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SUNDAY, January 23rd at 8pm EDT
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How to Launch Your Product Fast (90 Days) & Earn Big Even with a small audience
FRIDAY January 28th, 3PM EDT

DAY 1 SCHEDULE (January 24th, 2022)

How to turn Your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer - Eden Fried
Monday, Jan 24th at 9:00am EDT
How to Get Massive Amounts of Warm Leads for your Course Launch with a Virtual Summit - Krista Miller
Monday, Jan 24th At 10:00am EDT
5 Must-Have Elements Digital Product Creators Need For A Profitable Customer Journey Funnel - Chelsea Clarke
Monday, Jan 24th At 11:00am EDT
Making Money Online With Low Content Products - Faith Lee
Monday, Jan 24th At 11:30am EDT
Sales Funnels for Digital Products - Salma Sheriff
Monday, Jan 24th At 12:00pm EDT
Hot Lead Express - How To Leverage Your Leads To Get Better Customers And A More Engaged Audience - Desola Davis
Monday, Jan 24th At 1:00pm EDT
How To Craft Pre-Launch Messaging That Exceeds Launch Goals On Your First Day Of Open Cart - Jackie Sunga
Monday, Jan 24th At 2:00pm EDT
How To Create An Irresistible Offer That Has People Saying "Heck Yes, Take My Money!" - Lindsey Aleson
Monday, Jan 24th At 2:30pm EDT
How To Sell Printables On Etsy And Shopify For Big $$$ - Julie Berninger
Monday, Jan 24th At 3:00pm EDT
How To Grow Your Audience & Increase Revenue With A Membership - Lisa Princic
Monday, Jan 24th At 3:30pm EDT

DAY 2 SCHEDULE (January 25th, 2022)

Big Bonus Strategy: How To Leverage Bonus Content For More Digital Product Sales - Megan Martin
Tuesday, Jan 25th at 9:00am EDT
List Building...A Dozen Plus Ideas That Don't Involve Paid Ads - Liz Wilcox
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 9:30am EDT
3 Nurture Marketing Secrets That Pre-Sell Online Courses - Tamika Auwai
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 10:00am EDT
The Super SIMPLE Waitlist Strategy For An Epic Beta Launch - Sarah Masci
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 11:00am EDT
How To Increase Your Visibility And Revenue With A Signature Event - Tiffany English
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 11:30am EDT
Free Bundles to Add Thousands To Your List - Kate Doster
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 12:00pm EDT
How To Get Other People To Sell For You Through The Power Of Social Proof - Jordan Aspen
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 1:00pm EDT
Understanding Your Audience To Unlock Your Digital Product Sales - Madison Wetherill
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 1:30pm EDT
5 Graphics You Need To Make Your Products Pop & The Sales Roll In - Caroline Vencil
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 2:00pm EDT
PANEL: Ask Us Anything (about launching)
Tuesday, Jan 25th At 7:00pm EDT

DAY 3 SCHEDULE (January 26th, 2022)

3 Step Framework To Generating Consistent Leads (& Sales) On Autopilot - Margarida Kanu
Wednesday, Jan 26th at 9:00am EDT
4 Steps for Writing a Sales Email Sequence that connects and Converts - Kim DeGracia
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 10:00am EDT
The Money-Making Email Sequence Missing From Your Launch - Eman Ismail
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 11:00am EDT
Writing Sales Pages That People *Actually* Enjoy Reading - Dani Paige
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 1:00pm EDT
Top 5 Design Techniques For A Beautiful Sales Page That Sells - Christi Cooper
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 2:00pm EDT
Multiply Your Impact And Income With Pinterest Marketing - Shaunda Necole
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 3:00pm EDT
Secrets To A Sold Out Launch On Instagram - Hafsa Taher
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 4:00pm EDT
3 Ways To Use YouTube Videos To Sell More Of Your Digital Products In 2022 - Gulce Onganer
Wednesday, Jan 26th At 5:00pm EDT

DAY 4 SCHEDULE (January 27th, 2022)

Legal Essentials For Launching A Digital Product - Lucrezia iapichino
Thursday, Jan 27th at 9:00am EDT
How to Choose a Protected name for Your Business, Brand or Product - Mariam Tsaturyan
Thursday, Jan 27th At 10:00am EDT
How To Use Live Video To Sell Your Digital Product Or Course - Alex Carmeli
Thursday, Jan 27th At 10:30am EDT
Become The Go-To Expert In Your Niche By Pitching Podcast Appearances - Christina Lenkowski 
Thursday, Jan 27th At 11:00am EDT
How To Promote Your Digital Product Using Only One Piece Of Core Content - Sandy Norman
Thursday, Jan 27th At 11:30am EDT
What to Post Next on Social Media - Amber LaShawn
Thursday, Jan 27th At 12:00pm EDT
The Profit Is In The Partnerships: How To Build Lasting, Collaborative Connections And Friendships - Michelle Warner
Thursday, Jan 27th At 1:00pm EDT
How To Use Chat Marketing To Get More Registrants For Your Webinar - Karlene Hibbert
Thursday, Jan 27th At 2:00pm EDT