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I hope you'll consider joining in on the Rebel Boss Launch Bundle madness!

The Rebel Boss brand is all about helping people learn how to turn their passion into a digital product they can profit from online so they can have the financial freedom to spend time with the people they love most in life. And I personally believe in making product launching as EASY as humanly possible. 

That's where you and this bundle comes into play.

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What is the Rebel Boss Launch Bundle?

The Rebel Boss Launch Bundle will be composed of resources that will help make launching a digital product in 2022 faster and easier.

Think things like excel spreadsheets, asana toolkits, Canva templates, how-to courses, etc. We want things in this bundle that will help customers achieve their goal of launching without the headache and the debilitating anxiety. Basically, if your contribution can help our customer's leave their worries of launching to crickets at the door, then we want you in on the fun. 

I know you're wondering how this ish works... let me show you!


Step 1 - You fill out a contribution form

The contribution form collects all the basic information we need from you about you, your business and your contribution (example: contribution name, description, the normal sales price, mockups, landing page, etc.). You'll contribute one of your insanely valuable paid products (valued higher than $37 minimum). 


Step 2 - We do fancy wand-waving in the background to get the bundle setup

Once you submit that form, my team (you may know them from the Rebel Boss Summit) will take the wheel. We will setup the bundle on the back-end and will create all of the promotional materials, imagery, copy, etc. that you could possibly need.


Step 3 - We promo the heck out of this thang 

As with any collaboration, the bundle is only successful if we all band together and share it far and wide! We don't require anything of you. But, of course, if no one shares, no one buys and no one benefits much at all. So it's all hands on deck to spread the word as much as we can!


Step 4 - Customers get crazy insane value, sign up for your contribution and fall helplessly in love with your genius! 

It sounds like a thing of fairy tales, but it's true - really. The people who buy bundles like these, they are action takers. They're ready to go for it. Your insanely valuable contribution will get those folks signed up to learn more from you. From there, you'll woo them with your expertise and they'll be itching to learn more. See how this is an opportunity for you not only to make money from affiliate sales, but also to grow your pipeline of future buyers?

The Rebel Boss Brand is committed to diversity and inclusion

We acknowledge that the online space (and most spaces, let's be honest) are wrongfully whitewashed. At Rebel Boss HQ, we are committed to doing better and ensuring that we showcase people from all backgrounds. We are excited to be part of a much needed change in our industry, we look forward to leading by example and continuing to do better. When you choose to participate in any Rebel Boss project whether it be a bundle or a summit, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be in a diverse lineup of individuals from all walks of life. 

You won't regret participating, trust me!

Make bank. lots of bank.

When you participate in the bundle, you'll have a variety of different ways to earn. First of all - you'll earn commissions from the sales you refer through your affiliate link. Second of all, you can earn on the backend when people signup for your products through setting up a tripwire. Third of all, you can earn even more on the backend when people signup for your contribution and to your email list - get those nurture sequences for your high priced offers setup in advance!

Get that brand awarenesssss

The Rebel Boss brand has grown a lot over the years - people know us as the brand that teaches you how to launch digital products. When you participate in a Rebel Boss project, or any collaborative project like this one, you look legit, because you ARE legit. You're on a virtual stage. Use this platform to showcase your dazzling self. Let it elevate you to the next level. You deserve it!

make friends and network the crap out of this opportunity

I don't know about you, but I'm actually a really introverted person. Despite that, I've managed to develop an introvert-friendly way to get all participants in any Rebel Boss project networking with one another. In our recent Rebel Boss Summit, over 40 different visibility and collaborative opportunities came about - these ranged from podcasts to summits to JV partnerships, freebie swaps bundles and lots of things in between. You'll meet people when you participate in this event and you'll grow your business in ways you never expected! This is not just any ordinary bundle. Consider it launching ground for you.

What should I contribute?

In order to make the Rebel Boss Bundle an absolute hit, each participants needs to contribute gold. Not quite sure what we mean by "gold"? Keep reading... 
Product contributions should be Paid Offers that you legitimately charge for
Contributions should not be freebies that are available elsewhere on the web without paying. It would feel pretty icky if you paid $99 for a bundle filled with things you could have gotten for free on a different website, right? 
Your Product should be valued higher than $37
We want this bundle totally stacked with products that provide amazing transformations to buyers. While I'm confident your lower priced products are spectacular, the type of product we are looking to include in this bundle should be priced over $37.
Your product should be something that helps people launch better, faster
Our customers want to get them results. We want them to get results. The best products to include in this bundle are the sort that will help make launching an easier, faster, and more successful process. 
Your product should NOT be something that requires your time
We ask that all product contributions be completely digital. Due to the potential volume of participants, offering something like a 30 minute strategy call may not be sustainable for you. Please do not offer coaching/services in the bundle.
Your product should NOT be A discount code
All products in the bundle need to be 100% free. This means we are not accepting contributions for 50% off an offer, or similar.
Your product should NOT Require a credit card to access
Products need to be accessible without any credit card information. This means you cannot provide access to a product that's linked in a funnel. You are permitted to connect a tripwire to your product, but you are not permitted to require that credit card details be inputted in order to redeem access to the product.


Promo Schedule for Contributors!

There are zero promotional requirements for contributors. I know, crazy, right? It's true - how much you promote, if you promote, is totally up to you.

Of course, any collaborative project like this one depends in large part on every individual chipping in. If none of us promote, the bundle won't be successful. If all of us promote, well... do the math. The possibilities are endless. 

Keep in mind, this bundle is going to positively change lives. I consider it my personal duty to see to it that as many people find this resource as humanly possible and I hope you'll join me in that effort by sharing as far and wide as you are willing and able.


Week 1 Promo (January 10th, 2022 - January 16, 2022)

Week 2 Promo (January 17, 2022 - January 23, 2022)

Week 3 Promo (Week of Summit - starting January 24, 2022)

You can get more exposure out of this event by sponsoring!

Sponsorship spots are limited!

Have Questions? I have answers!

Is the summit free for attendees?

What's the incentive to buy an all access pass?

How much does an All Access Pass cost?

How do I record my presentation?

How do I send you my presentation?

When is my presentation due?

How do I join my presentation chat room during my time slot?

Will I be "Live" at all during the summit?

Where is my speaker agreement?

How long should my presentation be?

How much do I have to promote?

What should I use to create my presentation?

Is there an affiliate program?

When is the promo period for the summit?

Why You'll Benefit From Contributing a Paid Product to Our All Access Pass

When you contribute a paid product to our All Access Pass, you drastically increase the value. Imagine you contribute a $67 product. The All Access Pass ticket with speaker bonuses (the product power pack) is sold for $97. Your product by itself has now nearly justified the value of the ticket - and that's not including all of the other insane benefits of purchasing!

Adding in your paid product will make it insanely easy for you to promote the Summit and the All Access Pass. Your audience will see your product and they'll just know that it's a worthwhile investment. 

Contributing your product also gets you extra exposure! Your contribution will be featured to all of our attendees (we usually have several thousand sign ups). This is great visibility for you!

Plus, the commission that you'll make on selling these All Access Passes will more than make up for your contribution.

Speaker To-Do List

1. Fill out the speaker questionnaire - ASAP

You were sent a questionnaire when you agreed to be a speaker. This will take you just a few minutes to fill out. It is do as soon as possible. 

2. Record Your Presentation & Introduction

Remember, there are a few different ways that you can record your presentation. Choose the one that feels best for you and go for it! 

3. Submit Your Final Presentation - Due Dec 15, 2021

I strongly encourage you to get this done as soon as possible! Save a 'just in case' copy of your presentation on your computer.

4. Plan Your Promo & Enroll In Affiliate Program

When you join the affiliate program, you'll gain access to all kinds of resources that you can use to promote the event. The promo period is January 10, 2022 - January 28th, 2022. Click here to access your Promotional Resources.

5. Decide If You Want To Sponsor

Sponsors get extra exposure before, during and after the event. There are lots of different ways for you to contribute, but spots are limited.

6. Plan to Be Available During Your Presentation Time Slot

In early January, I will send you your presentation time slot. Please mark your calendar so you can plan to be available in the chat.

Contributor Forms Are Due March 30th

Meet Your Host!

Hi, I'm Eden!
I'm strange in that my story starts when I decided to ditch my plans to attend law school (after paying a seat deposit, finding an apartment in the thick of NYC, the works) all to start a blog online. After a while toying around with a slew of different blog monetization strategies, I tried my hand at selling an online course. I had nothing to lose but my pride and lucky for me (and my bank account) it worked!

Quick success selling that online course lended itself to my next online course, which followed by a membership site. The entirety of my income now comes from digital product sales (workbooks, membership access and other one-off course access). I've developed several high performing (30% conversion rate funnels) that allow me to live life on my own terms and - the best part - now I have the distinct pleasure of teaching others how to do the same.  

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