March 7, 2023

It's Day 2! 

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$10K in 60 Days With Your Online Course: The Roadmap to Cash

Ashly Locklin

Creating your online course doesn't have to take months. You can launch your MVC (minimal viable course) and enroll students before you even create it! I'll be teaching exactly how to launch your course quickly and with confidence!

How to Be a "Copy Rebel" for Better (Longer Lasting) Conversions

Jess Jordana Paxson

"If you feel like what your business REALLY needs is more sales (who doesn't, right?), it might surprise you to find out that crafting a message nobody's ever heard before is NOT the way to reach that goal.
It's easy to think that you need to stand out in order to capture attention and get people to buy, but what you ACTUALLY need is to:
- Get ""consistent"" with the right message instead of just showing up
- Approach writing copy in a way that's kind to your brain
- Do this ONE THING you've heard before with a different purpose in mind"

How to sell your digital product on evergreen

Mariah Coz

Watch this presentation to learn about the absolute simplest funnel you can set up, in just one day, to sell your digital products on evergreen! Build a minimum viable type of funnel so you can start making sales as quickly as humanly possible while you're building out your more advanced sales strategies, like email sequences and webinars. All you need is your existing sales page!

3 Essential Things You Need to Legally Protect Your Online Business

Sam Vander Wielen

Sam is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, and today she's going to share with you 3 essential things you need to set the legally legit foundation to protect yourself, your business money, your sanity and even your future. You'll learn about registering your business as the right business entity to protect your personal assets, establishing proper contracts & policies, and knowing your business scope of practice (what you legally can and can't do). There's a lot to share, so get ready to take some notes and dive right in!

Why You Should Add Low Priced Payment Plans to Your Products

Liz Stapleton

Adding low-priced payment plans to your products can be a great way to increase sales and get more people interested in what you're selling. In this video, we'll talk about the benefits of low-priced payment plans, how they can help you sell more products, and pitfalls to watch out for.

Storefronts and Sales Funnels for Digital Products

Monica Froese

The Monica Froese Team are experts in both sales funnels and storefronts. In 2022, they discovered powerful ways to use them in tandem - to the tune of $25,000+ in 45 days exclusively on Shopify. You'll learn marketing strategies that are working right now, including discount strategies, and flash sales. Plus, the team's new and improved pricing strategy that's completely changed the trajectory of their storefront.

How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome In Order To Reach Your Goals

Rhonda Ross

Research shows that 70% of the population struggles with Imposter Syndrome, and even higher numbers of entrepreneurs and digital product creators fail to reach their goals because of it.

Imposter Syndrome is when, despite all we do, we never feel smart enough or good enough. It causes us to undervalue our accomplishments, doubt our skills, and underprice our products and services all while spinning us in an exhaustive cycle of over working, procrastination, and abandoning our goals and dreams. In this presentation I will be outlining what Imposter Syndrome is, how to identify it, and how to use some quick and easy tools to break free of it so that we can recognize and own our personal power to achieve our goals.

5 Ways to Achieve High Open Rates from Your Email List Subscribers

Royah Loie

It's not enough for you to have an email list of subscribers in today's online world. One of the main purposes of having one is so that people can learn about the incredible things you have to share. But it doesn't help if no one opens them. In this training I let you know about 5 ways you can achieve high open rates from your subscribers, so you can share your brilliant offers with the people who need them most.

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2pm EDT

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implementation session

Tech & Automation hour with angela tan

Join this Zoom session with expert tech & automation specialist, Angela Tan. If you're wondering what tech tools to use, how to integrate your technology together, how to automate and create sales funnels, this is a great session for you to attend. Angela will be at the ready to answer your questions and give you feedback!

Tuesday March 7 at 2pm EDT

Live event

7pm EDT

available for all summit attendees - free & paid ticket holders

panel session

ask us anything (about launching!)

Join Liz Wilcox, Krista Miller, Alex Carmeli and Eden Fried and ask any questions you have related to launching. Between each of these women, lots of digital products have been launched with a variety of different strategies. We've gone through highs and lows and lots of in between and we are an open book! Come ready to ask questions!

Tuesday March 7 at 7pm EDT