May 6, 2024

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Join our expert panelists with any and all of your questions. We'll answer as many questions as we can in the time allotted (60 minutes), so come ready with pen and paper since we'll be covering a whole heck of a lot!

How to Turn Your Leads Into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

Eden Fried

Tripwire offers can be a great way to give you and your business a quick win. You can set up a tripwire fast, they're not hard to make, and it's a great way to immediately start making money from your digital product! In this presentation you'll learn all about what tripwires are, how you can use them to turn your leads into customers as fast as possible, and why you may not get rich from a tripwire, but they're definitely a great start to build that know, like and trust factor so your new customers will be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Explode Your Email List (and bank account) with a Virtual Summit

Krista Miller

Virtual summits are an incredible way to explode your email list and your bank account! Digital product creatives spend so much time creating and launching incredible offers, but the hard part is actually getting in front of enough eyes to make sales. If you want to bring together the power of a lot of different strategies - webinars, challenges, podcasting, social media, content marketing and more - then a virtual summit may be the best strategy for you. Learn how to leverage a virtual summit in this presentation through 3 key steps to grow your list and hit your launch goals the next time you launch!

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Lights, Camera, Magic: Social Media Video Marketing for Online Businesses

Andréa Jones

Ready to turn your smartphone into your very own magic wand for social media videos? Lights, Camera, Magic' is all about ditching the stress and having fun while making your online business shine on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

In this session, I’ll cover:

  • Why micro video is important
  • 4 types of videos you can create as a business owner
  • How to optimize those videos for social media
  • My top tool recommendations

And the best part is, we’re doing this all on our smartphones! No fancy camera equipment is required.

List Building: A Dozen Ideas that Don’t Involve Ads

Liz Wilcox

There is a lot packed into this 90 minute training. You will learn the 3 MUST KNOWs about list building in order to actually do it (right), how to create a great freebie, and what visibility + list building have in common. You will also give given 16 ways to grow your email list and how to know which one is right for you, your personality, and your business goals.

Strategic Content Repurposing for Digital Products

Monica Froese

Calling all content creators! You are sitting on a goldmine of content that should be making you money right now. Content that can be repurposed into profitable digital products and sold at scale. The opportunities are endless! Walk away with a list of at least 5 new digital products you can sell to your audience, without creating much new content. We will walk you through how to find your content and turn it into a digital product.

The Multiplier Effect: 4 Ways to 2X Your Results from Collabs Without Hiring Help

Jordan Gill

Most people sign up to be a part of collaborations or apply to speak with no thought to getting the most out of it. I have done well over 150 podcast interviews plus guest speaking, in person speaking, summits, list swaps, etc... and there are ways to tap into the curiosities of the audience to gain more leads and sales. I can't wait to reveal my top 4 ways to ensure I get what I want out of every collaboration I do.

From Idea to $100K: Growing a Digital Product Business to 16K Email Subscribers and over $100K in Revenue in Less Than 2 Years

Dr. Destini Copp

In this presentation, I'll walk you through how I purchased a domain name on a whim and turned it into a thriving digital product business with over 16K email subscribers and over $100K in digital product sales in only 2 years. I'll walk you through the strategies that worked (and what didn't!) so you know the exact steps I took to grow this new brand.

My First 2,000 Subscribers: A case study in building a community

Audra King

Are you sold on the idea of building an email list but struggle with where to find those first subscribers? This one's for you! In 20 minutes or so I'll take you through what I did to attract and nurture the first 2,000+ members of my email community and why I believe this method resulted in incredible engagement and "buy in" from my subscribers. Plus, I'll go through some key questions to ask yourself and examples for how to use this in your own business, whether you are a course creator, sell printables or downloadable files, or offer POD or physical products!

Create a Lead Magnet Using Notion + AI!

Michelle Watson

Watch this presentation to see a tutorial on how to create a notion template as a high value freebie to give value to your list!

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