May 7, 2024

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Explode Your Email List (and bank account) with a Virtual Summit

Krista Miller

Virtual summits are an incredible way to explode your email list and your bank account! Digital product creatives spend so much time creating and launching incredible offers, but the hard part is actually getting in front of enough eyes to make sales. If you want to bring together the power of a lot of different strategies - webinars, challenges, podcasting, social media, content marketing and more - then a virtual summit may be the best strategy for you. Learn how to leverage a virtual summit in this presentation through 3 key steps to grow your list and hit your launch goals the next time you launch!

Lights, Camera, Magic: Social Media Video Marketing for Online Businesses

Andréa Jones

Ready to turn your smartphone into your very own magic wand for social media videos? Lights, Camera, Magic' is all about ditching the stress and having fun while making your online business shine on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

In this session, I’ll cover:

  • Why micro video is important
  • 4 types of videos you can create as a business owner
  • How to optimize those videos for social media
  • My top tool recommendations

And the best part is, we’re doing this all on our smartphones! No fancy camera equipment is required.

Strategic Content Repurposing for Digital Products

Monica Froese

Calling all content creators! You are sitting on a goldmine of content that should be making you money right now. Content that can be repurposed into profitable digital products and sold at scale. The opportunities are endless! Walk away with a list of at least 5 new digital products you can sell to your audience, without creating much new content. We will walk you through how to find your content and turn it into a digital product.


Creative Audience Borrowing to Grow Your Email List

Alison Reeves

Want to know how I doubled my email list last year without running Facebook ads, or obsessing over social media? Join me as I share practical tips and tricks on modern, updated ways to collaborate with others and create win-wins in order to grow your audience faster. Get ready to reach new audiences and skyrocket your business growth.

How to Optimize a Bundle to Grow Your Email List (and Make Passive Income While You’re at It)

Drashti Shah

I participated in two bundles in November and December 2023. My list grew from 52 to 602. Made a cool 400 Euros from tripwires and post bundle emails. I'll talk about the experience, dos and don'ts. and learnings from the bundle.

All You Need to Know About No Freebie List Building

Kylie Kelly

How you can grow your email list fast with your ideal clients using feel-good collaborations. I can share my V2 framework and how to choose which collaborations are right for you and your ideal clients so that you attract the right people to your list. In this chat I would do a high level overview of all the different ways that someone can grow their list using collabs (bundles, summits, podcast guesting, freebie swaps etc) as well as more traditional ways using search & SEO and how to choose where to start.


Procrastination Crusher: Freebie Creation Unlocked!

Faith Mariah

Tackling your freebie doesn't have to be daunting. In our workshop, we simplify the process, guiding you through each step with ease. Say goodbye to overwhelm with our mindset strategies, arm yourself with a comprehensive suite of templates, and walk away with a clear execution plan. By the end of this session, you'll have everything you need to finalize your freebie and begin attracting future customers to your email list. Get ready to turn your ideas into action and watch your subscriber list grow!

Affiliate Programs for Low Ticket Offers

Eden Fried

It is possible (and dare we say, easy?!) to make money through affiliate programs, and they can be extremely successful for low priced products. Affiliate programs are a really significant portion of Eden's business - she's worked with over 360 affiliates (and is always adding more!). In the past 12 months alone, she's generated over 100,000 sales, and these this is really from sales of products that are priced under $97. In this short and sweet presentation, we're going to cover why affiliate programs are great and powerful, how you can actually grow your own team of affiliates and how you can enable those affiliates to be successful!

The Legal List: Email Marketing Compliance for Digital Product Creators

Amber Gilormo

In this presentation, we'll dive into the essentials of legal compliance for email list building and marketing, tailored for digital product creators. From understanding the legal framework and crafting compliant opt-ins to managing subscriber data and handling unsubscribes, we'll cover key strategies to ensure your email marketing efforts are both effective and within legal bounds. This knowledge is crucial for keeping your emails out of the spam folder, building trust with your audience and laying a solid foundation for your digital product business.

Top 3 Places To Promote Your Opt-In

Michelle Simpkin

Now that you've created your amazing freebie, it's time to share it with the world! In this workshop, we'll cover the top 5 places you need to be promoting your freebie.

Airtable: Your Collaboration Bestie From First Pitch to Final Feedback!

Kelsie Bentley

When it comes to hosting events, there are the great ways to stay organized and the...less great ways of doing things. After having run over a dozen events within one year and having worked with over 600 combined contributors, the tool that has stood the test of time is Airtable. Come and learn how this tool can take you through everything from your pitching process to final feedback and launching into your next event!

How to Grow Your Membership with Paid Trials

Elle Drouin

Unlock the secrets to membership growth with paid trials in this training. Learn strategies to attract and retain members by offering enticing trial periods, fostering engagement, and converting trial users into loyal subscribers. Aspiring digital product creators can leverage paid trials to not only expand their membership base but also cultivate long-term relationships with their audience, driving sustainable growth and success.

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