March 6, 2023

It's Day 1! 

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How to Turn Your Leads into Instant Customers with a Tripwire Offer

Eden Fried

Tripwire offers can be a great way to give you and your business a quick win. You can set up a tripwire fast, they're not hard to make, and it's a great way to immediately start making money from your digital product! In this presentation you'll learn all about what tripwires are, how you can use them to turn your leads into customers as fast as possible, and why you may not get rich from a tripwire, but they're definitely a great start to build that know, like and trust factor so your new customers will be more likely to buy from you again in the future.

Fill Your Funnel with Leads & Launch Your Course Through a High-Converting Summit

Krista Miller

Yes - it is possible to use a Virtual Summit to generate leads and launch your course with even more success! This presentation is for you if you have an incredible course and want more leads and sales, or if you're interested in learning more about the power of virtual summits. We're going to be covering the 4 keys to filling your funnel with leads & launching with a summit and how to have your summit attendees begging you to "just open the cart already!"

5 Live Videos to Sell Out Your Digital Products & Courses in 2023

Alex Carmeli

Watch this presentation to learn about 5 incredible different kinds of live videos that you can use and create every single month to sell out your digital products and courses! It doesn't matter if you have 0 video experience or heaps of video experience and you're trying to optimize your strategy - this presentation will help you get started wherever you are and no matter what social media platform you're using.

Building a low-cost membership that actually makes you money

Liz Wilcox

Ever wonder, when you see a low-cost membership, if it's actually making the creator money? Join Liz as she dives deep into her 9/month membership...how much $$ it's made in the last two years, what it costs to run it, and if she gets to keep any of it. Seriously. She's sharing every number imaginable so you can decide if this would be the right path for you.

Enhance The Emotional Appeal of Your Digital Products: 3 Tactics You'll LOVE

Sidneyeve Matrix

This presentation will cover how to add an emotional design layer to your digital products to make them more captivating AND useable. Includes tips and examples for (1) creating enchanting and informative mockup graphics, (2) crafting joyful and memorable product descriptions that connect to buyer aspirations, and (3) delivering user-friendly products with a signature style that supports buyer enjoyment and brand devotion.

Not Sure What to Sell? Here's How to Find Your Next Digital Product

Deidre Johnson

Ready to sell your first digital product? This presentation will give you the three things you need to do to create and sell your first digital product. From how to figure out what to sell to how to create it, this presentation will help break down the most important steps to help you make money as a digital product creator.

Course Template Collabs for Passive $$s

Elizabeth Goddard

I'll be sharing behind-the-scenes of the super simple and super passive collaboration between myself and a copywriter that has made us over $15,700 *each* in the past 3 years. If you sell courses or trainings and have service provider friends, this presentation will leave you swirling with ideas!

Live event

10:30am EST

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panel #1

The Rebels guide to launching differently

You don't need to follow all the "rules" to get great results. This session will cover how rule breakers and rebels can launch and make great money. Learn from these panelists to hear about their unique launch experiences. 

Monday, March 6 at 10:30am EDT