Hi, Past Speaker!

I'm so excited that you're gearing up to be apart of our next summit launch! Here's what you need to know: 

Plan to send out at least 2-3 promotional emails and schedule out social media posts from October 1 - 18.

Below you can find access to a fully built out promotional schedule with pre-written emails that you can customize (if you want to). You'll also have access to social media posts with captions and images and a calendar for that, too. 

This will be by far the easiest promotion that you've ever done with a high chance of significant financial returns. And remember, you'll earn 50% commission rather than 40% commission!

The only thing I need from you right now? 

If you participated in the February 2019 summit, I need you to sign up for the affiliate program. We switched systems after that, so we need to get you setup in Thrivecart.

If you participated in any other summit (May 2020 or July 2019), you are all set! 

Thank you!

Eden & the Rebel Boss Summit Team