Day 3 Summit Access!

Every presentation is published and available to watch for 24 hours. All day 3 sessions will be live from 9am EST on Sep 21st to 9am EST on Sep 22nd.

The schedule is only there to indicate when the speakers will be in the chat-box.

DAY 3 SCHEDULE (Sept 21st, 2022)

All day 3 sessions are available from 9am EST on Sep 21st to 9am EST on Sep 22nd (the schedule is only a guide for when the presenters are in the chat-box). You do not need to wait until the scheduled time to view the presentation.

4X Your Course Sales with a Relationship-Focused Waitlist Strategy - Prerna Malik
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 9:00am EST
Evergreen Launch Explained: Step-by-Step Plan to Autopilot Your Program - Roberta West
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 9:30am EST
Your Money Making Masterclass Blueprint: Your Recipe for Success with a Paid Live Workshop - Seema K Bharwani
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 10:00am EST
JUST Social Media Marketing - Meg Brunson
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 11:00am EST
PANEL 2: What To Do When It's All Over: Post Launch Habits & Strategies to Maximize Results
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 11:30am EST
How to Sell Your Digital Products in the DMs on Instagram - Victoria Boyd
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 1:00pm EST
How to Use Video Messenger Marketing in Your Launch - Shelly Criswell
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 1:30pm EST
Using the Power of TikTok and Short-Form Videos to Launch and Sell Your Digital Product! - Sarah Weiss
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 2:00pm EST
How to Flip Digital Product Websites for Profit! - Chelsea Clarke
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 2:30pm EST
Instagram & Sales: Shifting the Mindset from Presence to Dominance - Toni Semanskee, M.S.
Wednesday, Sept 21st At 3:00pm EST

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