March 9, 2023

It's Day 4! 

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10 Simple Ways to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Business Brand

Nihaad Gamieldien

During this presentation I will dig into the difference between a 'rebrand' and a 'brand refresh' so you can understand which one your business needs right now. I'll share 10 really simple ways for you to infuse your own personality into your visuals when your business seems to be getting lost in the very loud online world. At the end of this presentation, you'll know exactly how to use your visuals to show up as your authentic self without compromising the integrity of your brand so you can continue attracting your dream audience.

How to get clear on your offer and creative in your messaging

Dionne Reddick

I have found that most of my clients are not CLEAR on what it is that they do and what they offer. Because of that, they have a hard time sharing that in order to attract their ideal client AND getting them to want to buy from them. I help them clearly define what that offer is and get paid from it.

Easy Steps To Convert Your Course Into a Membership: And Why It Just Makes Sense

Melody Johnson

In this step by step training, you'll walk away with a clear step by step to convert your course into a membership and why it strategically makes sense OR why it doesn't. Learn how your membership fits into your offer ladder, why it could be simpler than you think, and how to create those big recurring revenue goals.

Getting Started With Publishing Your Own Books On Amazon

Julie Hall

Publishing low content books on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform can be a great way to make passive income and share your creativity with the world. Low content books include journals, planners, and coloring books and more as opposed to writing a book. In this session I will share with you how Amazon KDP works and how you can started creating your own low content books for your business.

Loving Your Numbers

Jen Fischer

Loving Your Numbers: An upbeat & fear-free lesson on the foundations of bookkeeping that you need in your business in order to crush the boring things (like taxes & compliance), plus the fun things (like paying yourself & hitting sales goals). We'll cover actionable and simple, yet insanely effective, steps you can take today to feel in control of your finances and make you want to look at your numbers. You'll finally feel empowered to quit hiding under the covers when you hear the word 'bookkeeping'!

Legal Protections + Digital Products

Chandler J. Esq

This presentation will cover the main legal protections digital product sellers need to be on the look out for. Learn the must have contracts, disclaimers, and IP considerations when putting your creations out in the world. These protections will safeguard you + your business from financial headaches.

Designing The Perfect Brand For Your Digital Product

Julie C Butler

Learn how I design the perfect brand (colors, fonts and logo) for my digital products in just a few hours. The best part ... it's super easy!!

Whether it's for a membership, a coaching programs, or an online course, after this training you will walk away with the tools you need to sit down and design a brand for your offer today.

PS. You can also use this method to design a brand for your business. 🤩

Look Over My Shoulder: Let's Build a Funnel From Scratch!

Katy Widrick

Know you need an effective sales and marketing funnel...but you're overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated? Join me for a real-time funnel build, as I map out the TOFU/MOFU/BOFU elements for two example products, and take you through the best practices -- and yes, totally doable tech! -- for creating a ready-to-launch funnel in a flash.

Live event

2pm EST

Only available for VIP Product Power Pack ticket holders and implementation ticket holders

implementation session

Copy Hour with Jackie Sunga

Join this Zoom session with expert copywriter, Jackie Sunga, to review your sales and launch copy. Bring your sales page or email copy, or anything you've been looking for extra help with! This is a WORKING session and you will be able to interact directly with Jackie! Don't miss out on this opportunity for direct support from an expert!

Thursday March 9 at 2pm EDT