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March 6, 2023

Day 1

Live event

10:30am EST

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders

panel #1

The Rebels guide to launching differently

You don't need to follow all the "rules" to get great results. This session will cover how rule breakers and rebels can launch and make great money. Learn from these panelists to hear about their unique launch experiences. 

Monday, March 6 at 10:30am EDT

5 Live Videos to Sell Out Your Digital Products & Courses in 2023

Alex Carmeli

Watch this presentation to learn about 5 incredible different kinds of live videos that you can use and create every single month to sell out your digital products and courses! It doesn't matter if you have 0 video experience or heaps of video experience and you're trying to optimize your strategy - this presentation will help you get started wherever you are and no matter what social media platform you're using.

How to Turn Your Leads into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

Eden Fried

Tripwire offers can be a great way to give you and your business a quick win. You can set up a tripwire fast, they're not hard to make, and it's a great way to immediately start making money from your digital product! In this presentation you'll learn all about what tripwires are, how you can use them to turn your leads into customers as fast as possible, and why you may not get rich from a tripwire, but they're definitely a great start to build that know, like and trust factor so your new customers will be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Not Sure What to Sell? Here's How to Find Your Next Digital Product

Deidre Johnson

Ready to sell your first digital product? This presentation will give you the three things you need to do to create and sell your first digital product. From how to figure out what to sell to how to create it, this presentation will help break down the most important steps to help you make money as a digital product creator.

Course Template Collabs for Passive $$s

Elizabeth Goddard

I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes of the super simple and super passive collaboration between myself and a copywriter that has made us over $15,700 *each* in the past 3 years. If you sell courses or trainings and have service provider friends, this presentation will leave you swirling with ideas!

Building a low-cost membership that actually makes you money

Liz Wilcox

Ever wonder, when you see a low-cost membership, if it's actually making the creator money? Join Liz as she dives deep into her 9/month membership...how much $$ it's made in the last two years, what it costs to run it, and if she gets to keep any of it. Seriously. She's sharing every number imaginable so you can decide if this would be the right path for you.

Fill Your Funnel with Leads & Launch Your Course Through a High-Converting Summit

Krista Miller

Yes - it is possible to use a Virtual Summit to generate leads and launch your course with even more success! This presentation is for you if you have an incredible course and want more leads and sales, or if you're interested in learning more about the power of virtual summits. We're going to be covering the 4 keys to filling your funnel with leads & launching with a summit and how to have your summit attendees begging you to "just open the cart already!"

Enhance The Emotional Appeal of Your Digital Products: 3 Tactics You'll LOVE

Sidneyeve Matrix

This presentation will cover how to add an emotional design layer to your digital products to make them more captivating AND useable. Includes tips and examples for (1) creating enchanting and informative mockup graphics, (2) crafting joyful and memorable product descriptions that connect to buyer aspirations, and (3) delivering user-friendly products with a signature style that supports buyer enjoyment and brand devotion.

Tuesday, march 7, 2023

Day 2

Live event

2pm EDT

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders or implementation Ticket holders

implementation session

Tech & Automation hour with angela tan

Join this Zoom session with expert tech & automation specialist, Angela Tan. If you're wondering what tech tools to use, how to integrate your technology together, how to automate and create sales funnels, this is a great session for you to attend. Angela will be at the ready to answer your questions and give you feedback!

Tuesday March 7 at 2pm EDT

Live event

7pm EDT

available for all summit attendees - free & paid ticket holders

panel session

ask us anything (about launching!)

Join Liz Wilcox, Krista Miller, Alex Carmeli and Eden Fried and ask any questions you have related to launching. Between each of these women, lots of digital products have been launched with a variety of different strategies. We've gone through highs and lows and lots of in between and we are an open book! Come ready to ask questions!

Tuesday March 7 at 7pm EDT

$10K in 60 Days With Your Online Course: The Roadmap to Cash

Ashly Locklin

Creating your online course doesn't have to take months. You can launch your MVC (minimal viable course) and enroll students before you even create it! I'll be teaching exactly how to launch your course quickly and with confidence!

How to sell your digital product on evergreen

Mariah Coz

Watch this presentation to learn about the absolute simplest funnel you can set up, in just one day, to sell your digital products on evergreen! Build a minimum viable type of funnel so you can start making sales as quickly as humanly possible while you're building out your more advanced sales strategies, like email sequences and webinars. All you need is your existing sales page!

5 Ways to Achieve High Open Rates from Your Email List Subscribers

Royah Loie

It's not enough for you to have an email list of subscribers in today's online world. One of the main purposes of having one is so that people can learn about the incredible things you have to share. But it doesn't help if no one opens them. In this training I let you know about 5 ways you can achieve high open rates from your subscribers, so you can share your brilliant offers with the people who need them most.

How to Be a "Copy Rebel" for Better (Longer Lasting) Conversions

Jess Jordana Paxson

"If you feel like what your business REALLY needs is more sales (who doesn't, right?), it might surprise you to find out that crafting a message nobody's ever heard before is NOT the way to reach that goal.
It's easy to think that you need to stand out in order to capture attention and get people to buy, but what you ACTUALLY need is to:
- Get ""consistent"" with the right message instead of just showing up
- Approach writing copy in a way that's kind to your brain
- Do this ONE THING you've heard before with a different purpose in mind"

Storefronts and Sales Funnels for Digital Products

Monica Froese

The Monica Froese Team are experts in both sales funnels and storefronts. In 2022, they discovered powerful ways to use them in tandem - to the tune of $25,000+ in 45 days exclusively on Shopify. You'll learn marketing strategies that are working right now, including discount strategies, and flash sales. Plus, the team's new and improved pricing strategy that's completely changed the trajectory of their storefront.

3 Essential Things You Need to Legally Protect Your Online Business

Sam Vander Wielen

Sam is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and today she's going to share with you 3 essential things you need to set the legally legit foundation to protect yourself, your business money, your sanity and even your future. You'll learn about registering your business as the right business entity to protect your personal assets, establishing proper contracts & policies, and knowing your business scope of practice (what you legally can and can't do). There's a lot to share, so get ready to take some notes and dive right in!

Why You Should Add Low Priced Payment Plans to Your Products

Liz Stapleton

Adding low-priced payment plans to your products can be a great way to increase sales and get more people interested in what you're selling. In this video, we'll talk about the benefits of low-priced payment plans, how they can help you sell more products, and pitfalls to watch out for.

How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome In Order To Reach Your Goals

Rhonda Ross

Research shows that 70% of the population struggles with Imposter Syndrome, and even higher numbers of entrepreneurs and digital product creators fail to reach their goals because of it.

Imposter Syndrome is when, despite all we do, we never feel smart enough or good enough. It causes us to undervalue our accomplishments, doubt our skills, and underprice our products and services all while spinning us in an exhaustive cycle of over working, procrastination, and abandoning our goals and dreams. In this presentation I will be outlining what Imposter Syndrome is, how to identify it, and how to use some quick and easy tools to break free of it so that we can recognize and own our personal power to achieve our goals.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Day 3

Live event

10:30am EST

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders and implementation ticket holders

panel #2

networking & collaborating, and how it can maximize your launch potential

You can go far alone, but you can go a whole lot further when you have a tribe of people to lean on. This panel session will discuss the many different collaboration and networking opportunities out there for you to explore, and how they can help you elevate your next launch results.

Wednesday, March 8 at 10:30am EDT

Live event

12pm EST

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders and implementation ticket holders

implementation session

Sales page design with christi cooper

Need input on your digital product sales page? Be sure to mark your calendar for our design our with expert designer, Christi Cooper! Christi can help give you design tips and feedback to make your sales page stand out to your buyers!

Wednesday, March 8 at 12:00pm EDT

Connecting With Your Social Media Audience No Matter How Big Or Small It Is

Ashley DiMercurio

I'll cover how growing your online presence builds your know, like, and trust factor and why this is vital to the growth of your business. This can be done in a variety of ways, not just on social media and it's vital to the growth of your business.

How To Sell Your Digital Products On Autopilot With Instagram & Facebook Ads

Lattice Hudson

In my presentation, learn what types of digital products work best for ads, and how to create ads that convert into sales. We're going to dive in to ad core objectives, key Call to Actions & the simple setup of a winning ad campaign.

The Proven Formula to Build Your Own Epic Facebook Group to Sell Your Digital Products Consistently

Stephanie McLarty

Facebook groups are a very effective way to attract, engage and prime an audience to buy, even in 2023. In this training, we cover how to set up a Facebook group to attract the right audience and ways to get your first 1k members. We dive into a content formula that gets members talking and finish with specific sales strategies to sell your digital products in your community.

How to Create Content that Converts to Sales

BreAnna Jones

You can create the best digital product in the world, but if no one knows it exists, then you have wasted your time. Organic social media marketing is the most effective way to get the word out about your product. In my presentation, I will cover the 4 ingredients to a successful social media video and strategies that will help you develop an authentic and unique online persona that people will be drawn to.

Love At First Search: Get Consistent New Leads From Google With SEO

Meg Casebolt

Tired of posting constantly to feed the ever-changing social media algorithms? What if you could find a way to market your business that not only gets easier over time, but helps bring clients right to your doorstep?

That's what we do with SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization, aka getting traffic to your website from Google).
If you want consistent new, qualified leads discovering you and leaping happily into your sales funnel, come learn how to use Google as a matchmaker for your business.

Promoting Your Digital Products Without Social Media

Tara Reid

It is possible to create a thriving digital product empire without using social media. If you feel like social media is overwhelming and wasting your time, it might be time to switch up your content & marketing strategy. You'll learn to stop relying on social media and tap into other ways to market your business and sell your digital products.

How to sell more products + build an email list brimming with dream customers using quizzes

Chanti Zak

Quizzes work SO dang well for list building! In this training, we're going to cover how you can get clear on your quiz strategy and attract more of your dream clients, how you can start with the end in mind when building your quiz, what Voice of Customer is and why it really matters, crafting intentional and intelligent questions and results, and a few common quiz traps that you should avoid. By the end of this training, you'll be ready to create your own quiz to build your list and find your dream customers!

TikTok for Business? Absolutely!

Samantha Vlasceanu

Samantha, The TikTok Coach, will be discussing why TikTok has the best ROI for business in 2023 and how you can use it for your Business to reach your ideal audience. No dancing required!

Thursday, march 9, 2023

Day 4

Live event

2pm EST

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders and implementation ticket holders

implementation session

Copy Hour with Jackie Sunga

Join this Zoom session with expert copywriter, Jackie Sunga, to review your sales and launch copy. Bring your sales page or email copy, or anything you've been looking for extra help with! This is a WORKING session and you will be able to interact directly with Jackie! Don't miss out on this opportunity for direct support from an expert!

Thursday March 9 at 2pm EDT

Legal Protections + Digital Products

Chandler J. Esq

This presentation will cover the main legal protections digital product sellers need to be on the look out for. Learn the must have contracts, disclaimers, and IP considerations when putting your creations out in the world. These protections will safeguard you + your business from financial headaches.

Getting Started With Publishing Your Own Books On Amazon

Julie Hall

Publishing low content books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform can be a great way to make passive income and share your creativity with the world. Low content books include journals, planners, and coloring books and more as opposed to writing a book. In this session I will share with you how Amazon KDP works and how you can started creating your own low content books for your business.

10 Simple Ways to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Business Brand

Nihaad Gamieldien

During this presentation I will dig into the difference between a 'rebrand' and a 'brand refresh' so you can understand which one your business needs right now. I'll share 10 really simple ways for you to infuse your own personality into your visuals when your business seems to be getting lost in the very loud online world. At the end of this presentation, you'll know exactly how to use your visuals to show up as your authentic self without compromising the integrity of your brand so you can continue attracting your dream audience.

Loving Your Numbers

Jen Fischer

Loving Your Numbers: An upbeat & fear-free lesson on the foundations of bookkeeping that you need in your business in order to crush the boring things (like taxes & compliance), plus the fun things (like paying yourself & hitting sales goals). We'll cover actionable and simple, yet insanely effective, steps you can take today to feel in control of your finances and make you want to look at your numbers. You'll finally feel empowered to quit hiding under the covers when you hear the word 'bookkeeping'!

Look Over My Shoulder: Let's Build a Funnel From Scratch!

Katy Widrick

Know you need an effective sales and marketing funnel...but you're overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated? Join me for a real-time funnel build, as I map out the TOFU/MOFU/BOFU elements for two example products, and take you through the best practices -- and yes, totally doable tech! -- for creating a ready-to-launch funnel in a flash.

How to get clear on your offer and creative in your messaging

Dionne Reddick

I have found that most of my clients are not CLEAR on what it is that they do and what they offer. Because of that, they have a hard time sharing that in order to attract their ideal client AND getting them to want to buy from them. I help them clearly define what that offer is and get paid from it.

Designing The Perfect Brand For Your Digital Product

Julie C Butler

Learn how I design the perfect brand (colors, fonts and logo) for my digital products in just a few hours. The best part ... it's super easy!!

Whether it's for a membership, a coaching programs, or an online course, after this training you will walk away with the tools you need to sit down and design a brand for your offer today.

PS. You can also use this method to design a brand for your business. 🤩

Easy Steps To Convert Your Course Into a Membership: And Why It Just Makes Sense

Melody Johnson

In this step by step training, you'll walk away with a clear step by step to convert your course into a membership and why it strategically makes sense OR why it doesn't. Learn how your membership fits into your offer ladder, why it could be simpler than you think, and how to create those big recurring revenue goals.

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I'm your host, Eden!

Eden Fried is the "digital product lady!" After bailing on her plan to attend law school back in 2016 (despite paying her seat deposit, securing an apartment, dropping thousands on textbooks), Eden decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship instead. Since then, Eden mastered the art of making a full time income by selling digital products (things like ebooks, courses, workshops, etc) and she spends her time teaching women how they can do it, too.