Schedule of Events


SUNDAY, September 18th at 8pm EDT
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How to Launch Your Product Fast (90 Days) & Earn Big Even with a small audience
FRIDAY September 23rd, 11am EDT

DAY 1 SCHEDULE (September 19th, 2022)

How to turn Your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer - Eden Fried
Monday, September 19th at 9:00am EST
4 Keys to Skyrocket Your Course Sales with a Virtual Summit - Krista Miller
Monday, September 19th At 10:00am EST
How Customer Interviews Can Help You Create An Irresistible Product That Converts—Without Guessing! - Melissa Harstine
Monday, September 19th At 11:00am EST
pANEL 1: launching BIG with a small product
Monday, September 19th At 11:30am EST
Simplify to Multiply: How To Easily Create Multiple Streams of Income From One Digital Product - Camille Attell
Monday, September 19th At 1:00pm EST
How to Productize Your Service for Scaling - Yael Bendahan
Monday, September 19th At 1:30pm EST
Tell Your Story - Dhomonique Murphy
Monday, September 19th At 2:00pm EST
Discover the Digital Products that Customers Actually WANT to Buy - Mim Jenkinson
Monday, September 19th At 3:00pm EST
Sales Funnel to Generate Leads & Clients on Auto-Pilot - Salma Sheriff
Monday, September 19th At 3:30pm EST

DAY 2 SCHEDULE (September 20th, 2022)

5 Graphic Ideas Hidden In Your Sales Page For Your Product Launch Content Plans - Nihaad Gamieldien
Tuesday, September 20th at 9:00am EST
Copywriting Mistakes That Lower Conversions on Sales Pages and What to Do Instead - Jackie Sunga
Tuesday, September 20th At 9:30am EST
Harnessing the Power of User Experience for Better Converting Sales Pages and More Compelling Content - Michelle Pontvert
Tuesday, September 20th At 10:00am EST
"No 3rd Party Required" — Build Your Own Sales Page On Your WordPress Website - Christi Cooper
Tuesday, September 20th At 10:30am EST
3 Best Tips for Digital Product Marketing without To-Do List Overwhelm - Cara Chace
Tuesday, September 20th At 11:00am EST
Storefronts and Sales Funnels for Digital Products - Monica Froese
Tuesday, September 20th At 1:00pm EST
9 Simple Steps to go from No Idea to Finished Product, Published, Packaged and Ready to Sell - Chellaine Shockness Haye
Tuesday, September 20th At 1:30pm EST
How to Test Your Digital Product Idea and Why You Need To! - Jillian Leslie
Tuesday, September 20th At 2:00pm EST
List Building... A Dozen Plus Ideas That Don't Involve Paid Ads - Liz Wilcox
Tuesday, September 20th At 3:00pm EST

DAY 3 SCHEDULE (September 21st, 2022)

4X Your Course Sales with a Relationship-Focused Waitlist Strategy - Prerna Malik
Wednesday, September 21st at 9:00am EST
Evergreen Launch Explained: Step-by-Step Plan to Autopilot Your Program - Roberta West
Wednesday, September 21st At 9:30am EST
Your Money Making Masterclass Blueprint: Your Recipe for Success with a Paid Live Workshop - Seema K Bharwani
Wednesday, September 21st At 10:00am EST
JUST Social Media Marketing - Meg Brunson
Wednesday, September 21st At 11:00am EST
PANEL 2: What To Do When It's All Over: Post Launch Habits & Strategies to Maximize Results
Wednesday, September 21st At 11:30am EST
How to Sell Your Digital Products in the DMs on Instagram - Victoria Boyd
Wednesday, September 21st At 1:00pm EST
How to Use Video Messenger Marketing in Your Launch - Shelly Criswell
Wednesday, September 21st At 1:30pm EST
Using the Power of TikTok and Short-Form Videos to Launch and Sell Your Digital Product! - Sarah Weiss
Wednesday, September 21st At 2:00pm EST
How to Flip Digital Product Websites for Profit! - Chelsea Clarke
Wednesday, September 21st At 2:30pm EST
Instagram & Sales: Shifting the Mindset from Presence to Dominance - Toni Semanskee, M.S.
Wednesday, September 21st At 3:00pm EST

DAY 4 SCHEDULE (September 22nd, 2022)

Optimise Your Launches: How to Squeeze More Money From Your Funnels - Nicola Moors
Thursday, September 22nd at 9:00am eST
Build Your Brand From the CORE - peachi Williams
Thursday, September 22nd At 9:30am EST
7 Digital Products to Create and Sell on Kajabi - Kelly Benton
Thursday, September 22nd At 10:00am EST
How to Make Sales Even if You Get Tab-Parked: 3 Checkout Page Must-Haves - Dama Jue
Thursday, September 22nd At 10:30am EST
Sell Your Digital Product Or Course Using Weekly Live Videos - Alex Carmeli
Thursday, September 22nd At 11:00am EST
How To Map Out Your Digital Product & Bring It To Life Using Trello - Lucy Reyes
Thursday, September 22nd At 1:00pm EST
Favorite Tech Tools for Rebel Bosses Launching Products - Eden Fried
Thursday, September 22nd At 1:30pm EST
Creating a Digital Product: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Doreen Vanderhart
Thursday, September 22nd At 2:00pm EST
How to Land Speaking Engagements that Massively Grow Your Business (even if it isn't on stages!)- Hayley Luckadoo
Thursday, September 22nd At 2:30pm EST