Schedule of Events


SUNDAY, May 17th at 7pm EST
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DAY 1 SCHEDULE (May 18th, 2020)

How to turn Your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer - Eden Fried
Monday, May 18th at 9am EST
Launch It Lean -How to make money and test your digital course without spending a load of money or wasting any time - camille attell
Monday, May 18th at 10am EST
How to create an online course that people actually finish - emily Walker
Monday, May 18th at 11am EST
i'm building my audience! Now what? how to turn your followers into customers? - Liz Wilcox
Monday, May 18th at 1pm EST
PsycheSpeak: Know Exactly what to make by understanding what your buyers actually want - ashley burnside
Monday, May 18th at 2pm EST
How to (easily!) add a digital product line to your etsy shop - morgan nield
Monday, May 18th at 3pm EST
How to show up and sell on instagram stories - sarah Morgan
Monday, May 18th at 4pm EST
How to Use Canva to Create Digital Product Promotion Graphics - Kara Fidd
Monday, May 18th at 5pm EST

DAY 2 SCHEDULE (May 19th, 2020)

Maximizing your video strategy: How to create a month's worth of content in 8 hours - Trena Little
Tuesday, May 19th at 9am EST
how to create strategic content to market your digital product - abby herman
Tuesday, May 19th at 10am EST
write a launch email sequence that sells - elli runkles
Tuesday, May 19th at 11am EST
increase your product sales: making more money from the products you create - tracie fobes
Tuesday, May 19th at 1pm EST
don't write your sales page without these 5 sections - krista dickson
Tuesday, May 19th at 2pm EST
Swipe my 5 no-tech social media micro-funnels - kyla Roma
Tuesday, May 19th at 3pm EST
Create Your Affiliate Program: The 5 Steps to Selling More Digital Products with an Affiliate Program - Kelly Morrison
Tuesday, May 19th at 4pm EST

DAY 3 SCHEDULE (May 20th, 2020)

The beauty of beta - how to test an offer before you create it - amanda genther
Wednesday, May 20th at 9am EST
facebook ads that convert: how to craft ads that Connect - Monica louie
Wednesday, May 20th At 10am EST
why your failed attempt is your biggest motivator (even as a digital creator) - hayley Luckadoo
Wednesday, May 20th At 11am EST
the social media sales funnel for products or services - Andrea jones
Wednesday, May 20th At 1pm EST
How to Run a Streamlined Business Without a Team - jordan gill
Wednesday, May 20th At 2pm EST
using an online summit to sell your digital products - krista miller
Wednesday, May 20th At 3pm EST
Create an Opt-in That Makes Selling Magical - vanessa Ryan
Wednesday, May 20th At 4pm EST
How to Use Freelancing as a Foundation for Digital Product Success - Mandie Kelleher
Wednesday, May 20th At 5pm EST

DAY 4 SCHEDULE (May 21st, 2020)

legal 101 for digital product sellers - mariam tsaturyan
Thursday, May 21st at 9am EST
How to visualize (literally) and optimize your sales funnel conversion rates - Lanie Lamarre
Thursday, May 21st At 10am EST
Money-Making Flash Sales - elizabeth goddard
Thursday, May 21st At 11am EST
How to Create Pins that Get Clicks on Pinterest - carly campbell
Thursday, May 21st At 1pm EST
No time? No problem. How to master time management so you can get your product launched - caroline vencil
Thursday, May 21st At 2pm EST
How to manage your finances intentionally so you can move beyond feast and famine - keina newell
Thursday, May 21st At 3pm EST
how to build a brand that'll Make your Piggy bank happy - doreen vanderhart
Thursday, May 21st At 4pm EST



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