DECEMBER 4, 2023

It's Day 3! 

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Monday, December 4th at 11:00am EST

Extended access Reach Your Biggest Course Launch Yet with a Feel-Good Virtual Summit

Krista Miller

Summits can be such a powerful launch strategy to sell your digital products and online courses. Summits aren't just one-off events that bring in income one time, they can be so much more powerful than that! In this presentation, Krista's going to cover who should launch through a virtual summit, how a summit compares to other popular strategies so you'll know if a summit is right for you, and 3 keys to reaching your biggest launch yet. You'll also get to see about a ton of examples to learn how truly transformative summits can be for your business!

The Three Simple Strategies to Sales Recovery Magic

Angela Tan

In this presentation, Angela uncovers the exact strategy to implement for understanding audience behavior, how to leverage automation to boost conversion rates, and her unique retargeting techniques that won't make you seem pushy. This session is a must-watch for digital product creators looking to master the art of sales recovery with minimal customer resistance. Say goodbye to gut feelings and hello to simple data-driven insights to pinpoint why potential customers haven't made a purchase so you can reclaim lost sales effectively.

Million Dollar Partnerships for Digital Creators

Richelle Shaw

After 22 years of business I have found the easiest way to sell more digital products is to create partnerships with both online and offline. Most confuse partnerships with only one way - jointly creating a product, but we have found some fun ways that protect your IP and make growing spontaneous.

9 Ways to Leverage Digital Products in Your Service-Based Business for More Profitability and Time Freedom

Amanda Olson

Digital products are the key to scaling your business and allowing you greater profitability and time freedom. I'll be sharing 9 different ways you can integrate digital products into your service-based business or 1:1 client work. Not only will you be able to provide more value to existing and potential customers and clients, but you'll create more space in your business and life to pursue the things you really want.

How To Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage, Tapping Into Pinterest SEO For Free Organic Traffic

Chelsea Clarke

When you know how to use Pinterest like a savvy marketer, you’ll unlock an all-new base of customers. And, you’ll be diversifying your traffic to make your business stronger against any pesky search engine algorithm updates. This will also increase the value of your business, so if your goal is to sell it one day, it will be worth more. In this session, Chelsea Clarke will share an over-the-shoulder demonstration showing how you can utilize Pinterest SEO as a free marketing and traffic tool to grow your digital products business. Covering pinning strategy, keyword discovery, whats working now vs not anymore, and more!

Maximizing Sales With Social Proof: How to Speak to Your Ideal Clients With Their Own Words

Melissa Esmeralda

I'll be talking about the importance of social proof not just for credibility but also to leverage your uniqueness and help you stand out. With so many courses and digital products out there that do similar things, it's SO important to pinpoint exactly what makes you different, whether that's in your process, the client experience, a unique angle, etc. By using your client's own words in your copy you can get hyper-specific on not only your ideal client's pain points but what people love about your offer(s)

How to Increase Your Product Sales by Working with Affiliate Partners

Kelly Morrison

In my presentation, How to Increase Your Product Sales by Working with Affiliate Partners, I will be sharing:

- Why working with affiliate partners is a fast and inexpensive way to grow your product sales
- How to decide who your affiliate partners should be {so you know who to pitch}
- The most important part of setting up your profitable affiliate program!

The 5 Pillars to a Wildly Profitable Etsy Shop

Lauren Keating

Learn the 5 foundations for a wildly profitable Etsy shop & find out exactly how to get your products seen, converting & selling on auto pilot! Etsy is a marketplace that brings in over 96 million buyers every year - and if you get these 5 foundations right, the passive income you can make from your digital products can be astounding. Whilst selling your product on socials can be a constant hamster wheel of content creation, if you get your shop and listings set up right by following these steps - you'll never have to touch them again; they'll continue to bring in sales passively whilst you sleep!

The Anticipation Sales Method

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood

Let's be real, nobody wants to build an entire product or course just to hear crickets on launch day, and with this training you no longer have to. Introducing the Anticipation Sales Method - A simple "no launch" strategy that gets your social community excited to buy & validates your offer before you build it! ( and yes, it works for both low & high ticket offers). The Anticipation Sales Method gives you a simple, low tech launch plan that you can use to drive excitement & purchases of any brand new or recently updated digital product using JUST social media (even if your audience is small).