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Saturday DECEMBER 2, 2023

Day 1

Build a Waiting List of Eager Buyers Using Live Video

Alex Carmeli

Live video is one of the best ways to build a waiting list or pre-sell your digital products + courses right now. This training will walk you through the hottest 4 video scripts Alex and her students use every launch (no guesswork!). Plus, we'll dive into how to get started with live video if you're a newbie .

How to Turn Your Leads into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

Eden Fried

Tripwire offers can be a great way to give you and your business a quick win. You can set up a tripwire fast, they're not hard to make, and it's a great way to immediately start making money from your digital product! In this presentation you'll learn all about what tripwires are, how you can use them to turn your leads into customers as fast as possible, and why you may not get rich from a tripwire, but they're definitely a great start to build that know, like and trust factor so your new customers will be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Stressed and Overwhelmed? Here's How to Sell Your First Digital Product

Deidre Johnson

Learn how to create and sell your first digital product and how you can do it without being stressed out and overwhelmed! You can create a digital product by repurposing content and using the content you have already created. It can be super easy and help you to not only make an income, but also grow your authority.

Believe to Achieve: Crafting a Profitable Digital Business by Using the Sell Yourself First Method

Faith Mariah

Dive into the transformative "Sell Yourself First Method" and discover how building belief in yourself and your products amplifies the success of your digital business. This essential session for aspiring digital product creators unveils the power of self-belief, enabling the development of sales systems uniquely tailored to individual strengths. Join us to unlock your potential and set the stage for making 2024 your most lucrative year yet!

Reach Your Biggest Course Launch Yet with a Feel-Good Virtual Summit

Krista Miller

Summits can be such a powerful launch strategy to sell your digital products and online courses. Summits aren't just one-off events that bring in income one time, they can be so much more powerful than that! In this presentation, Krista's going to cover who should launch through a virtual summit, how a summit compares to other popular strategies so you'll know if a summit is right for you, and 3 keys to reaching your biggest launch yet. You'll also get to see about a ton of examples to learn how truly transformative summits can be for your business!

Why Email? Why Now? 3 Reasons You Should be Emailing Now More Than Ever

Liz Wilcox

Email has never been more relevant for small business owners in this fast paced, every-exhausting world. Find out why...and how you can do it simply to start selling quickly so you can get back to what matters the most.

Legally Protecting Your Digital Products

Michelle Wilson Murphy

It is so important to legally protect your business and your digital products. In this presentation, you'll get a quick overview of the what, why and how of legal protections, including intellectual property basics, copyright protection, licensing, and protecting against unauthorized use. Now's the time - don't wait until it's too late to protect your business and digital products!

Scale Your Sales With a Signature Digital Product

Sarah Jansel

Want to scale your sales without having to create multiple products? Want to know how you can earn many from one single source? Are you using Shopify or Kajabi? If you said yes - this is for you! Scaling starts with a high value signature product that sets the foundation for your customer. Having a signature product doesn’t mean you won’t have multiple products to offer. What it really means is building a solid foundation you can lead with that’s so clear to your ideal customer, they can’t wait for you to offer them more! A solid foundation means you can continue to franchise your customer and move them through the various offerings you have. I always say "a confused eye doesn't buy", so make selling simple for your clients!

The Simple Waitlist Strategy for an Epic Beta Launch

Sarah Masci

I will be sharing a simple waitlist strategy for an epic beta launch. We will discuss how to create a waitlist for your products, how to convert that list into buyers and how to use momentum and social proof to create multiple six-figures in sales.

Sunday DECEMBER 3, 2023

Day 2

POWER Up Your Pre-Launch

Ash Chow

Most course creators tend to focus the majority of their time and energy on the open-cart period. But while the launch is when the money is made ― the PRE-Launch ensures your audience is READY to spend that money in the first place.

You'll discover:
- Why your pre-launch runway is so important and why you shouldn't neglect it
- How to create an effective pre-launch strategy in 3 steps
- The 5 key elements your pre-launch content must achieve to create a profitable launch

Boosting Digital Product Sales Through Podcasts

Christina Bizzell

In this presentation, digital product creators will learn why they should prioritize being on podcasts to sell more products, along with how they can go about getting their first podcast interview. They will walk away with a better understanding of how podcast guesting can fit into their sales funnel and actionable steps for becoming a podcast guest. This presentation is a must listen for digital product creators because podcast guesting provides a sustainable, evergreen, and even somewhat passive method for promoting their products.

The Ultimate Power Couple: Thrivecart + Digital Products

Dama Jue

If you want to create passive income with digital products, you know you'll need some solid tech to get it done – but is Thrivecart the best investment for you? What can it do for you, and how will it continue to serve your business for years to come?

➡️ 3 ways Thrivecart helps me make more from every sale while ethically serving my community
➡️ A behind the scenes tour of a live, working funnel with a breakdown of what’s automated and how
➡️ The easiest way to get started creating + selling their digital products (and little to no monthly costs!)

Sell On Your Instagram Stories!

Kristina Bartold

In this session, we will cover how to leverage the Instagram platform to sell more digital products. A post in the feed is not enough, and so we will give the tips and tricks that have helped us sell our digital products with ease! You will leave with tangible tips and tricks to jump on Instagram and get selling.

Maximizing Digital Sales - A Guide to Buidling Your Pinterest Sales Funnel

Meagan Williamson

Once you have created your digital products, you have to tap into finding and engaging your audience - this workshop will focus on how to grow an audience of buyers using more passive, search marketing and social media. From TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest, discovery is the future of your marketing.

The Smooth Launch Blueprint: How to Save Time, Launch Confidently & Make Bank!

Melody DiCroce

Ready to launch smarter, not harder? Learn some of my time-saving strategies specifically designed for launching digital products. I'll show you how to optimize your workflow, automate essential steps, and avoid common time traps that can derail your launch. Time is your most valuable resource; learning how to manage it effectively can be the difference between a stress-filled launch and a streamlined, successful one.

How to Plan Your Flash Sale (and Do It In a Way That Keeps People Excited About Buying From You)

Samantha Burmeister

In this presentation, you're going to learn all about how to plan a flash sale for your digital products! We're going to cover:

1. Should you run a flash sale? - they're not for everyone and can kind of be like a mini launch! 

2. Some real world examples you can learn from

3. Exactly what emails you need to be successful!

Learn from Sam's expertise as a copywriter to learn exactly what kind of language and messaging you need to be sending out to make your flash sales keep people excited about buying from you.

TikTok for Online Business Owners

Sarah Weiss

TikTok is an insanely good "top of funnel" strategy to get awareness and visibility in 2024. In the last few years, TikTok surpassed Google as the top search engine and it's continuing to index videos on the platform! If you're looking to grow your audience, get more sales, and build a lasting community...TikTok is your homebase! I can't wait to spill all the tea and give you all of the actionable tips to grow and sustain your TikTok platform!

Monday DECEMBER 4, 2023

Day 3

Live event

11:00am EST

Recording only available for Product Power Pack buyers

panel #1

Ask Us Anything about launching

Come ready with loads of questions - our panelists will answer as much as they can within 60 minutes. Any question related to launching and digital product is fair game and we're ready to share all!

Monday, December 4th at 11:00am EST

9 Ways to Leverage Digital Products in Your Service-Based Business for More Profitability and Time Freedom

Amanda Olson

Digital products are the key to scaling your business and allowing you greater profitability and time freedom. I'll be sharing 9 different ways you can integrate digital products into your service-based business or 1:1 client work. Not only will you be able to provide more value to existing and potential customers and clients, but you'll create more space in your business and life to pursue the things you really want.

The Three Simple Strategies to Sales Recovery Magic

Angela Tan

In this presentation, Angela uncovers the exact strategy to implement for understanding audience behavior, how to leverage automation to boost conversion rates, and her unique retargeting techniques that won't make you seem pushy. This session is a must-watch for digital product creators looking to master the art of sales recovery with minimal customer resistance. Say goodbye to gut feelings and hello to simple data-driven insights to pinpoint why potential customers haven't made a purchase so you can reclaim lost sales effectively.

How To Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage, Tapping Into Pinterest SEO For Free Organic Traffic

Chelsea Clarke

When you know how to use Pinterest like a savvy marketer, you’ll unlock an all-new base of customers. And, you’ll be diversifying your traffic to make your business stronger against any pesky search engine algorithm updates. This will also increase the value of your business, so if your goal is to sell it one day, it will be worth more. In this session, Chelsea Clarke will share an over-the-shoulder demonstration showing how you can utilize Pinterest SEO as a free marketing and traffic tool to grow your digital products business. Covering pinning strategy, keyword discovery, whats working now vs not anymore, and more!

The Anticipation Sales Method

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood

Let's be real, nobody wants to build an entire product or course just to hear crickets on launch day, and with this training you no longer have to. Introducing the Anticipation Sales Method - A simple "no launch" strategy that gets your social community excited to buy & validates your offer before you build it! ( and yes, it works for both low & high ticket offers). The Anticipation Sales Method gives you a simple, low tech launch plan that you can use to drive excitement & purchases of any brand new or recently updated digital product using JUST social media (even if your audience is small).

How to Increase Your Product Sales by Working with Affiliate Partners

Kelly Morrison

In this presentation, Kelly will be sharing:
- Why working with affiliate partners is a fast and inexpensive way to grow your product sales
- How to decide who your affiliate partners should be {so you know who to pitch}
- The most important part of setting up your profitable affiliate program!

The 5 Pillars to a Wildly Profitable Etsy Shop

Lauren Keating

Learn the 5 foundations for a wildly profitable Etsy shop & find out exactly how to get your products seen, converting & selling on auto pilot! Etsy is a marketplace that brings in over 96 million buyers every year - and if you get these 5 foundations right, the passive income you can make from your digital products can be astounding. Whilst selling your product on socials can be a constant hamster wheel of content creation, if you get your shop and listings set up right by following these steps - you'll never have to touch them again; they'll continue to bring in sales passively whilst you sleep!

Maximizing Sales With Social Proof: How to Speak to Your Ideal Clients With Their Own Words

Melissa Esmeralda

I'll be talking about the importance of social proof not just for credibility but also to leverage your uniqueness and help you stand out. With so many courses and digital products out there that do similar things, it's SO important to pinpoint exactly what makes you different, whether that's in your process, the client experience, a unique angle, etc. By using your client's own words in your copy you can get hyper-specific on not only your ideal client's pain points but what people love about your offer(s).

Million Dollar Partnerships for Digital Creators

Richelle Shaw

After 22 years of business I have found the easiest way to sell more digital products is to create partnerships with both online and offline. Most confuse partnerships with only one way - jointly creating a product, but we have found some fun ways that protect your IP and make growing spontaneous.

Tuesday DECEMBER 5, 2023

Day 4

Live event

11am EST



If you're busy and stressed and not sure how you're going to fit it all in, join us as we discuss lean strategies for your marketing efforts. We'll talk about the things you can ditch and leave behind in 2023 and the things you can't. 

Tuesday, December 5th at 11:00am EST

Abundance Money Mindset: WealthWounds, Antidotes and Action

Alison Reeves

Do you feel like there's never enough, even after a "good" month in your business? You might be blocking yourself from easier paths to growth. By dismantling "wealthwounds" and identifying antidotes, you open yourself up to being able to start manifesting in your business, rather than trying to force uphill success.

More Leads, More Sales and More $$$ In Your Pocket

Angela Henderson

Key Takeaways from this session include:
✔️ The ONE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to make more sales & $$$ in your business.
✔️ Why businesses struggle to bring in sales and make more $$$ and what to do RIGHT NOW to overcome what's holding you back, so you can confidently own your worth, reach your potential and claim the success that's yours to take.
✔️ The difference between being busy and being productive and how to focus your energy and time on what will get you results so you can work smarter, not harder and finally see all the blood, sweat and tears you're pouring into your biz translate into money in your pocket.
✔️ The 3S framework I use (and teach) to help business owners create profit and how to apply it to your business so you can lay the foundations for long-term financial success AND continue to make profits without burning out.
✔️ 4 small words that will radically change your mindset, you're marketing and your business and have you confidently bringing in the leads and cash you need to support the short and long term success of your biz. (***HINT - you're going to be mind blown***)."

Sustainable Success: The Fresh, Recycled Launch Method

Chelsea Wallace

Most digital product creators, especially course creators, create tons of work and stress by reinventing the wheel every time they launch. Or they just reuse everything they created before and don't realize how much money they're leaving on the table.

So how do you know what to keep and what to optimize for your highest-converting and most feel-good, stress-free, anti-hustle launch? Chelsea is pulling back the curtain on the strategy that will help you build each launch on the success of the last, make more sales, and do it all with less stress than ever.

Adding 1000's to Your List & Bottom Line Hosting Bundles

Kate Doster

Let's face it, when you're brand New gaining traction on any social media platform and getting trafficked your blog is nearly impossible because you are the only one talking about it. And algorithms are actively working against you to keep people on their platform and not go to your website.

By hosting bundles, you're actually going to be turning up with other creators who want to promote you to their email list you are going to get in front of hundreds if not thousands of brand new people who you can help. This presentation we are going to go over exactly what a bundle is, should you do a free one or paid one and the six key factors to a successful bundle - one that either ends in earn 5 figures or gaining thousands on your email list. 

Optimize Your Sales Funnel: From Symptoms to Solutions

Krista Frahm

I'll be showing you how to "assess and treat" your sales funnel. Holes in your funnel mean lost leads and revenue. I know when you're elbows deep in your business it can be challenging to take an objective look at your funnel and find what's not working. Learn what to look for and how to fix your sales funnel.

Sell Your Digital Products at Virtual Events and Kiss Boring Launches Goodbye!!

Nicole Batey

Are you tired of the same old boring launches for your digital products? Well, fret no more because I've got an exciting session just for you! Get ready to have some serious fun while learning how to skyrocket your digital product sales through virtual events. Plus some crazy good insider tips on creating irresistible offers that will leave customers begging for more. We're going to spice things up and bring some excitement back into your game!

Master Your Content Organization Using Airtable

Rebekah Lara

Are you tired of spending hours at your computer trying to locate what you need to actually get work done? In this presentation, you will learn how to go from scattered to organized using done-for-you Airtable templates to learn how to organize, batch, and repurpose your content & products to help you save time so you can make more sales!

High Ticket eBook Sales

Shalah Turner

For my presentation, I will discuss how to make larger sales with ebooks so that digital creators can look beyond the traditional ways to monetize ebooks. We will discuss how to choose the topic and what leveraging ebooks can look like in terms of organizational pitches.

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I'm your host, Eden!

Eden Fried is the "digital product lady!" After bailing on her plan to attend law school back in 2016 (despite paying her seat deposit, securing an apartment, dropping thousands on textbooks), Eden decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship instead. Since then, Eden mastered the art of making a full time income by selling digital products (things like ebooks, courses, workshops, etc) and she spends her time teaching women how they can do it, too.