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The Origin Story

The Rebel Boss Summit started as a result of me (Eden Fried!) feeling passionately that life is far too short to waste it making money for someone else.

I happened across the world of digital products - and once I made my first $500 that turned into $1,000 and snowballed into so much more, I never looked back.

Digital products have so much power and potential to change your entire life.

And there are tons of ways to not only create products, but to sell them too.

The Rebel Boss Summit features experts who have been there and done that.

And this particular event's focus is on helping YOU find your next 1,000 leads for your digital products.

How This Works

The goal of the summit is for you to learn how to make more money selling your products next year. Check out the summit schedule to familiarize yourself 

Every morning, you'll receive an email in your inbox from hello [at] rebelbosses [dot] com with access to the presentations. Emails are sent at 8:40am EDT. If you don't receive the email, please first check spam/junk, and then if you still cannot find it, email our support team.Please whitelist our email address so you don't miss anything.

Any active sessions can be found at this same link everyday.

There are several sessions each day and sessions will be available for 24 hours until they expire. You will not be able to access replays unless you have a VIP ticket.

Ticket prices will increase on May 5th at 11:59pm EDT. If you're thinking of upgrading, be sure to do so before the price increases. 

If you have a VIP ticket, you can login to your account at learn.rebelbossu.com

Additional Live Events

We will host an Ask Us Anything Panel on May 6th at 11am EDT (open to all registrants) - this will take place in zoom!

Other live events will happen during our exclusive Implementation Week (May 13-15).

Implementation Week is a bonus week intended to help summit-goers take action on what they learned and continue to engage with experts in this space.

Events include a mastermind session (a glimpse into Rebel Boss University) + 3 additional live panels in zoom.

If you've upgraded your ticket, you are all set to join us for Implementation Week.

If not, you can grab an Implementation week ticket for as low as $19 at rebelbosses.com/all-access-pass

View the Full Summit Schedule

The entire summit schedule can be viewed on our website. Click here.

At the end of the week, on Friday, May 10th at 11am EDT, I'll be teaching a free bonus workshop on How to Launch Your Product Fast (90 Days) and Earn Big (Even with a small audience) - save your spot right here, free.

Friday also marks the day Rebel Boss University will open for enrollment, the membership site that teaches you how to launch your product in 90 days.

We're giving away a fullscholarship (full ride) to Rebel Boss University right here.

Free Goodies & Thank you to our partners

This summit wouldn't be possible without our amazing partners!! 

Huge thanks goes out to my friend Krista Miller at Summit in a Box who singlehandedly taught me everything I know about running events like these (and I've now run 12+ summits). 

Want to launch through a summit like this one? Get instant access to the free Sell with a Summit Training Series to learn how virtual summits can revive your business so that when you sell, people buy (even if you feel like you’ve burned out your email list). Created by Krista Miller from Summit in a Box®. Click here to grab the training now for free.

Several free gifts are also available to you in our goodie bag for ALL attendees. Get them before they're gone!

Shoutout to our speakers

All of our speakers have donated their time to be here, so please thank them profusely for their generosity. If you learn something from them, shout them out on FB and make them feel good. They deserve it. 

Take action!

Summits are useless if you only come and absorb the material but then do nothing with it. Make a plan of action post summit to implement what you learned. 

And then don't forget to share your victories with me. I'd love to hear when you make your first sale and when you start to turn a profit. I want to celebrate with you!

Thank you for being here. 

You're officially a Rebel Boss.

Let's do this thing.

- Eden