45 days after the summit is over, we'll pay your owed commissions via PayPal. Additionally, now that your email list has grown, you have a new list of subscribers who you can nurture into buyers through email funnels!

Your Affiliate Link Details

When you look at the affiliate program in Thrivecart, you'll four different Rebel Boss Summit products. It doesn't matter which link you use. If you use one link and someone buys one of the other products, you will still be rewarded for the sale! 

Just make sure you use the affiliate link that directs people to the free summit registration page :) Then simply paste your affiliate link into all of our promotional swipe copy or any copy that you generate on your own!

Make sure not to change the look of the affiliate link - modifications may affect tracking and we want to make sure you get credit where credit is due.

Have Questions? I have answers!

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How much does an All Access Pass cost?

How much do I have to promote?

When is the promo period for the summit?

When will I get paid?

Can I earn a commission off of my own sale?


We are here for you every step of the way. 

Reach out at hello [at] rebelbosses [dot] com 

Alana Christopher is your point person for the summit!

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