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SUNDAY, May 16th at 8pm EDT
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How to Launch Your Product Fast (90 Days) & Earn Big Even with a small audience

DAY 1 SCHEDULE (May 17th, 2021)

How to turn Your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer - Eden Fried
Monday, May 17th at 9:00am EDT
How to Get Massive Amounts of Warm Leads for your Course Launch with a Virtual Summit - Krista Miller
Monday, May 17th At 10:00am EDT
How to Supplement Your Online Business with a Profitable & Sustainable Membership Site - Lisa Princic
Monday, May 17th At 11:00am EDT
Learn How to Create + Run an Effective and Profitable 5-Day Challenge to Grow Your List, Launch a Product or Establish Your Authority - Sarah Masci
Monday, May 17th At 1:00pm EDT
Map Out Your Profitable Low-to-High End Product Suite - Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA
Monday, May 17th At 1:30pm EDT
How to Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar - Teresa Heath-Wareing
Monday, May 17th At 2:00pm EDT
How to Make Sales Every Day with a Low-Ticket Offer - Amanda Genther
Monday, May 17th At 2:30pm EDT
Cultivating a Healthy Launch Mindset - Becky Mollenkamp
Monday, May 17th At 3:00pm EDT
The 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Digital Offer to Get Higher Conversions - Melissa Burkheimer
Monday, May 17th At 3:30pm EDT

DAY 2 SCHEDULE (May 18th, 2021)

How to Show Up + Sell on Instagram Stories - Sarah Morgan
Tuesday, May 18th at 9:00am EDT
How to Sell Your Digital Products in the DMS on Instagram - Victoria H. Boyd
Tuesday, May 18th At 10:00am EDT
The Success Trifecta: The Three Key Things that Need to Work Together to Grow Your Online Business - Hafsa Rana
Tuesday, May 18th At 11:00am EDT
Anticipating Customer Objections during your Pre Launch - Laura Collins
Tuesday, May 18th At 1:00pm EDT
Mapping Out Your Strategic Stories for Next-Level Launch Emails - Dani Paige
Tuesday, May 18th At 2:00pm EDT
How to Use Emails to Create an Intentional, Repeatable Launch - Aleia Walker
Tuesday, May 18th At 2:30pm EDT
How to 3x Sales with an Abandon Cart Series - Kate Doster
Tuesday, May 18th At 3:00pm EDT

DAY 3 SCHEDULE (May 19th, 2021)

How to Convert Mindless Followers into Excited Buyers - Leeon George
Wednesday, May 19th at 9:00am EDT
How to Edit a Video Testimonial that Converts - Estrella Sansait
Wednesday, May 19th At 9:30am EDT
Graphics for Your Digital Product Launch - Kara Fidd
Wednesday, May 19th At 10:00am EDT
How to Launch a Funnel and Profit with a Low, Medium or High-Ticket Offer - Ashley Gadd
Wednesday, May 19th At 11:00am EDT
Explode Digital Product Sales Using Chatbots - Sarah Elizabeth
Wednesday, May 19th At 11:30am EDT
Are You Selling What They're Buying? How to Guarantee Your Course Will Sell - Steph Woods
Wednesday, May 19th At 1:00pm EDT
How to Nail Your Sales Page Structure for Your Digital Product - Kristen Achziger
Wednesday, May 19th At 2:00pm EDT
Free Leads on Autopilot: Using SEO Content to Get more Clients & Subscribers - Meg Casebolt
Wednesday, May 19th At 3:00pm EDT

DAY 4 SCHEDULE (May 20th, 2021)

How to Launch Your Digital Product with Limited Time - Kari Roberts
Thursday, May 20th at 9:00am EDT
Lessons Learned from Running a Multi-Million Dollar Digital Product Business - Monica Froese
Thursday, May 20th At 9:30am EDT
Budgeting Secrets for When Money's A Mystery - Katie Scott
Thursday, May 20th At 10:00am EDT
How to Build a Seamless Evergreen Funnel (Without the Tech Overwhelm!) - Angela Tan
Thursday, May 20th At 11:00am EDT
Organize Your Business with This Simple To Use System - Khloé George
Thursday, May 20th At 11:30am EDT
How to Know if Your Marketing is Working and Exactly What to Do If It's Not - Jennifer Grayeb
Thursday, May 20th At 1:00pm EDT
Finding Your Ideal Students Before You've Even Launched Your Course - Natalie Sisson
Thursday, May 20th At 2:00pm EDT
How to Start a Writing Service to Boost Income - Elna Cain
Thursday, May 20th At 3:00pm EDT