Leverage your ideas, creativity and passion to launch a digital product (ebook, course, printable). Learn how to take your offline business online with a digital product.

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May 17 - 21, 2021

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Speakers Featured In:

Get ready to learn how to get MAX results from your digital product launch.

I invited 30+ of the best digital marketing experts to help you learn how to launch a profitable digital product (ebook, online course, printable, anything digital) that will bring you passive income and skyrocket your business.  

Each day of the summit, we will feature a lineup of incredible online entrepreneurs who will teach you how to craft, launch and promote your digital product so you can get in front of your ideal target customers and make more sales. This is one of those "can't miss" online events of the year.

This is for YOU if you...

  • You don't have a digital product yet but want to launch one!
  • You're looking to take your offline business ONLINE with digital products
  • You have a digital product already but want to learn how to sell it better
  • You're interested in learning how to scale your results!

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Learn

How to get in front of your target audience

You could have the greatest product in the world, but if you can't figure out how to get in front of your ideal customers, no one is ever going to buy from you! We have tons of PR and brand specialists on hand to help solve this problem before it becomes an issue!

scale your business

Digital products are a great way to scale your business. Our speakers will share with you a variety of ways to ensure you're implementing a digital product sales strategy that will take your business to new heights.

How to spend more time with family

Yes, that's right. What you learn at the Rebel Boss Summit is going to help you make more time for things in your life that are MOST important: your loved ones. Digital products have the potential to add passive income to your life. Once you create the product once and set up a successful sales system, you'll be able to enjoy auto-pilot sales!

position Yourself as an expert

Our brand marketing speakers are going to show you how to land speaking gigs, guest posts, and other opportunities that are going to not only convert more people into customers, but will also help you position yourself as the expert that you know you already are!

The 3 Most Important Elements of Your Success Selling a Digital Product

1. Your Product

Your digital product (whether it's an online course, a printable of some sort, a graphic template, copy swipe files, worksheets, an ebook, etc.) is the most pivotal element to your success. That's why you're going to learn how to craft and create a high power digital product that targets the right customers, that solves a problem, and that looks good, too. You are going to learn from those who know how to create, style and design highly profitable digital products right here during the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit.

2. Your messaging

You could have the best product in the world, but it won't sell if your marketing and messaging is off. The ability to communicate your product's value and the transformational experience it provides your audience members is crucial to gaining sales. That's why I've asked some of the best digital marketers, who are experts in copywriting, email marketing, and all things marketing, to not only help you create the perfect message surrounding your product but also to get it out there into the world and in front of your ideal customers. 

3. Your Brand & Product Marketing

The third most important element to creating a profitable digital product has to do with brand and product marketing. You know, things like developing a lead magnet, creating a sales funnel, writing a sales email sequence, using technology to setup your sales pages, creating an auto-webinar series to sell your product on auto-pilot, and more. We have an insane lineup of experts who are going to teach you highly valuable strategies to ensure your product doesn't just sit there collecting dust. These experts are going to teach you how to SELL.

Learn From 30+ Of The Best Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Marketers As They Show You How To Have Success Selling Digital Products Online!

You get FREE access for a limited time only!

4 Reasons Why You Must Attend The Rebel Boss Summit

Save time by learning from professionals

There's no need to reinvent the wheel - it already exists! People before you have already done what you're trying to accomplish, so why not learn from them? You'll end up saving yourself incredible amounts of time when you take advice from those who have been there before, rather than trying to go it alone.

Everything you need in one place

Why prowl the internet for answers when you can get everything you need in one place? Need design tips? You got those here. Not sure how to design and write a sales page? No worries, you'll find that information right here. Unsure how to approach PR pitches? Yeah, you've come to the right place. All your questions, answered right here at the Rebel Boss Summit. 

It's free... for now

You can sign up FOR FREE to gain access to all of the trainings, from all 30+ of our expert speakers, just by signing up here and tuning in live. That's about 25 hours of training content (#nofluff) all for free! On May 21st, the last day of the summit, we will start charging for access! Be sure to sign up before then!

Your audience needs you and your expertise

You've been sitting on the idea of launching a digital product for a while now, so get going! Your audience needs you to deliver. Use the Rebel Boss Summit to propel you and your business forward - use it as the kickstarter to your digital product creation journey. Remember, a digital product is an asset. You'll never regret creating an asset for your business.

It's time to level up your launching strategies.

Tune into the Rebel Boss Summit.

You get FREE access for a limited time only!

Schedule Of Events

Day One Sessions - Monday, May 17th, 2021

How To Turn Your New Leads Into Instant Customers With A Tripwire Offer

Monday, May 17th 9am EDT

Making money from a digital product doesn't need to be hard or involved. In fact, you can start TOMORROW if you really wanted to. In this session, I'm going to show you how you can turn brand new subscribers into instantaneous buyers with a small "tripwire" product. No massive audience necessary. This is a method you can implement in the next hour (seriously, not kidding). Will you join me?

Eden Fried

How To Get Massive Amounts Of Warm Leads For Your Course Launch With A Virtual Summit

Monday May 17th, 10am EDT

Virtual summits sound intimidating and like a lot of work right? Yeah, sure... but when you realize how insanely powerful they can be to generate WARM leads for your upcoming course launch, you won't be so averse to the idea, trust me! Tune into this exclusive interview with Krista Miller, virtual summit expert, who is going to show you how you can leverage a summit to bring in the right audience just in time for your upcoming course launch.

Krista Miller

Krista Miller

How To Supplement Your Online Business With A Profitable & Sustainable Membership Site

Monday May 17th, 11am EDT

Have you ever thought about creating a membership site for your audience but get stuck when you try to figure out, what to include, what to price it and who it's for? Memberships are flexible and valuable offers that, when we design them right, add scalability and recurring revenue to our business models. But planning and launching them can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. In this presentation, I'll show you how to create a program that delivers irresistible value to your clients within your zone of genius so you can launch a profitable and sustainable program sooner than you think.

Lisa Princic

Learn How to Create + Run an Effective and Profitable 5-Day Challenge to Grow Your List, Launch a Product or Establish Your Authority

Monday May 17th, 1pm EDT

Sarah Masci has had over 5,000 people join her free challenge in the past couple years. Listen to her presentation to learn about how she developed such a successful challenge and take away tips and strategies to set yourself up to launch an effective and profitable challenge - whether your goal is to grow your list, launch a product or establish your authority.

Sarah Masci

Map Out Your Profitable Low-To-High End Product Suite

Monday May 17th, 1:30pm EDT

Creating product tiers is as simple or as difficult as we make it. The beauty of a three-tier product system is it can fit absolutely every business. Newbies and established experts alike can create products that lead their customers on a journey. This session explores how to create low to high tier offers AND ensure that they all connect to make converting high ticket clients a breeze. 

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA

How To Create & Market A Highly Converting Sales Webinar

Monday May 17th, 2pm EDT

Webinars can be an incredible way to sell your digital products. In this session, Teresa will share with you her step by step webinar blueprint to creating and marketing a highly converting webinar. This session will cover the overall webinar process and will teach you exactly what you can do during all 3 of the main steps of your webinar - the pre webinar, during the live webinar, and in the post webinar - to maximize conversions.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

How To Make Sales Every Day With A Low-Ticket Offer

Monday, May 17th, 2:30pm EDT

What is a low-ticket offer and how can you use it to explode your email list? In this session, Amanda's going too cover what a low-ticket funnel is and how it works, why you should replace at least one of your freebies with a LTO funnel, the biggest mistakes that she sees other people making and how you can avoid them. Listen in to learn the steps that you need to take to successfully launch your own LTO funnel in just 4 weeks (or less), so you can build your list and create a steady stream of customers for your higher-priced offers.

Amanda Genther

Cultivating A Healthy Launch Mindset

Monday May 17th, 3pm EDT

Launching a product or service can stir up all sorts of mindset struggles—comparison, self-doubt, fear of success or failure, comparison, and a whole host of other uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Let's talk about how to mentally and emotionally prepare for launch week, position yourself for success, and sustain yourself (in a healthy way) throughout the process.

Becky Mollenkamp

The 7 Things You Need To Know About Your Digital Offer To Get Higher Conversions

Monday May 17th, 3:30pm EDT

During this presentation, you're going to learn the 7 things you must know before you create + sell your next digital offer. These 7 foundational items bring clarity to your sales page, marketing plan, sales strategy, and most importantly, your potential customers. After this session, when someone asks a question about your digital product you'll know exactly what to say.

Melissa Burkheimer

Day Two Sessions - Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

How To Show Up + Sell On Instagram Stories

Tuesday, May 18th 9am EDT

Whether you're launching a one-time workshop, running enrollment for a course, or selling evergreen products, Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to show up, connect, and sell. In this workshop you'll learn what to share on Stories to turn your audience from followers to paying customers and students because it's time to stand out in your niche and sell without feeling annoying and icky!

Sarah Morgan

How To Sell Your Digital Products In The DMS On Instagram

Tuesday, May 18th, 10am EDT

Want to learn how to sell your digital products in the DMs without the sleaze? In this presentation, I'll be spilling all the details on how to go from friends to pivoting and pitching, and closing the sale... right in your DMs. You can expect to learn my 5 part Sell in DMs Framework, the different types of buyers you'll come across, and how to nurture them, and how to talk about your offer so it's an easy yes. This is all about taking your amazing offer and selling it with ease... again and again!

Victoria H. Boyd

The Magic Trifecta - Creating A Memorable Brand Using Your Website + Social + Content Strategy

Tuesday, May 18th, 11am EDT

In this session, we'll be talking about what digital branding is and you can combine three very powerful elements, your website + your social platforms + your content, to create a memorable brand that not only resonates with your audience but also addresses and helps solve their biggest struggles. 

Hafsa Rana

Anticipating Customer Objections During Your Pre Launch

Tuesday, May 18th, 1pm EDT

Proactively handling objections during your pre launch will change the game for your sales. Let’s talk all about validating your consumer's fears and providing ample support in order to motivate quick purchasing decisions before you launch!

Laura Collins

Mapping Out Your Strategic Stories For Next-Level Launch Emails

Tuesday, May 18th, 2pm EDT

We all love a good story - they evoke memories, emotions, and let you connect with other people at a human level. In this presentation, you'll learn all about what stories you should be including in your launch emails, when to use strategic stories, and how to develop and use those next-level strategic story launch emails.

Dani Paige

How To Use Emails To Create An Intentional, Repeatable Launch

Tuesday, May 18th, 2:30pm EDT

You have way too much on your plate and now you’re thinking about adding in a launch. You know to do this you need a launch that works for your schedule while bringing in the sales you deserve. In this session you’ll learn:
- how to create an email strategy that works launch after launch,
- how to get the most out of all your launch content,
- and the metrics to track to make sure it’s all worth it. 

Aleia Walker

How To 3x Sales With An Abandon Cart Series

Tuesday, May 18th, 3pm EDT

You put a lot of time and effort into creating your digital products. And maybe your subscribers were just two seconds away from finally hitting your payment button but they got distracted. That’s why you need to implement a simple yet dangerously effective abandon cart series - and no, not one that’s creepy either! In this session you'll learn all about how to set up a non-creepy abandon cart series that can 3x your digital product sales!

Kate Doster

Day Three Sessions - Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

How To Convert Mindless Followers Into Excited Buyers

Wednesday May 19th 9am EDT

Understanding the buyer's journey for your digital product and why it is important is critical for your sales success. In this session, you'll learn about the types of content you should be creating at each stage of the buyer's journey to warm up your audience, showcase your expertise and convert your audience into buyers for any product launch. 

Leeon George

How To Edit A Video Testimonial That Converts

Wednesday May 19th, 9:30am EDT

Video testimonials are an engaging way to include social proof in your next launch. While text-only testimonials can work well, a video testimonial adds emotions and humanizes your brand, making it more likely to convert someone into a buyer. In this session, you'll learn all about the two types of testimonial videos you can use, which editing software Estrella recommends for beginners, and she explains how to arrange your video clips to make the most impact. 

Estrella Sansait

Graphics For Your Digital Product Launch

Wednesday May 19th, 10am EDT

In this presentation, Kara will be teaching you about the must-have graphics to create for your next product launch! Visual promotion is so important to a successful launch and the best part is that each and every design can be created using easy to use design tools like Canva. Not only will she be teaching which graphics to create, but she'll demonstrate exactly how to design them using Canva!

Kara Fidd

How To Launch A Funnel And Profit With A Low, Medium Or High-Ticket Offer

Wednesday May 19th, 11am EDT

How much more $$$ could you make every month if you automated your sales process? If you're looking to consistently attract your best-fit clients while growing your business on autopilot, then this Savvy Sales Funnel Presentation is for you.

Together we will dive into:
- How to create more predictable revenue using sales funnels
- How to gain better leads without spending hours on sales calls
- How to create a cohesive, on-brand marketing system that does the upfront selling
- How to launch a funnel and profit with either a low, medium, or high-ticket offer

Ashley Gadd

Explode Digital Product Sales Using Chatbots

Wednesday May 19th, 11:30am EDT

Creating a 1-on-1, personalized connection between you and your customers is the ticket to selling more digital products, faster. Thanks to chatbots, it’s now easier than ever to convert more browsers into buyers using various touchpoints throughout the buying journey that’s averaging 90% open rates! And, you can do this all without knowing a single ounce of tech!

Sarah Elizabeth

Are You Selling What They're Buying? How To Guarantee Your Course Will Sell

Wednesday May 19th, 1pm EDT

Human beings love to talk about themselves, and more specifically what they want or need. Make it your job to ask the right questions and take advantage of the insight they’re handing you on a silver platter, and then create your course to fill that need! In this session, we'll go over exactly how to get the valuable nuggets of info to validate your course idea and know that it will sell, even before you begin creating it!

Steph Woods

How To Nail Your Sales Page Structure For Your Digital Product

Wednesday May 19th, 2pm EDT

Spoiler alert: sales pages exist for your customers above all else! They aren’t just designed to help you make a profit, though they should do that too! Watch this training on how to structure your sales page from top to bottom in order to care for your hesitant readers, warm up your leads, and nurture more of the RIGHT customers toward the sale.

Kristen Achziger

Free Leads on Autopilot: Using SEO Content to Get more Clients & Subscribers

Wednesday May 19th, 3pm EDT

Wouldn't it be cool if, instead of needing to post all the time and be in all the places, your ideal clients could come find YOU? In this session, we'll be talking about how to leverage Google to show up in search results... so that when your perfect customers are looking for a solution to their problems, you are the one that shows up in their quest for an answer.

Meg Casebolt

Meg Casebolt

Day Four Sessions - Thursday, May 20th, 2021

How To Launch Your Digital Product With Limited Time

Thursday, May 20th, 9am EDT

Does this sound like you? You want to launch your next big digital product or service and you have a lot of great ideas, but you're feeling stretched so thin you have no idea how you'll be able to plan a launch on top of everything else you're doing. In this actionable and interactive session, you'll learn strategies to manage your time so that even when it's limited, you'll have no problem launching your digital product. Kari's going to share her 3-step process, created for entrepreneurs and small business owners with limited time, to help you to plan their next launch. Make sure to bring a pen and paper - you'll definitely want to take some notes!

Kari Roberts

Lessons Learned From Running A Multi-Million Dollar Digital Product Business

Thursday, May 20th, 9:30am EDT

When you're just starting out, the dream of $1 million might sound like a lot, but in reality, I'm not much different than you! I started out as a mom with a dream of leaving corporate America and spending more time with my girls. Now, I've grown my business past $1 million with the help of digital products. In this session, I'm sharing the biggest lessons I've learned while growing my business, the mistakes I made, and the most important things to do while growing your own business.

Monica Froese

Budgeting Secrets For When Money's A Mystery

Thursday, May 20th, 10am EDT

No matter where you're at in your digital product journey, managing your business' finances with so many unknowns and variables can be hard! The good news is that it doesn't always have to be. In this presentation, you'll learn my secrets for simple ways to organize and budget your finances so you can find consistency even when cash flow is uncertain.

katie Scott

How To Build A Seamless Evergreen Funnel (Without The Tech Overwhelm!)

Thursday, May 20th, 11am EDT

Tech and automation are the backbones of your evergreen funnel that allows you to sell your digital product on autopilot. There are so many pieces involved in building an evergreen funnel, and tech and automation are the one thing that should not be overlooked. Join me to learn about how to build a seamless evergreen funnel WITHOUT the tech overwhelm!

Angela Tan

Organize Your Business With This Simple To Use System

Thursday, May 20th, 11:30am EDT

Want to make more money in your business simply by organizing it better? Accomplishing your big business dreams is all about what happens behind the scenes, meaning working smarter with a business system that allows and encourages you to show up consistently every day. Let me teach you an easy system to organize and automate your business so you can spend less of it on the not-so-fun things.

Khloé George

How To Know If Your Marketing Is Working And Exactly What To Do If It's Not

Thursday, May 20th, 1pm EDT

You are losing time and money every day if you aren't using data in your business. This session is going to cover how you can effectively measure your marketing so you know exactly what activities are actually bringing you leads and sales. Aka - we're going to talk all about how data can make you money.

Jennifer Grayeb

Finding Your Ideal Students Before You've Even Launched Your Course

Thursday, May 20th, 2pm EDT

In this session, you'll learn exactly how to find your ideal students for your online course, even if you don't have a list or large following. Natalie will cover 3 really powerful questions that you can ask to find your ideal clients and validate your course idea before you even start creating it.

Natalie Sisson

How To Start A Writing Service To Boost Income

Thursday, May 20th, 3pm EDT

Learn the right steps to take to start freelance writing as a side hustle. As a digital product creator, it's best to have diversified income and offering a service along with your products is a great way to boost your income every month. To help you start freelance writing I will share with you the steps you need to get started, which are: having a home base online (a website but can be a portfolio site like Contently or a Facebook page), deciding on your niche and service, proof you can write (writing samples), a simple pitch for cold pitching and for job boards, then sourcing gigs via cold pitching and job boards. This is what I do as a course creator and freelance writer!

Elna Cain

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Meet your 30+ Expert Speakers

Meg Casebolt

meg casebolt

Free Leads on Autopilot: Using SEO Content to Get more Clients & Subscribers

leeon george

How to Convert Mindless Followers into Excited Buyers

kari roberts

How to Launch Your Digital Product with Limited Time

Krista Miller


How To Get Massive Amounts Of Warm Leads For Your Course Launch With A Virtual Summit

sarah morgan

How to Show Up + Sell on Instagram Stories

Kyshira S. Moffett, MBA

Map Out Your Profitable Low-to-High End Product Suite


How to Makes Sales Every Day with a Low-Ticket Offer


How To Build A Seamless Evergreen Funnel (Without The Tech Overwhelm!)

Ashley gadd

How to launch a funnel and profit with either a low, medium, or high-ticket offer

Teresa heath-wareing

How to Create & Market a Highly Converting Sales Webinar

aleia walker

How to Use Emails to Create an Intentional, Repeatable Launch


Explode Digital Product Sales Using Chatbots

Lisa Princic

How to Supplement Your Online Business with a Profitable & Sustainable Membership Site

hafsa rana

The Magic Trifecta- Creating a Memorable Brand Using Your Website + Social + Content Strategy


Are You Selling What They’re Buying? How To Guarantee Your Course Will Sell

elna cain

How to Start a Writing Service to Boost Income

becky mollenkamp

Developing a Healthy Launch Mindset

monica froese

Lessons Learned from Running a $1 Million Digital Product Business

kara fidd

Graphics for Your Digital Product Launch

kate doster

How to 3x Sales with an Abandon Cart Series

dani paige

Mapping Out Your Strategic Stories for Next-Level Launch Emails


Organize Your Business With This Simple To Use System

Kristen Achziger

How to Nail Your Sales Page Structure for Your Digital Product


Anticipating Consumer Objections During Your Pre Launch


How to Edit a Video Testimonial that Converts


The 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Digital Offer to Get Higher Conversions


How To Know If Your Marketing Is Working and Exactly What To Do if it’s Not


How to Sell Your Digital Products in the DMS on Instagram


Finding Your Ideal Students Before You've Even Launched Your Course


Budgeting Secrets For When Money's a Mystery


Learn How to Create + Run an Effective and Profitable 5-Day Challenge to Grow Your List, Launch a Product or Establish Your Authority

Eden fried

How to turn your new leads into instant customers with a tripwire offer

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How long do I have access to the trainings?

How do I know this is for me?

How much does the summit cost to attend?

Where does the summit take place?

How can I get lifetime access to the trainings? 

Will There be captions? Are the presentations Accessible?

1. How long do I have access to the trainings?

From the time each video goes live, you'll have 24 hours to watch the training! If you'd like to have access to the videos for life, you can purchase an All Access VIP pass to the event.

2. How do I know this is for me?

Are you looking to create a digital product? Do you currently have a digital product that isn't selling well and you want to learn how to make it finally sell? Do you want to figure out how to develop selling strategies? Do you want to learn how to market your digital product, how to grow your audience, how to leverage social media? Curious about sales pages, sales emails  and other sales tactics? If you answered yes to any of those questions, THIS IS FOR YOU, MY FRIEND!

3. How much does the summit cost for me to attend?

The summit is 100% free! Yes, you read that correctly. You will have free access to each of the trainings after they publish for 24 hours. You don't need to drop a dime on this event!!!

4. Where does the summit take place?

The Rebel Boss Summit is a virtual event. Tune in from the comfort of your own home. Wear your PJs if you'd like!

5. How can I get lifetime access to the entire summit?

If you want to watch the summit interviews and trainings on your own schedule, you can purchase a VIP All Access Pass to the summit. 

Current prices can be found at rebelbosses.com/all-access-pass

Meet Your Host For The Event

Hi, I'm Eden! I am a digital product coach for female entrepreneurs who want to learn how to turn their passion into products they can launch and sell online. 

Life is short. I believe you shouldn't waste your time away working for someone else, making their dream a reality meanwhile letting your dreams collect dust.

That's why I've dedicated my life to making product creation and launch EASY. It shouldn't be so hard. 
That's where this summit comes into play - I've asked the industry's best digital marketers and product sellers to share their best kept secrets to success with you. Attend their sessions, soak up everything you can, and start taking action. You're bound to get results!

Learn From 30+ Of The Best Online Entrepreneurs And Digital Marketers As They Show You How To Have Success Selling Digital Products Online!

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