DECEMBER 3, 2023

It's Day 2! 

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POWER Up Your Pre-Launch

Ash Chow

Most course creators tend to focus the majority of their time and energy on the open-cart period. But while the launch is when the money is made ― the PRE-Launch ensures your audience is READY to spend that money in the first place.

You'll discover:
- Why your pre-launch runway is so important and why you shouldn't neglect it
- How to create an effective pre-launch strategy in 3 steps
- The 5 key elements your pre-launch content must achieve to create a profitable launch

The Smooth Launch Blueprint: How to Save Time, Launch Confidently & Make Bank!

Melody DiCroce

Ready to launch smarter, not harder? Learn some of my time-saving strategies specifically designed for launching digital products. I'll show you how to optimize your workflow, automate essential steps, and avoid common time traps that can derail your launch. Time is your most valuable resource; learning how to manage it effectively can be the difference between a stress-filled launch and a streamlined, successful one.

How to Plan Your Flash Sale (and Do It In a Way That Keeps People Excited About Buying From You)

Samantha Burmeister

In this presentation, you're going to learn all about how to plan a flash sale for your digital products! This presentation is going to cover:
1. Should you run a flash sale? - they're not for everyone and can kind of be like a mini launch!
2. Some real world examples you can learn from
3. Exactly what emails you need to be successful!
Learn from Sam's expertise as a copywriter to learn exactly what kind of language and messaging you need to be sending out to make your flash sales keep people excited about buying from you.

Boosting Digital Product Sales Through Podcasts

Christina Bizzell

In this presentation, digital product creators will learn why they should prioritize being on podcasts to sell more products, along with how they can go about getting their first podcast interview. They will walk away with a better understanding of how podcast guesting can fit into their sales funnel and actionable steps for becoming a podcast guest. This presentation is a must listen for digital product creators because podcast guesting provides a sustainable, evergreen, and even somewhat passive method for promoting their products.

The Ultimate Power Couple: Thrivecart + Digital Products

Dama Jue

If you want to create passive income with digital products, you know you'll need some solid tech to get it done – but is Thrivecart the best investment for you? What can it do for you, and how will it continue to serve your business for years to come?

➡️ 3 ways Thrivecart helps me make more from every sale while ethically serving my community
➡️ A behind the scenes tour of a live, working funnel with a breakdown of what’s automated and how
➡️ The easiest way to get started creating + selling their digital products (and little to no monthly costs!)

TikTok for Online Business Owners

Sarah Weiss

TikTok is an insanely good "top of funnel" strategy to get awareness and visibility in 2024. In the last few years, TikTok surpassed Google as the top search engine and it's continuing to index videos on the platform! If you're looking to grow your audience, get more sales, and build a lasting community...TikTok is your homebase! I can't wait to spill all the tea and give you all of the actionable tips to grow and sustain your TikTok platform!

Sell On Your Instagram Stories!

Kristina Bartold

In this session, we will cover how to leverage the Instagram platform to sell more digital products. A post in the feed is not enough, and so we will give the tips and tricks that have helped us sell our digital products with ease! You will leave with tangible tips and tricks to jump on Instagram and get selling.

Maximizing Digital Sales - A Guide to Buidling Your Pinterest Sales Funnel

Meagan Williamson

Once you have created your digital products, you have to tap into finding and engaging your audience - this workshop will focus on how to grow an audience of buyers using more passive, search marketing and social media. From TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest, discovery is the future of your marketing.

Favorite Tech Tools for Rebel Bosses Launching Products

Eden Fried

Want to learn more about how Eden launches her digital products? Tune in to hear about her favorite tech tools, how she uses them, and how they fit into the flow of her business. After this presentation, you'll have a better idea of what you can use to launch your own digital products!