May 9, 2024

It's Day 4! 

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Explode Your Email List (and bank account) with a Virtual Summit

Krista Miller

Virtual summits are an incredible way to explode your email list and your bank account! Digital product creatives spend so much time creating and launching incredible offers, but the hard part is actually getting in front of enough eyes to make sales. If you want to bring together the power of a lot of different strategies - webinars, challenges, podcasting, social media, content marketing and more - then a virtual summit may be the best strategy for you. Learn how to leverage a virtual summit in this presentation through 3 key steps to grow your list and hit your launch goals the next time you launch!

The Legal List: Email Marketing Compliance for Digital Product Creators

Amber Gilormo

In this presentation, we'll dive into the essentials of legal compliance for email list building and marketing, tailored for digital product creators. From understanding the legal framework and crafting compliant opt-ins to managing subscriber data and handling unsubscribes, we'll cover key strategies to ensure your email marketing efforts are both effective and within legal bounds. This knowledge is crucial for keeping your emails out of the spam folder, building trust with your audience and laying a solid foundation for your digital product business.

Creative Audience Borrowing to Grow Your Email List

Alison Reeves

Want to know how I doubled my email list last year without running Facebook ads, or obsessing over social media? Join me as I share practical tips and tricks on modern, updated ways to collaborate with others and create win-wins in order to grow your audience faster. Get ready to reach new audiences and skyrocket your business growth.

Day 3 Sessions

Build Your Email Community: Attract Subscribers Who Connect Deeply With Your Mission and Offerings

Mayra Gomez-Sanchez

I'll be covering the importance of understanding yourself to build a plan. Too many times, digital product creators get an idea and just run with it -- but it's not that easy. There's so much more that goes into the backend in making sure your digital product is unique and of the highest quality. Together, we'll go through the necessary steps in making sure your business foundation is clear so that you're set up for success.

Easter Egg Hunt-Style Promotions | Grow your list, boost your bottom line and excite your audience in one hit

Nadine Nethery

Tired of running snooze-worthy promos? In this presentation, I'm sharing a FUNNER way to grow your list, get sales AND delight your audience. Go behind the scenes of the out-of-the-box promo I ran with in late 2023: An Easter Egg Hunt-Style Promotion. It grew my list by hundreds, boosted my bottom line AND got my audience excited. And it can do the same for you!

Low-Stress Launch Events

Michelle Pontvert

Build excitement for your next launch while growing your audience with future buyers by hosting a Not-So-Live Launch Event - A timezone-friendly, asynchronous alternative to live launch events that drum up tons of excitement for your launch while protecting your time and energy.
It's a more inclusive, low-stress way host events like webinars, workshops and challenges to nurture your audience onto your email list and protect your energy along the way!

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How to Be a Better Podcast Guest

Abby Herman

One of the best ways to grow your audience is to get in front of other people's audiences! But if you haven't done that before, it can feel really scary. Learn how to be a better podcast guest so you can go into your interviews (and conversations) confident and ready to not only share value but also get your own products highlighted without feeling salesy.

How to Use a Quiz to Grow Your Audience + Turn Your Followers Into Subscribers

Chanti Zak

I'll cover how to use Chat Funnels and Quizzes to get your followers off social and onto your email list to increase your reach, dial up your understanding of who they are, and in turn, increase your conversions across the board. Why is this important? Because your organic reach on social media is small potatoes compared to your capacity to cut through the noise in someone's inbox.

Unlocking Your Menstrual Cycle to Scale Your Biz and Take a Week Off Each Month

Renae Fieck

Did you know that your menstrual cycle impacts you every single day, whether or not you're aware of it? Your cycle can be an asset and a superpower, and that's what Renae's going to talk about today. Learn how to unlock and leverage your cycle so that you can increase your energy, and support your goals, time and family. Learn how the phases of your cycle may impact productivity, focus, and consistency, so you can match your cycle with your work and lean into it!

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