Leverage your ideas, creativity and passion to create a digital product (ebook, course, printable) that you, your family and your business can Benefit from for years to come. 

July 22 - 25, 2019

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What is the Rebel Boss Summit?

I invited 25+ of the best digital marketing experts to help you learn how to create and launch a profitable digital product (ebook, online course, printable, anything digital) that will bring you passive income and skyrocket your business.  

Each day of the summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible online entrepreneurs who will teach you how to craft, launch and promote your digital product so you can get in front of your ideal target customers and make more sales. This is one of those "can't miss" online events of the year.

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Learn

How to get in front of your target audience

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if you can't figure out how to get in front of your ideal customers, no one is ever going to buy from you! We have tons of PR and brand specialists on hand to help solve this problem before it becomes an issue!

scale your business

Digital products are a great way to scale your business. Our speakers will share with you a variety of ways to ensure you're implementing a digital product sales strategy that will take your business to new heights.

How to spend more time with family

Yes, that's right. What you learn at the Rebel Boss Summit is going to help you make more time for things in your life that are MOST important: your loved ones. Digital products have the potential to add passive income to your life. Once you create the product once and setup a successful sales system, you'll be able to enjoy auto-pilot sales!

position Yourself as an expert

Our brand marketing speakers are going to show you how to land speaking gigs, guest posts, and other opportunities that are going to not only convert more people into customers, but will also help you position yourself as the expert that you know you already are!

The 3 Most Important Elements of Your Success Selling a Digital Product

1. Your Product

Your digital product (whether it's an online course, a printable of some sort, a graphic template, copy swipe files, worksheets, an ebook, etc.) is the most pivotal element to your success. That's why you're going to learn how to craft and create a high power digital product - that targets the right customers, that solves a problem, and that looks good, too. You are going to learn from those who know how to create, style and design highly profitable digital products right here during the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit.

2. Your messaging

You could have the best product in the world, but it won't sell if your marketing and messaging is off. The ability to communicate your product's value and the transformational experience it provides your audience members is crucial to gaining sales. That's why I've asked some of the best digital marketers, who are experts in copywriting, email marketing, and all things marketing, to not only help you create the perfect message surrounding your product but also to get it out there into the word and in front of your ideal customers. 

3. Your Brand & Product Marketing

The third most important element to creating a profitable digital product all has to do with brand and product marketing. You know, things like developing a lead magnet, creating a sales funnel, writing a sales email sequence, using technology to setup your sales pages, creating an auto-webinar series to sell your product on auto-pilot. We have an insane lineup of experts who are going to teach you highly valuable strategies to ensure your product doesn't just sit there collecting dust. These experts are going to teach you how to SELL.

Learn From 25+ Of The Best Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Marketers As They Show You How To Have Success Selling Digital Products Online!

You get FREE access for a limited time only!

4 Reasons Why You Must Attend The Rebel Boss Summit

Save time by learning from professionals

There's no need to reinvent the wheel - it already exists! People before you have already done what you're trying to accomplish, so why not learn from them? You'll end up saving yourself incredible amounts of time when you take advice from those who have been there before, rather than trying to go it alone.

Everything you need in one place

Why prowl the internet for answers when you can get everything you need in one place? Need design tips? You got those here. Not sure how to design and write a sales page? No worries, you'll find that information right here. Unsure how to approach PR pitches? Yeah, you've come to the right place. All your questions answered right here at the Rebel Boss Summit. 

It's free... for now

You can sign up FOR FREE to gain access to all of the trainings, from all 25+ of our expert speakers, just by signing up here and tuning in live. That's 25 hours of training content (#nofluff) all for free! On July 25th, the last day of the summit, we will start charging for access! Be sure to sign up before then!

Your audience needs you and your expertise

You've been sitting on the idea of creating a digital product for a while now, so get going. Your audience needs you to deliver. Use the Rebel Boss Summit to propel you and your business forward - use it as the kickstarter to your digital product creation journey. Remember, a digital product is an asset. You'll never regret creating an asset for your business.

Schedule Of Events

Day One Sessions - July 22nd

How to Turn Your New Leads into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

July 22nd, 9am EST

So you're wondering how to turn your leads into instant customers? Good question - it's with a tripwire! A tripwire is a low-cost digital product offered for a limited amount of time after someone signs up for a freebie. It sells really well because it's insanely discounted, high value and an easy-yes offer. Tripwires are one of the very best ways to make your first bit of passive income with a digital product, and in this presentation, Eden (the host of the Rebel Boss Summit) is going to walk you through everything you need to know. Get ready!

Eden Fried

How To Create Recurring Revenue With A Digital Subscription

July 22nd, 10am eST

You've heard the phrase "recurring revenue" before - and you know it's the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to building an online business, so how the heck do you create your own recurring revenue? In this presentation, expert Elle Drouin is going to walk you through creating your very own recurring revenue by launching a digital subscription! Lots to learn here!

Elle Drouin

Launching Your Digital Store With Printables

July 22nd, 11am EST

You'll never attend a more thorough, in-depth online training on printables than this one! If you've ever thought about creating a digital product shop on your website to sell printables, you must must MUST join in on this session and learn from the printables wizard herself, Tracie Fobes!

Tracie Fobes

Side Hustle To Solopreneur: How To Leverage Digital Products To Replace Your Day Job Income While Working Full Time

July 22nd, 1pm EST

This presentation is all about how to grow your side hustle while still working full time! It'll include actionable steps for figuring out your "real" income goals (so you don't get led astray by what you see other people making online), and Shannon's 3 part planning process for organizing your to-do list and managing your time so that you can stop blaming time for the reason you haven't started your business! You'll walk away with a method of planning that will help you get organized, prioritize, and actually get stuff done without overwhelm – even if you have a full time job, a family (or just want to have a life outside of your business!) 

Shannon Mattern

Listening To What Your Audience Wants & Delivering Like A #BOSS!

July 22nd, 2pm EST

One of the biggest mistakes creatives make when they decide to sell a digital product is that they create what THEY want instead of what their audience wants. Elley is the queen of listening to her audience and delivering like an absolute boss, and she's going to teach you how to do the same so that your digital product sells EASILY.

Elley Charles

How To Price Your Online Offers

July 22nd, 3pm EST

You've been wondering about pricing, but you're not quite sure how to do it. Do you multiply the number of hours it took you to make the product times your hourly rate? Or do you calculate the price based on value? And, if yes, how do you quantify value? In this workshop, Kristin is going to walk you through common pricing mistakes, how to avoid them, and the RIGHT way to price your digital offers so that you make as much money as possible! 

Kristin Kaplan

Create A Stand Out + Strategic WordPress Site That Generates Sales (Without A Designer)

July 22nd, 4pm EST

Everyone wants a beautiful website - a beautiful website could mean better user experience and more sales! But what happens when you don't have the budget to hire a designer for $5,000 minimum? Do it yourself? But how? Kory Woodard is an absolute wiz when it comes to website design and teaching creatives how to create strategic WordPress websites that woo your ideal customers into making a purchase. If your website is in need of a makeover, you'll want to tune into this session!

Kory Woodard

Day Two Sessions - July 23rd

Skip the research, skip the riches: The (Not so) secret sauce for killer copy that converts

July 23rd, 9am EST

In this value-rich session, you're going to learn from one of the best copy writing experts out there, Sara Frandina! She's going to teach you how to mine for messaging from customer data, so you can write a sales page that converts your viewers into BUYERS. 

sara Frandina

7 Steps To Creating Your First (Or Next!) Wildly Profitable Online Course

July 23rd, 10am EST

If you've been thinking about creating an online course, you MUST attend this session. Krista Dickson has created a number of highly profitable online courses that never fail to get her customers results. She breaks down the course creation process into 7 simple steps that will have you thinking that course creation isn't too difficult after all!

Krista Dickson

Mapping The Learner's Journey: How To Design An Offer That Makes An Impact And Gets Results

July 23rd, 11am EST

Emily Walker brings you insanely valuable information in this session to ensure that your next online course ACTUALLY gets your customers the results they crave. Why is this important? Well, that's easy! Please your customers by getting them results, and they'll praise your name from the rooftops! Happy customers will help you get more customers in the future, plain and simple. If you want to ensure your online course ACTUALLY will work, you'll want to be sure to join in on this session!

Emily Walker

How to Develop Your Brand Story

July 23rd, 1pm EST

One of the most powerful selling strategies entrepreneurs leverage is that of the brand story. If you're not sure what a brand story is or how to develop your own, you MUST attend Reesy's workshop. Her engaging presentation style and creative examples will have your mind working in the best possible way! You'll leave with a renewed understanding of what your brand story is and how you can use it to get more customers!

Reesy Floyd-Thompson

How to create an evergreen email sequence that sells

July 23rd, 3pm EST

Evergreen sequences are the secret sauce to passive income businesses. Once you create a powerful, high-converting evergreen email sequence, you might just be able to sell products while you're sleeping, or on vacation, or out to dinner with a friend! Aleia Walker is an email marketing specialist who is going to walk you through the key ingredients to an email sequence that will actually convert your readers into buyers. Set it up once and watch it work over and over and over again!

Aleia Walker

How To Get Clairvoyant About How Your Business Can Make More Sales And Generate More Leads

July 23rd, 4pm EST

If you're running an online business, there are two end results that account for almost every goal you have: making sales and generating leads. Lanie Lamarre from Miss #GSD is going to show you how to gain mad-clarity around exactly how both of these are happening for you so you can start making data-driven decisions you can count on to grow. Because "knowing your numbers" isn't just about knowing them; by the end of this talk, you'll understand what to do with your numbers to help them make you more money and grow your email list.

Lanie Lamarre

Day Three Sessions - July 24th

How To Turn Subscribers Into Buyers And Build A 6-Figure Business With Email

July 24th, 9am EST

Meera Kothand is one of the industry's go-to email marketing experts. She's bringing her expertise to the Rebel Boss Summit to teach you how you can build a 6-figure business with email. She'll start with the foundational 3 ingredients to a successful email strategy. Then she'll move onto teaching you what you need your email strategy to be before a launch and during a launch. 

Meera Kothand

5 Simple Ways to Find Students for your Online Course (without huge ad spends)

July 24th, 10am EST

Need more students, but don't want to break your bank? In this presentation, you'll not only learn five simple ways to attract your ideal student, but also some amazing tips on how to find them without huge ad spends. You'll be filling your online course in no time!

Destini Copp

Attract Your Ideal Customers by Showing Up in Search Results (mastering SEO)

July 24th, 11am EST

So you want to get more customers, do you? But how? SEO is this seemingly scary beast that no one wants to touch, but Meg Casebolt, an SEO expert, will show you how leveraging SEO best practices can actually help you have better long term success in your business. You'll be able to attract your ideal customer long term. Set up the strong foundation now and reap the rewards for a long time to come. Meg has an amazing way of making SEO simple, so if it's one of those things you've been postponing for a while, but you see the value in it, definitely mark your calendar for this amazing hour-long session!

Meg Casebolt

The Power of Personal branding (How to Maximize + monetize Your Exposure for free)

July 24th, 1pm EST

Learn Liz's proven 4-E Formula™ - a cumulative four-step system that teaches entrepreneurs how to organically maximize and monetize their exposure so they can attract more customers and clients, grow with increased ease, and profit from their passions long term. This system is one Liz has carefully designed over a decade of working in the digital marketing, public relations, and personal branding arenas. You'll learn exactly what it takes to create a thriving online presence that helps scale your business and your skills as a professional. 

Liz Fleming

How To Use The Power of Pinterest To Grow Your Traffic and Generate Sales

July 24th, 2pm EST

Pinterest isn't just for fun. It's actually one of the most powerful search engines out there, and an incredible tool that you can use to grow your business. Use it correctly, and you'll end up growing your traffic and even making money off of your new visitors! Amanda is bringing her best Pinterest strategies to the Rebel Boss Summit so you can finally level-up your Pinterest game. It's time!

Amanda Montero

How to map out your first simple sales funnel to sell your offer on autopilot

July 24th, 3pm EST

You'll never be able to sell your digital product if you don't have a sales funnel. Good thing sales funnel expert, Amanda Genther, will be here at the summit teaching you how to map out your own funnel so that you can make auto-pilot sales! Actionable sessions are the best - and this one definitely doesn't fall short! Be there!

Amanda Genther

The 4-Part Framework For Creating A Profitable Marketing System For Your Etsy Shop

July 24th, 4pm EST

Morgan Nield is the Etsy marketing strategist behind MorganNield.com and the creator of the Etsy shop, Little Highbury. What started as a simple way of coping as a new stay-at-home-momma, quickly morphed into a multiple six figure handmade business, earning her over 23,000 sales and $600K in revenue in just a few short years. During this training, Morgan is going to walk you through how to implement and automate a profitable marketing system for your Etsy shop! This is going to be a good one!

Morgan Nield

Day Four Sessions - July 25th

How to use collaborations to sell your digital product

July 25th, 9am EST

So you want to sell your product, but you feel like you've exhausted your audience and burnt out your list. What do you do next? Nevica's going to show you how to leverage collaborations to sell your digital product to OTHER people's audiences! It's brilliant, isn't it? One of the most value-filled sessions of the summit, you must be there!

Nevica Vazquez

how to use publicity to get more exposure for your digital products (for free!)

July 25th, 10am EST

The PR queen herself is making an appearance at the Rebel Boss Summit to share her best kept PR secrets with you! You don't need to drop a dime to implement KJ's strategies! Grab a pen and paper, and learn how to level up your public relations game!

KJ Blattenbauer

How to make taxes not suck as a business owner

July 24th, 11am EST

Unfortunately, not all of business is glamorous. Taxes are one of those annoying things that you just HAVE to deal with, no matter how pesky they can be! Melissa Whaley will walk you through how to avoid common mistakes that new businesses make when it comes to preparing and filing their taxes. You HAVE to know this stuff, so you might as well tune in! And Melissa's amazing. Seriously, you're going to love her!

Melissa Whaley

Video success is one block away - embracing the power of video

July 25th, 1pm EST

Nervous about video? Holly Gillen empowers modern online entrepreneurs to go from confused to confident and from fearful to fearless on both sides of the camera - and she does a damn good job at it, too! This incredible training will show you the power of video in your own business, and help you finally feel good about it, too!

Holly Gillen

how a vA can help you avoid burnout during your launch!

July 25th, 2pm EST

Launching is stressful - but it doesn't have to be with the help of a virtual assistant! Dani is an incredible virtual assistant herself, and she's here to teach you about all the ways you can leverage a virtual assistant in both the phase leading up to a launch, and during a launch as well. Even if you feel like you don't quite have the means right now to support a VA, you'll definitely want to give this one a listen. Lots of great takeaways in this session!

Dani Fairhurst

Support your digital product business by making bank as a freelancer

July 25th, 3pm EST

If we're being completely honest, it takes a while to build up a digital product based business to be something that you can wholly live off of. You're not going to strike it rich tomorrow. So what do you do in the meantime to pay the bills? Well, have you thought about freelancing? Avani is going to show you how to finance your life and your business with freelancing efforts, so that you can avoid getting that dreaded 9-5 job and still build your product based business, too!

Avani Miriyala

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Meet your 25+ Expert Speakers

Sarah Morgan

sarah morgan


Jordan Gill



Trena Little



eden fried


Andrea Jones


How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel

Ashley Burnside - The Punk Project



Liz Wilcox

liz wilcox


Krista Miller


Using An Online Summit To Sell Your Digital Product

Kyla Roma



Krista Dickson

krista dickson

How to Write a High-Converting Sales Page For Your Digital Product

Monica Louie


Facebook Ads that Convert: How to Craft Ads that Connect

Hayley Luckadoo



Tracie Fobes

tracie fobes

Top Marketing Strategies To Get More Sales to Your Digital Product Shop

Emily Walker

emily walker


Carly Campbell



Elli Runkles

elli runkles


Morgan Nield

morgan nield


Elizabeth Goddard

elizabeth goddard

Magic & Money Making Flash Sales

Amanda Genther

amanda genther

The Beauty of Beta: How to Test an Offer Before You Create It

Lanie Lamarre

lanie lamarre

The Numbers Game: How to Visualize and Optimize your Conversion Rates as a Creative Boss

Abby Herman Rebel Boss Summit



Kory Woodard


Using Graphics to Help Get More Visible Online and Increase Income


How To Use Collaborations To Sell Your Digital Product


How To Price Your Online Offers

amanda genther

How to map out your first simple sales funnel to sell your offer on autopilot


How to make taxes not suck as a business owner

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How long do I have access to the trainings?

How do I know this is for me?

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How can I get lifetime access to the trainings? 

1. How long do I have access to the trainings?

From the time each video goes live, you'll have 24 hours to watch the training! If you'd like to have access to the videos for life, you can purchase an All Access VIP pass to the event.

2. How do I know this is for me?

Are you looking to create a digital product? Do you currently have a digital product that isn't selling well and you want to learn how to make it finally sell? Do you want to figure out how to develop selling strategies? Do you want to learn how to market your digital product, how to grow your audience, how to leverage social media? Curious about sales pages, sales emails  and other sales tactics? If you answered yes to any of those questions, THIS IS FOR YOU, MY FRIEND!

3. How much does the summit cost for me to attend?

The summit is 100% free! Yes, you read that correctly. You will have free access to each of the trainings after they publish for 24 hours. You don't need to drop a dime on this event!!!

4. Where does the summit take place?

The Rebel Boss Summit is a virtual event. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

5. How can I get lifetime access to the entire summit?

If you want to watch the summit interviews and trainings on your own schedule, you can purchase a VIP All Access Pass to the summit. 

Ticket prices: 

  1. $67 pre-sale (before July 22nd at 11:59pm EST)
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Meet Your Host For The Event

I'm strange in that my story starts when I decided to ditch my plans to attend law school (after paying a seat deposit, finding an apartment in the thick of NYC, the works). After a while toying around with a slew of different blog monetization strategies, I tried my hand at selling an online course. I had nothing to lose but my pride... and lucky for both me and my bank account... it worked!

Quick success selling that online course lended itself to my next online course, which was followed by a membership site. The entirety of my income now comes from digital product sales (workbooks, membership access and other one-off course access). I've developed several high performing (30% conversion rate funnels) that allow me to live life on my own terms and - the best part - now I have the distinct pleasure of teaching others how to do the same.  

Learn From 25+ Of The Best Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Marketers As They Show You How To Have Success Selling Digital Products Online!

You get FREE access for a limited time only!